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 Pool of multiple forms


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The pool of multiple forms provides an alternative way of seeing and experience how all of creation arises from the same fabric of Creation, all remains interconnected yet we each seem separate and unaware of many of the other aspects of Creation. The pool appears to be that formless place of nothingness, a place of pure potentiality.

Multiple cutoutsOne view of this pool is to create cutouts as one would create cutouts from a piece of paper. In the discussion topic, "The environment and the unfoldment of a creation," there is a discussion of how the creation and its environment are unique to each other much the a paper cutout and the whole it creates. Additionally, there is a diagram and discussion about multiple cutouts from the same fabric of Creation represented in the Diagram entitled "Multiple Cutouts."

Infinte creative being localized its energyThe pool of multiple forms takes a slightly different perspective. We can look at Creation as an infinitely dimensional pool of energy much like a pool of water. The pool itself is the unmanifested aspects of energy. The ripples on the pool are the creation and each being perceived as separate. From within this pool an aspect of energy localizes from the unmanifested into manifested creation as seen in the Figure "Infinite creative being localized its energy" Within the wave particle understanding, a part of the energy remains unmanifested in the "pool."

Localized energy consciousnessWhen the energy localizes, as in the Figure "Localized energy and consciousness," we perceives ourselves as a particle and existing only within our bodies and all that lies outside the boundaries of our body not a part of ourselves. The nonconscious is really only that which gives us the form and what we perceive as "not I" Nevertheless, there is a part of our being that continues to permeate all of Creation. The part of which we are aware we attribute to conscious consciousness. Our body and form is seen to exist below of what we see as conscious. The aspect of our body and our form is seen as our subconscious or unconscious and that which permeates the pool of Creation a part of our dormant consciousness.

Pool of multiple formsWithin the pool of multiple forms, the separate waves or ripples are seen as separate and unconnected. However, as seen in the Figure "Pool of multiple forms," each and every ripple is connect. From practical view point, the pool can be seen a being within the noise level of Creation where all the individual creations overlap so it is very hard to distinguish one form from any other form. With in the noise level there is destructive interference of all the different waves and not particular form is create of dominates.

Each conscious (e.g., for example you or I, or any point of consciousness) is also energy and our consciousness or energy, whichever word you prefer, extends to infinity and permeates all of reality. Everything in the universe permeates us and we permeate everything in the universe. Everything is interconnected and any one aspect of Creation is capable of communicating with any other. Simply by consciously properly focusing it attention and awareness any point of consciousness can access any other aspect of consciousness or its manifestation in the universe. This is the basis of all types and kinds of abilities that are perceived of as "psychic, " mystical, or an interaction with unseen realms.

Perceiving pool of multiple formsNow what is interesting within this view, there is that line of consciousness above which we perceive as real and below which does not appear to exist. As demonstrated in the Figure, "Perceiving the pool of multiple forms," Within this view, we perceive as existing only the tip of the ripples of which we are conscious and awareness where as, in reality, the entire form, and the pond itself, exist are of exactly the same material as that which we thinks exist. Within this view, as one increases their conscious awareness it can been viewed as lowering the level . More of what we perceive as unseen, imaginary and of the unseen world of feeling being to appear as real as any thing else we experience.

Awakening consciousness or become more aware can be viewed analogously much like discovering the solar system and the galaxies beyond. Our awareness starts where we are. We have an awareness of what is obvious to us. Relative to the solar systems, we start with the awareness that the sun goes around the earth. In many ways our think was that if we were not aware of it, it didn’t exist.

Starting awarenessWithin the pool of creation as diagramed in the Figure "Starting awareness," we can see the situation one of two ways. Our awareness and that of the Sun as the only things existing. Or our awareness and that of the Sun as the only to forms extending above "level of consciousness." Whether we believe the solar system always exists in form or it only arose as we became capable of conceiving it, doesn’t matter. If we are unaware of it, it doesn’t exist and we will find some explanation logical to what the mind knows to explain the effects of what is unseen or the effects of the unseen has on our world.

Awakening awarenessIn any case, discovering the solar system can be seen as awakening our awareness as diagramed in the Figure "Awakening awareness," either creating them out of the seemingly nothingness   as we conceive them. Or, we simply lower the level of what we are consciously aware. That is, we make elements of the nonconscious or subconscious conscious such that more and more of the nonconscious becomes visible much the way you would lower the water level in a pond.

Here an important comment needs to be made. It is said above, "either creating them out of the seemingly nothingness   as we conceive them or, we simply lower the level of what we are consciously aware." The human mind will create an explanation for any phenomenon that it experiences. Whether that explanation is an accurate description of the phenomenon or not doesn’t matter. The mind will believe it is real until proven otherwise. For example, scientist has a reasonable model of the atom existing as until it was proven incorrect and replace with something a bit more accurate. But the same is true for any discipline. As we awaken and expand our awareness we develop more and more accurate descriptions of Creation. The question is, "What is real?" Some would say all of reality exists and we are only uncovering it. Some would say we are creating it as we go. The funny thing is if we do not look to understand the truth of Creation, we will never find it or see it. If we "hide our head in the sand," Creation will never be seen beyond the awareness we have. Yet it has been proven again and again, the more we look, the deeper we look, more we uncover than we could every expect.

Expanded awarenessAs we continue to expand our awareness into the realm of galaxies and nebulae, as diagramed in the Figure "Expanded awareness," we can be seen as either creating new forms to explain what is discovered or we lower the level to reveal that which has always been hidden. The question is, "How deep and how far do we wish to go in our exploration of Creation and to find the truth of what is?"

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