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A creative living process is a process that we identify as being alive as we define life and continually recreates itself. A creative living process as a process always has something going in and something is always going out. It is dynamic and changing. It is never the same. It is not static. It is living in the sense that it has life. It lives and dies. It is creative in the sense that it is constantly redefining itself or continually creating something not seen or previously experienced or something significantly different.

We are a creative living process. We each are a creation unfolding. We are results of the creative/creation process or the product of a creative process But our unfoldment is not complete, we are still unfolding. Being “in process” does not allow us to see the process for what is really is.

The typical human views the creative/creation process as existing outside and separate from themselves. We fail to see that we are a creation unfolding. Every human will admit that they age and their body changes. But few see our lives as a creation unfolding within on ongoing creative/creation process. We digest, transform and/or otherwise manipulate that which goes within us such that what comes out is often quite different than what goes in. Additionally because of the way we have come to perceive reality, what we take in is altered by what we have experienced and put out. Few see how we are the creator of the experiences we have by how we are choosing to view the experiences. There is a truth of reality we experience in any experience we have independent of our perception. Then there is a perceived truth of realty that is create by our perception. Failure to consider our unfoldment as a creation continually recreating itself has a significant impact on how and what we observe and the conclusions we can, and will, draw from our observations.

We cannot not create. Anything we do will be creative in some way. In essence we are a creativity machine. In this regard, we can always access a portion of our creative power and ability. The question is whether we are doing so consciously or subconsciously. Many of our creations are only the fruits and/or byproducts of a life that is lived. A story that reflects this point quite nicely is the story of the wheelwright found in the discussion “A reflection on our creation - the creator, the creation and the creative process

In looking at the reality in which we live, if we take a few minutes to reflect, we can clearly see that our world is ever changing, becoming new, and because we are always entering an experience of life we had not had before. We are always entering the unknown in some way. The change we experiences occurs both in our internal world and our external world. Internal to us, our bodies grow from conception through birth into an adult. We age, become old and die. Our bodies are never the same. Through this process of aging our view of life changes. We experience malfunctions and abnormalities in our bodies and its subsequent repair and the healing abilities. During this time period we call our life, our thoughts and feelings are always changing. We experience thoughts and ideas that come and go like the cloud of the sky.

What ever view we choose to take to view creation/Creation, we have experience after experience encountering our world. We define ourselves by those experiences. We continually redefine ourselves by our experiences. Some experiences reinforce the identity we have. Other experiences for us to change who and what we think we are. Nevertheless, we are constantly open to change in moment. The question is how big a change do we make in any one moment. We each will be changed by the experiences we have. How much we are changed by the experience we have depends on the how significant the experience is to us.

How significant the experience is to us, of course, brings up the fact that we are a creative living process with a variable feedback loop. A feedback look takes the output signal and overlays or blends it into the input signal. The feedback loop bias what we see based on what we has experience. Hence the incoming stream is not seen correctly but biased by the filters of past experiences.

The feedback loop also works as follows. We hold a beliefs in our mind and we somehow experience what we believe. The experience of the beliefs we hold reinforce our holding of the belief. This then becomes an never ending cycle creating a tighter and tighter belief pattern. Another version of this is that we focus your attention and awareness and that focus is based on some combinations of beliefs about that on which we focus. Other wise we wouldn’t focus our attention and awareness. Having an experience of that on which we focused provides an experience of those beliefs which gave rise to our focus. The experience only affirm to us the truth of that on which we focused for we found or had an experience of them. That, in turn, reinforces the way we focus our attention and awareness into a fix pattern of beliefs. Hence, we believe more strongly.

As our creative life energy flows into the experience we have, it expands into the experience. If we allow ourselves to have the experience without interference of mind, this expansion can be felt as both a fulness of one’s being and a calmness within one’s being. If we are free to experience the flow of our creative life energy into the experience we have in the moment, the energy dissipates and we feel both the fulness of being and calmness that results from the free expansion of the energy much like the river dissipating in the ocean.

However, if we have an experience that is frightening, the next time we see or anticipate such an experience we are no longer free to flow with the experience. Rather, we overlay our fear on the experience we are about to have. That causes us to experience something other than what is. Similarly, mind uses this feedback look to knows how to lead us to what we like and away from what we dislike. It will look for a way to make life more enjoyable and pleasurable. How large the feedback is in any given moment determines whether we recreate ourselves new or simply repeat the past in new way.

