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What needs to be understood is that attempting to accurately characterize the infinity of Creation by mind is an attempt to put infinity into a box. Rather, the composite of our conscious and nonconscious mind is the infinity of Creation. We already are it. The miracle of Creation is that any form that our mind choose to take as a result of how and what we think and believe will become a vessel fully capable of expressing the infinity of our being and the infinity of Creation.. Said another way, each created form is infinity in a box - a seeming finite container containing the infinite. It and its environment is infinity itself. To come to understand the infinity of Creation we simply need to experience it. To help understand what is said here, one can think about a cutout and a hole it leaves in the fabric of which it is cut out. Together the two make a whole.

In this regard, our physical body is the temple, the housing, of our unique awareness and is directly reflective of our consciousness. Our body and our environment represents the expression of the infinity of Creation. All of Creation, the infinite of creation stands before us in the form of our body and its environment. What we have created is the best way our unique consciousness can communicate exactly who and what we currently perceive ourselves to be, or how who and what we are looks like as manifested in the physical form as a human. As we change who and what we think we are, our environment will correspondingly change.

Quite simply our mind is too small. It needs to be realized, we will have great difficulty trying to explain the infinite of Creation because of our limited view while incarnated, but we can explain in excruciating detail any part on which we focus. Most go into the excruciating details of a part and lose focus on the true infinity of creation. Yet, others, in going into the excruciating details of a part think they access the infinity of creation

Humanity has tried to explain Creation in a variety of ways. It has created things like myths and stories, physics theories, even metaphysical explanations like the tarot and the like. But they all are different ways to attempt characterize the infinity of Creation. But what needs to be understood is that our mind is finite but our being infinite - our being is the magic of creation. We are infinity in a box. Our inner world is reflected in the outer. The infinity within is reflected in the outer world The infinity of the outer world is reflected in the inner world. We simply need to get out of mind to experience it. Additionally, we need to understand we will experience the infinity of the source/Source as a feeling. It is not something our mind, as you know mind, can know and understand as such for it has not experienced the Source in conscious awareness. Even if we do have a conscious experience of the Source our mind is too small to fully span the infinity of what we experience. It will be unable to properly characterize the experience.

We need to understand we have a problem. The problem is our mind. As discussed in the topic, "The Problem of Mind and the Experience of the Source of Creation - the Trap of Mind" whatever we experience at the Source we will be unable to effective characterize what we experience. We need to understand the perspective we hold in observing and/or experiencing the creative process and/or an aspect of creation/Creation will determine what we see and how we think the creative/creation process works. What needs to be understood is that any one perspective will not give us the understanding to fully utilize the creative/creation process. Rather, we will need to have a composite of view and understanding as to how variety of views are interconnected. This is the result of our finite mind observing a process larger than mind as we know it and experience it can not fully comprehend.

We cannot effectively characterize the Source because we do not have that minimum set of experience to characterize the infinite. Our mind only knows the past. It will take an infinite number of experiences for our mind to get a sufficient past to fully understand grasp the infinity of Creation.

If we return to the Source through our mind and what we think and believe, we are limited to describing the infinite by the mind set we have about our life. That mind set is insufficient to accurately describe the Source of Creation. It is to attempt to put infinity into a box. If we access the source by going back into the transcendental mind and the intention for our life, we are again limited by our enculturated mind and what it is capable of understanding about the unseen  If we return to the Source through our body using the awareness of the body, we step out of mind expanding the potential. But again, what we access is limited by our body, and the transcendental mind which gave rise to the body and what our transcendental mind is capable of understanding about the unseen .

To actually work with the power that is available at the Source is beyond enculturated mind, the transcendental mind and body and free to be in the nonlocalized aspects of our being. We have to be out of mind and body. But that cannot really be done while in the body. By design, the identification with the body is normally too strong to let go. In this regard, because there is an intention for our life, our life will unfold within a given pattern until we fulfill that intention or we access that intention.

Alternatively said, it canít really be done as long we hold to any identity based on a transcendental ego, such the identity of being a spirit or soul, or enculturated ego and body. Rather, it is to remain in pure awareness and never move to the awareness of "I," "I am," or even "I exist." As soon as the "I" arises we have stepped out of our nonlocalized being. We need to be outside our thinking and judging mind. It is traditionally said to be "beyond thought" to see the truth of reality and the depth and breath of our own consciousness/Consciousness. Our current mind as reflected in the ego has no rational way on its own to find it for it is beyond mind as we know it. Simply said, although we are a being of infinite consciousness/Consciousness and infinite dimensional, whatever vessel or container we create that contains or defines our ego, it is too small to understand. Our vessel is too small and will always be too small for whatever we construct is created by our mind.

On this point of our vessel or mind being too small, we can be prompted to ask, "If our mind is too small to understand, how can it be possible for the author, or anyone else for that matter, to be able to make such a statement and yet try to explain how Creation works - is not their vessel also too small to understand?" The answer is quite simple. Mind is a property of consciousness/Consciousness. There will always be a mind. However, the awareness which gives rise to the mind can always function as a detached witness.

The awareness is not too small. Mind is too small. The thinking and mind is always too small. In the authorís case, by stepping into spontaneous and innocent child like play of exploration and discovery as an adult the author unknowing set up the conditions to destroy mind as he understood mind. At the time, to some he may have appeared a little bit crazy. By the time the author had realized what had happened, the author was able to see differently and saw the world totally different. Since he had shattered the understanding of him mind, he was able to revert back to a beginner's mind and see Creation through a perspective were oneís creative was held sacred.

All Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is only the best rendition that the awareness of the detached witness of the authorís mind, using the authorís past experiences, is able to find to explain how creation/Creation works when viewed from the perspective where energy and consciousness are one and the same. Another mind will of course would provide an different perspective and possibly a different interpretation. Another individual would explain what was experienced differently, for example the description provided by Jill Bolte Taylor.

As a reader, you can accept the alternative view of creation/Creation provided in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material or deny it. But it nevertheless exists. As is frequently said in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material, what is stated cannot be proven to you. But you can, if you wish, focus your energy and attention into the creativity perspective and hold your creativity sacred to see the validity of what is said for yourself.

The recommendation made here, as done by the author, is to look at what all the mystics to whom he was exposed said about such an experience in a different way and then ask, "Is there a way to view Creation where all that any one individual believes as true can be experienced as true? In asking that question a way was seen where this is possible. The same is true for each of us. If we stand back to look at all we see and ask the equivalent of, "How does Creation work such that all these diverse views that I see can be true?" we will find such an answer. In the realization of that answer, we can begin to see how Creation is capable of molding or forming Itself to giving us an experience of whatever we choose to think and believe. We then, of course, need to decide what we think and believe for what we think and believe is creating the experiences we have.

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