The phenomenon of the hologram and the holographic process


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What is the hologram?

The hologram is a piece of recording medium containing the interference pattern of an object such that when illuminated with the wavelength of light which created the original interference pattern the object will appear revealing its three dimensional aspects as we move and rotate the film.

How do you make a hologram?

The process to make a hologram is diagramed below in the Figure entitled "Holographic Process." A hologram is produced, or encoded on a holographic recording medium, by starting with a coherent light beam or a particular wavelength like that found in a laser. A coherent beam is a beam of light who’s photons or waves are all of one type and arranged in the same direction and in phase or what is called a polarized. The beam is split by a prism.. One half, called the reference beam, is directed a mirror onto recording medium. The recording material is analogous to something like the film in a camera. The other half, called the reflected beam or object beam, is reflected off or scattered off the object we wish to use as the holographic image. The light reflected off the object is also directed onto the recording medium. The combined beams produce a interference pattern on the recording medium. The interference patter is only lines and dots. In this regard, the recording medium is not film and the hologram is not a picture.

It is to be noted the object used in the Figure "The holographic process" is that of a devil. It is playfully used in the context that, as one will come to see, the hologram can reveal "the devil/evil within" as discussed in the topic, "The hologram and creativity," or in exploring that dark side that we normally do not wish to face.

When the holographic recording material is properly illuminated with the wavelength of light used to produce the interference pattern the hologram produces a three dimensional image that looks totally like a real object. The holographic image appears in all of it three dimensional aspects as you move and rotate the medium only it has no mass. It is all illusion. Illumination of the holographic film is depicted in the Figure entitled, "Holographic Images." Now the interesting thing about the hologram is that if you cut the recording medium used to capture the interference pattern into pieces, each piece will still contain the whole image. The smaller the piece the more fuzzy the image but the whole image is contained on the piece. Only clarity is lost, but the image is contained in each piece.

The hologram is something that is not usually seen because one needs a coherent beam of light of a single wavelength like a laser. As with observing the wave particle duality of energy, one needs to create certain conditions to observe this holographic feature of light and how one makes an illusionary three dimensional object. Until the laser was invented, the hologram could not be readily observed. The white light that we see from the sun is a mixture of many different frequencies or colors and the vibrations do not rise and fall together or in the same directions and will not normally allow us to produce the hologram. Only with the invention of the laser was this phenomenon of light made readily observable and understood. Once it was understood, it was then learned how to create the holograms with other types and kinds of light such that they are quite common today on many different things.

Why discuss the hologram?

Hologram is discussed for six reasons. The most important of which is related to the fact the hologram is a way light, or energy as light, interacts to produce illusionary images. Since we are energy consciousness and can jump between our consciousness and our energy it only makes sense to understand the properties of energy that may be helpful to consciously create the experiences we have  and create the reality we experience as a result of our choice by how we choose to observe. What we suggest here is our awareness can shift instantaneously between a variety of different perspectives and one of these perspectives is the holographic process. In doing so, we can use it as an analogy to create our reality.

The other five reason for studying the process are: 1) it is key to and a most important aspect of our creativity in that, as a fragment of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation as discussed arises in the "Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective," all of Creation is within us; 2) how holograms are formed and how creation occurs through the observer and observed pair offers some very useful parallels; 3) how the holographic process can be conceptually understood and used to create a blueprint for unfolding a physical experience; 4) it can help explain how we forget by scattering and fragmenting our energy; 5) to use as a stepping stone to understand how it is possible to "freeze" light and use this concept to explain how to anchor or ground one’s non localized energy into a physical experience or, in other words, to initiate the incarnation process.

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