When we create, most of us do not realized how we lose focus from our intention by simple little shifts in our attention as a result of this feedback loop as we responds to the world we experience. Most of us adjust our intention based on what we experience as we step out into our creative endeavor. We respond to the world as it currently exists and our past experiences rather than realizing what we desire may have to change our world Most say and do keep focused on their intention, but we do not realize our intention changes and shifts in response to the world because of this feedback loop. We must hold focus with a single point unwavering focus on our intention without changing it.

We are a creative living process as a result of the way of consciousness and mind define themselves.
Consciousness is seen as a flow of energy which has awaken to the awareness of existing. It is experience as the awareness of itself and/or it surrounding. It then defines itself by the experience has. Additionally, consciousness has the ability to change or redirect the flow of energy which gives rise to its existence. It redirects the flow by the choices it does or doesn’t make. In doing so, it changes what it experiences. Consciousness then redefine itself and what it experiences by the experience it has.

Mind is the property of consciousness that hold the memories of the experiences of consciousness. Our mind is always changing by what we experience for every experience we have changes how we view the world. Mind synthesizes and assimilates all that has been experienced into a view or perspective from which consciousness perceives Creation. Based on that perspective, consciousness makes choices, decisions, judgments and the like. These choices, decisions, and judgements, in turn, determine what consciousness experiences.

The experience consciousness has then provides input to mind to assimilate the experience. This new experience either causes mind to reinforce what we believe about life and we believe it more strongly or, it slowly, if not sometimes quickly, dispels beliefs that are no longer valid or effective. We are always changing. We are always either changing or strengthen the perspective mind has. If we think about this process for a moment, we can see how very quickly mind can cause consciousness to develop a very narrow and fixed view of Creation. This in turn, become a cage which mind creates that keeps our creative spirit captive. Similarly, mind can also cause consciousness to quickly develop a broad and open view about creation. The nature of mind is always changing become more flexible or more rigid.

We are always entering the unknown each moment we live for we don’t know what the next moment will bring. That in turn opens us to the anxiety of the unknown. Yet whether we realize it or not, by establishing patterns and habits our mind works to control our world to minimize what the unknown brings to us.

If we look at our external world we seen is much the same on going and never ending change. To mention only a few, we see the trees grow and the flowers bloom. We see the season come and go. We see the sun rise and sun set and each sunrise and each sunset is different from the last. We see the slow geological processes forming mountains and canyons and the rather rapid geological process experienced as volcanoes and earthquakes. Every day we look outside to see what the weather and become aware how quickly it can change. The external world is every changing become new and different. Sometimes the changes are quick and something they move slowly. What is very clear is the change we experience in life is somehow very creative for it constantly moves us into the new and the unknown.

As multidimensional and infinitely creative beings, there will always be a part of ourselves dissolving and being recast into a new form. Something within is constantly being destroyed and reformed. It is an on going and never ending process. We are just not usually aware of this process because we are the process itself. If we don’t explore our internal world in the awareness of the creative/creation process, we will never know exactly who and what we really are. Our consciousness is dynamic, constantly moving. It is never static or stationary. We are continually recreating ourselves. Any perception of stagnation is often only the long interval between the turning points within the oscillation or vibrational flow into and out of the form of what you are observing or experiencing within your being.

One of the big problems we have as a human is when we have a profound inner experience. The inner experienced is integrally tied to what we think, the conditions in which we find ourselves, and believe and the environment in which we had the experience. Our problem is that the experience itself changes what we think and believe. We are continually changing ourselves by what we experience as described. A profound experience changes our perspective. This means the perspective that created the experience we have is no long available to recreate the experience. We can create is a similar but a different experience for our perspective is different.

This phenomenon has lead to something called “beginner’s mind.” That is, we enter an experience without the biases of prior experience. In reality this cannot be done for we are forever changed by what we experience. We may put it consciously out of our mind but the experience still resides in our subconscious. However, we can enter a state of spontaneous and innocent creative play and allow ourselves to freely discover and explore whatever we experience. Creative play can bring us back to the spontaneous and innocence of beginners’ mind. All that is needed here is to lose ourselves in play before we have the experience.

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