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Stepping down the energy of creation/Creation


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Within esoteric, religious and spiritual traditions it is often said there are higher and lower powers, higher and lower forms of energy, high vibrations and low vibrations and the like. It is also said that if the human mind could capture the mind of God, the human mind would shatter. Similarly it is said the human cannot handle the higher powers/Higher Powers of creation for we would simply vaporize and/or burn up in the flow of that power.

In one way, such statements are true. In another way they are completely wrong. Energy is energy. Consciousness is consciousness. Consciousness awakens as a result of a flow of energy. Simply said, if you have a large flow of energy, consciousness needs a perspective to handle such a flow. If you have a much less flow of energy, the perspective consciousness needs is quite different. If the flow of energy is too great for the perspective of consciousness something has to give. Either the flow of energy needs to be reduce or the consciousness shatters its perspective.

The important point is that quality or essential composition of the energy does not change, only the amount. It also does not mean one perspective held by consciousness is better than another. It just means consciousness will have a different experience of creation for it awareness spans a great amount of energy. It is only our mind and what we think and believe that has created all the confusion about energy, consciousness and what serves and doesn’t serves us. The issue is we are infinitely creative being and the question is, “What allows us to expand into the
infinity of our own being?” We can either expand into the infinity of our own being and experience all of Creation or we can segment Creation to experience only a portion compatible with the perspective we hold.

This issue is presented rather well in the story Moses and the Dancing Light. In the story, Moses experiences a dancing light and does not understand. The light then forms into symbols. Moses still does not understand. The light then forms into the letters of the alphabet and Moses still does not understand. Finally, the light forms into words and Moses understood and wrote the Torah, the sacred book of Jewish Mysticism.

In essence, the energy of the light has been “stepped” down three levels and we don’t know how many levels the energy was stepped down before Moses perceive it as light. Many individual can just know things long before they need to materialize or be perceived in some type and kind of experience.

What is occurring here in the story of Moses and the Dancing Light is the energy of creation/Creation is simply being “stepped” down into a form that can be perceived by a particular consciousness. In this case the consciousness of Moses. In essence what the Divine did was begin to “step” down the energy. That is, as the energy takes on form, some of the power available in the energy becomes unavailable.

It is like the electricity that comes into your home. What was available in the light was “stepped” down much like the way we “step”down electrical energy. That which is in your home has been “stepped” down from a more powerful form of the same energy that is carried in the transmission wires. There is a transformer near your house that takes the more powerful energy and “steps” it down to a power that is more useful and manageable in your home. Analogously it is the same in what we can achieve with the electrical energy as it exist before the transformer outside our house is much different than what we can achieve with the energy once it is “stepped down” for use in our house. This fact does not make one better than another. Each just creates different experiences which we then judge as one being more desirable than the other.

When it is realized consciousness and energy are different forms of the same things, we an being to see there is also a “stepping”down that occurs in consciousness. Spiritual traditions have talked about increases awareness and/or levels to Creation. That to which they refer are only forms of consciousness that can channel larger and/or different magnitude flows of energy.

In a different awareness, Moses would have perceived the energy differently. But that does not really matter. What matters is how Moses perceived what he perceived for that is the starting point for the action Moses takes. The same is true for all of us. We adopt a particular perspective within a particular environment and have an experience of the energy of creation/Creation. We then interpret that experienced with the mind we have based on our past experiences. We think we experience the reality of what is when in fact we only experienced our mind and what it has experienced. To experience reality for what it is, we need to take the perspective of a detached witness and surrender to the flow of energy we feel as it exists.

The story of Moses and the Dancing Light nicely shows much of what we experience in Creation is much like using an electric blender, an electric mixer or an electric carving knife. As a human, we have a choice by the perspective we hold in mind. Choosing a perspective is analogous to the appliance we will choose to use. We can argue all that we wish as to which appliance is better for chopping and mixing things. There are tasks that one does better than another. But in the end, they all run off our household electrical current that has been stepped down by the transformer outside our house. That is they all run on the same energy flow in the house. If we want to use the current that exist outside the house before the transformer, we need to use different appliances and have a different perspective.

In this regard, what can be achieved with any written or orally transmitted tradition is much less that if the light which gives rise to the written oral tradition is understood and we learn to dance with the light. Much can achieved with a written tradition that is not fixed into a form by the use of vowels as that described by the “sacred” Torah in topic” Moses and the Dancing Light.” However, much more is possible when we work with the light itself.

It is obvious the ancient Jewish sages were very wise and are to be commended in desiring to keep things ambiguous by not allowing vowels to be put with the consonants. As seen in the Taoist references in that discussion the ancient Taoist sages made the same observation. However, to fully understand the depth and breadth of the creative power and creative ability available to us, we need to learn to work with the dancing light - we need to work with the non localized energy of creation/Creation. We need to work with the energy as it is and dance with it before it is “stepped down” into a given form. But to do that we need a different perspective, we need a different way of thinking and believing. We need to return to the dancing light, beyond tradition and beyond form. We need to step out of mind for it is there we will find the true source of wisdom and our unlimited creativity.

All existing traditions and schools of thought that depend on words, whether orally or written, including all that is written here, are just another facet of the an infinitely facets crystal of creation. Any one facet of the crystal is equal to, and no better than, any other. In this regard, the tradition initiated by Moses is no different than any other, including this material. Some schools of thought seem to shine more light than others, but they are still a step or two down from the light and creative life energy sustaining creation that is flowing within our being.

The question can be asked if what is stated here is saying that we are capable of an understanding even greater than Moses and other ancient sages and that which is captured in the Torah and the other spiritual traditions? The answer is, yes. But most importantly, we find this understanding by going within and following the creative life energy that flows within our being before we channel it into specific patterns that we call words and thoughts. It is to work with that understanding and knowledge that lies within the form of the creation. It is to see the metaphor of Creation and understand creativity is the language of consciousness. The life we experience and the world we experience with that life is a communication of consciousness. They are the attempt by our consciousness and the consciousness within/behind Creation to communicate who and what they are.

Within the realization that we desire to work with the energy before we create words and thoughts, it is hard to talk about what we should do. To say, “step out of mind” is easier said than done. The recommendation made here is to use the creativity perspective and hold our creativity sacred no matter what it looks like. Give our self permission to return to a state of creative play and open ourselves to feeling to learn how our internal guidance works with the intention of eventually surrendering to what we feel. We need to learn to discern what we feel and allow our feeling to become our internal compass. You may appear a little crazy to the world but we will be learning there is an alternative way to live life. A way that is much more creative and internally satisfying which can provide and fullness of being and an inner satisfaction which never runs dry.

However, nothing which can be said can convince you of this or cause it to happen in you. Creation and creativity is an experience. We have to choose to act and do our own experiments. Creation is a experiential subject and not something that can really be learned in books.

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