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In discussing the holographic aspects of energy consciousness and the hologram the most important aspect of the hologram is that each piece of the whole contains the whole. It is just that the image carried by any particular piece loses clarity essentially in proportion to its size. Nevertheless, the whole is contained within the piece. If one knows how to look, they can gain information about the whole from the piece. Something very similar is true about our creativity but what is true about our creativity is even more profound. We just need to know how to look to see it.

Relative to our creativity, the key to, and a most important aspect of, our creativity in that, as a fragment of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation as discussed arises in the "Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective," all of Creation is within us in its total. Exactly what this means is difficult for our current mind to understand. But what it means is we are not a separated fragment that has a fuzzy image of the total like a small piece of a hologram. Rather, we have a very clear image of the total within us but our awareness is too small to experience it. Rather, our awareness remains bound in a cage of our own making by the limits and barriers arising from what we have come to think and believe and how we have learned to respond to life.

Rather than piecing together the pieces of hologram to see the image within the hologram with greater clarity, we need to expand our awareness to see what is already inside of us. We need to see past our own limits and barriers. To do this we need to take an inner journey of exploration and call back our creative power from where we have given it away, denied it or have been afraid to fully engage it. But this is easier said that done for our current mind wants to understand and view Creation in a way that it can control and manipulate creation/Creation at will. As such, mind tend to interfere with the journey we need to take for mind will lose controls as what we think and believe changes as a result of the journey.

Nevertheless, we can use the fact that the whole is within routinely in our creative endeavors without significantly challenging our mind. The way we use this holographic aspect of containing the whole within is to use our intuitive guidance, body wisdom and inner knowing. It is to know we have the answer we need inside ourselves although there are things we many need to do externally. We need to ask our ourselves how we need to go about creating what we desire and/or what action we need to take and then look to get a response. Sometimes we get a clear picture. Sometimes we get a symbol. Sometimes we get a feeling we must follow. But, we will get the answer we seek We just need to be open to the answer and learn our inner language to understand what we get. Then we must honor the answer we get.

In using this method, other than doing what one is asked to do, one is usually able to stay within their mind as they know it. There are beliefs and ways of thinking that will need to change because the mind which created the problem we face is not the mind that will solve the problem. However, the changes we need to make are usually not too frightening to mind as the changes our current mind would need to make to experience the infinity of our being let alone the infinity of Creation.

A second aspect of the holographic aspects that can impact our creativity is to realize there is an inherent duality to Creation that arises from how the hologram is created and we are not separate from what we see outside ourselves. Here again, all lies within. Anything we see externally is also inside of ourselves most probably unrecognized. In being faced with aspects of creation for which we have a judgment for or against, we only need to realize its opposite is within us. We cannot recognize evil unless the evil we recognize is inside of us. To hold the position of what we do is good in any way is to create it opposite within ourselves and it is only our judgment and choice as to what is good and which is evil for we cannot have one without the other.

When faced with a situation where we desire to create something different, we need to go within to see what inside ourselves needs to change to bring about the results we desire. We cannot look for anything in the external world to change first. We must make necessary internal changes first to bring about the external change. Otherwise we will be looking in the wrong direction.

A third aspect is that of becoming a detached witness to stand back and look to see what we think and believe is giving rise to what we experience. It is to realize our belief structure is that object that causes our energy to be reflected and scattered to from the image pattern we experience as Creation. In become detached and look at to what gives rise to the experiences we have we can get too the root cause. It is at the root cause level were we can make lasting and profound changes in the world we experience.

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