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Energy, the ability to do work (a force applied through a distance) or to make things happen is the cornerstone of modern physics. In talking about energy and the equivalence of energy and consciousness, our creative ability and creative power, and the human being as a creativity machine, there is an interesting to observation to be made. When physicists first started working with energy, power and creating machines to do work, they compared power, the amount of energy released per unit time, to the amount of power an horse could provided - hence the concept of horsepower. From the very earliest time there was a recognition that living organism had the ability to do work and/or make things happen.

The harnessing of life energy has been around from the earliest times of humanity. Although not understood in the way scientist now understand, there was the concept of energy and power. It has long been recognized that living things such a humans, horses, oxen and the like have a life force, a life energy, that can be used to do work and make things happen. Many ancient civilizations harnessed the life force/energy of human in the form of slaves for centuries. In fact, organizations still harness this energy. Only now their ways are a little more innovative do much more subtle ways. It is often done in ways humans do not even know their life energy is being tapped and used.

In many ways, the concepts of energy and power as used today only describe in external terms what has been observed to exist in living organisms since the dawn of human consciousness. What gives us life and the ability to make things happen is exactly what early scientist tried to access and quantify. This was nevertheless true even if it was not recognized by them. The creation and invention of early machines was driven by developing more efficient methods than humans or animals could provide and less demanding on the humans themselves. People look to create “labor saving” devices through history. They look to replace what is done through our creative life energy with some other energy source. The point being here, no matter how you look at it, what we call energy and power external to us, is exactly what lies within our being and gives us life.

When we look at all humans have accomplished, it is this creative life energy within us, that has allowed us to do so. Whether we have used horses, oxen, slaves or some type of machine to do much of the heavy work, it is this creative life energy within that has allowed humanity to accomplish what it has done. Although we cannot put this creative life energy in some type of physical container and give this life to another, it is very real. But we can store it. We store it in the memories we hold that cause us to become passion or dispassionate about someone or something. In the way the atoms in a battery store electrical energy and the arrangements of objects in a gravitational field store gravitational energy, the arrangement of our memories, what we think and believe, store our creative life energy and can often be used to amplify what we have.

What is interesting about this energy within the human body is it is what animates the body and gives life to the body. Hence, many have called this energy a spirit for it is what gives life, the spirit of life. In regards to this creative energy, the body can be seen as a machine that transforms chemical energy into this creative life energy and then into mechanical energy to make things happen in the world. Yet, when we look at the body itself, we seen an internal combustion engine where organic fuels are combined with oxygen in a water based medium to rearrange the chemical structures of the fuel to create energy. Some of that energy is then converted to electrical energy which is used by the brain to direct the released chemical energy to be transformed into mechanical energy in one form or another. That, in turn, allows us to live and have an experience of life. But from a pure physics and chemistry view point, the body does not create life energy that sustains it. That is, the body comes from an existing life and grows and unfold according to its DNA and its environment. In in someway, this creative life energy within the body seems to be different than other energies.

Yet, no matter how humans have tried, they have not figured out exactly what give life. So far, humans have been unable to create life energy except by reproduction and associated embryo fertilization processes. This life spirit is somehow different from the material body for all materials do not have it and the human spirit seems to be different than the spirit that resides in a horse or oxen. The best humans could do to explain this animating life energy was to create the concept of a spirit that seemed to inhabit the body and then leaves.

The issue of not being able to explain exactly what life is, in turn, caused the need create the realm of spirit and the unseen. This in turn give rise to spirituality and the possibility of the existence of something unseen beyond the physical. Eventually the perceptions of this unseen realm created spiritual traditions and most spiritual traditions have their own unique view and ideas as to how this spirit functions and what it needs to do and what is its purpose. But the energy within the horse or oxen that give it life can be harness just the same way that human life energy can be harnessed. The only pieces that is different is how the human spirit and life energy is aware of itself and can change its environment based on, or rather, as a result of, its awareness. Yet, in the realm of the mystic, these other life forms can be accessed and it can be understood these life forms are aware in their own way. They are just not aware in the way humans are aware and can act on their awareness because of body and what it is capable of being directed to do.

Based on the study of creativity and the equivalence of energy and consciousness as the ability to make something happen, the answer to exactly what is this human spirit and its relationship to the life energy within the body is that, in essence, we are a flow of creative life energy which has become aware of its own existence and has a vehicle (our body) to act on that awareness. As an energy we will never die only be transformed from one from into another. This flow of energy can be experiences as an a flow of creative life energy give us the ability and power to create or as a creative spirit with a unique personality unto itself with its own desires existing and unfolding in Creation. In becoming aware of our own existence, we have also become aware we can become the cause of something happening rather than only responding to what is. We have figured out how to become the creator of the experiences we have. What we haven’t realized is that we have always been the creator of the experiences we have and in fact, we have been the creator of the reality we experienced. We have just never figure out how it is possible that we do it. We have only been asleep rather than aware and awake to the depth and breadth of our creative power and creative ability.

One way to look at our creative life energy is something like gravity in the realm of celestial objects and the nuclear force in a atom. In the way gravity hold the planets, stars and the like together, and the nuclear force hold the nucleus together, our creative life energy animates and holds the body together. But what is different is that there comes a time that the creative life energy leaves the body and no longer animates the body. When this happens the body dies and slowly dissolves back into its component parts. The piece that humanity seems to unable to understand is why this creative life energy leaves the body.

The answer appears to lie in the fact that we are a creation within a creation and we are part of a larger process. Or, alternatively said, our lives is the by product of a larger process. Unless we understand the creative/creation process and the role of the unseen in that process, our lives will always be mystery, especially why we die. In realizing the existence of this larger process, we can create the conditions to see into the unseen. We can access the intention for our life and come to some understanding as to why were are here and what the flow of our creative life energy is all about.

However, this is something that needs to be experienced. Reading this words and thinking we know why we are here and what our life is all about is total foolishness. Until we can step out of mind to become a detached witness to our life and the lives of others and being to see how mind works, our lives and this creative life energy which sustains us and animates our life, as our creative spirit, will always be somewhat mysterious.

The recommendations is for you to do your own exploration into understanding your creative life energy, its flow pattern and what your creative spirit desires to create. In is recommended you hold your creativity sacred and understand what truly serves you and create a life worth living. In doing so, you can come to see the truth of what is stated here and about how you create both the experiences you have and the reality of those experiences by how and what you think and believe.

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