Tithing and sacrificing to our creation
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The creative life energy that animates our life is a continuous flow of energy. It flows within a set of the boundaries much like the banks of a river established by who we think we are and how we have defined ourselves. These boundaries channel the energy into a physical experience which dissipates the energy in the experience in a way analogous to the way the river flows into the ocean dissipating itself in the ocean. If we are free to experience the experience as it arises the energy will fully dissipate. If we are not free because of our mind interjecting itself in some way, the energy becomes bound and we have less energy available for the next creation. Over time we so scatter and fragment our creative life energy in experiences that do not truly serve us and memories that we cannot let go and are better released that we do not have the energy to create something which better serves us.

By changing how and what we believe and release that on which we hold focus from the past , we can change how the energy flows into a physical experience changing the type and kind of experience we will have. What needs to be emphasized here is we will have a physical experience. It is only a question of what kind of physical experience we have because of what we believe.

To create something new in our life, we will need to create a new channel to allow our energy to flow into a new physical experience. To do that, we have to both change our beliefs to create the new channel but we must also tithe some portion of our energy to what we wish to manifest.

We have twenty-four hours a day of creative life energy at our disposal. It is our choice how and where we will direct that energy. Whenever we focus our attention and awareness into a belief or activity, we are directing our creative life energy into manifesting the intention behind why we hold that belief or way we engage in the activity. The longer we focus our attention and awareness on anything, the more energy you put into manifesting a physical experience based on the focus we hold. In this regard, any though we hold is given a portion of our creative life energy. The longer we hold the thought, the more energy we give it and the greater the influence it has in our life. The more passion we which we hold it, a still greater energy is put into it and the greater the influence it has. So it becomes vitally important to become aware of what we think and where our energy is going for each thought we have is getting some of our attention and awareness.

Tithing is about taking a portion of our creative life energy and focusing it onto, or into, what we desire to create. Since we are redirecting our already committed twenty-fours hours worth of energy, something in our life must be sacrificed. So there will always be a sacrifice in any creative endeavor we undertake. If we are unwilling to pay the sacrifice, we will not create what we desire. We may create it in some form but it will not reach its full potential and possibility. Quite simply, by not allowing the sacrifice as required by the creation, you did not nourish it in the way it needed to be nourished.

Tithing is an ancient concept and it is said goes back to an ancient king. There was a king that had a tremendously bountiful harvest. He sold much of the harvest and had wonderful celebrations and feasts. However, when spring came, he had no seed to plant new crops. So he had to essentially bankrupt his treasury to buy seed for the spring planting. Ever after that day, the king require a certain percentage of the harvest be set aside for seed for the following spring. If we wish to create something new in our life, we must tithe to it and to the future we wish to create. We must direct some of our creative life energy into creating what we desire. If we donít we will simply be repeating the past

Exactly what our tithe looks like depends on what we desire to create. As a minimum we can start some daily practice that seems to work for us or we can create a daily practice based on what we think we should do. We just canít stay wedded to whatever daily practice we use. As we move into our creative endeavor and begin to get that minimum set of experience to create what we desire, we may find that what we do is not what we need to do. Also, as we gain experience we will find that we change and outgrow what we did in the past. If we donít outgrow the practice with which we start in some way, we are not growing and expanding into our creativity and the creative power available to us.

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