How does creation/Creation get started



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How does creation get started
A question of great division
How creation gets started

To look at the question, “How does creation, any creation, get started?” is to look at the proverbial question, “What comes first, the chicken or the egg?”. Did the chicken give rise to the egg or did the egg give rise to the chicken.

A question of great division (Top)

There is an issue that has divided many for centuries and it is the same issue as “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” It is the struggle between the theory of evolution and the concept of God when it comes to where did Creation come from or how did Creation arise.

The question is, “Did God create Creation or did Creation evolve?” Which ever view you take you are still stuck with the same question but seen in a different way. If God created Creation, the question is, “From where did God come from?” The answer is, “God always was, that what is meant by God” If Creation evolved, the question is, “From what did Creation evolve?” The answer is, “Creation evolved from the stuff of Creation and always was.” These arguments just leads to the idea, whatever God is and whatever the stuff of Creation is, they are ultimately the same. Both give rise to the same Creation.

Or if you say, “Creation arose out of nothing,” the question is the, “How did it evolve out of nothing?” If you say, “God created it out of nothing?” you are still stuck with the question, “From which did God come from?” If you say, “God always was,” then God is just the stuff out of which Creation arose. This implies either God is nothing or God is something which we don’t understand. Or, maybe we understand what happened and we just are not looking at the issue in the correct way Maybe we are not looking at the facts for what they really tell us. That is, we are trying to explain a process which gave rose to our existence without stepping out of the process to see the whole process. This issue is discussed in the topic, “Multiple Perspectives from which to view the creative/creation process.”

When we do shift our view, what we can discover, if we are open to seeing it, is that the creation/Creation we experience, all of it, starts with each of us. Exactly how this is possible is the basis of this discussion.

How creation gets started (Top)

The discussions “Energy - the Invariant in the Creativity Perspective” and the “Interdisciplinary Aspect of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology” discuss the equivalence of energy and consciousness. This is the key to understanding how it is possible that we create both our experiences and the reality of those experiences. It provides the basis as to how creation/Creation works.

It needs to be remember, energy is the ability or capacity to produce an effect. To be conscious is to be awake and aware. To be awake and aware is to be able to choose between options within any environment. That awareness of choice and action is what allows us to make things happen. To make things happen is just to cause an effect. When we are awake and aware we possess energy.

Energy “works” to produce an effect by flowing from a place greater potential or greater energy to one of lower potential or lower energy. A ball rolls down a hill because the ball on the top of the hill has more energy than the ball at the bottom of the hill. In rolls down the hill the “potential” or energy stored at the top of the hill is released. The potential or stored energy is converted into the energy of motion of ball rolling. Because the moment of the ball we have something to observe. We have a creation. If there is no movement there is nothing to observe. All creation/Creation arises from the movement between two points of observation. In this regard, it can be said all of creation/Creation arises from a flow of energy.

It can also be said the ball rolls down the hill because of the tension or the pull of gravity. That is the mass of the ball and the mass of the earth pull on each other. The ball is pulled to the center of the earth and the earth is pulled toward the center of the ball. The ball, being much smaller is the one we see moving. If the ball and earth were of the same mass, each would be moving equally fast toward each other. Of course, if we stood on one ( the ball with a mass equal to earth or the earth) the other would be seen as the one doing all the moving.

Now think for a minute of a completely flat surface. The ball rest on that surface. Ever point on that surface is of the same potential. That is, there is no place for the ball to roll. No hills to roll down, no holes to roll into. It is the difference in height that gives rise to a tension between the ball and the surface. Without a tension to pull the ball there can be no movement. This fact gives rise to the whole concept of force in physics. That is, a force is a push or pull on an object that causes it to move. Because of the existence of the force of gravity, the pull of the mass of one object on another, such as the mass of the earth pulling on the ball, there is movement.

The key to movement is a push or pull. The push or pull is a tension between two things. To have a tension you need one thing pulling or pushing on another thing. This is the essence of creation/Creation - all creation. The question is, “What pushes or pulls?”

Remember to be aware and awake is to be able to choose between alternatives. To chose anything is to create its opposite, namely, that which you did not choose. A choice creates a tension. A choice creates a push or a pull. We push ourselves away from what we do not like and pull ourselves toward what we do like. There is an inherent tension between that which is chosen and that which is not chosen. That tension provides the energy for Creation. The movement toward the choice or the movement away from choice is creation unfolding.

We do not have to be consciously aware of the choice we make to make a choice. We do not have to be aware that we are moving toward the warmth of the sun because it feels good. Yet in moving, a choice has been made. creation/Creation is as simple as that. The issue is the magnitude of the complexity and how convoluted creation/Creation becomes when you have a infinite number of ways to make choices or have movement for or against something all occurring simultaneously.

For any consciousness to become aware of “I am” or “I exist” creates a tension between the “I” and no awareness of “I.” As soon as consciousness becomes aware of “I am” it is also starts to become aware of all that the “I” is not. The “I” begins to define itself as to what it is and what it is not.

We experience our awareness from within a human body so it is very easy to define the “I” as our body and all that memories we have had in this body. The “trick” to creation/Creation is to realized the awareness that perceives itself to be the body with the memories of being in that body is not the body or those memories. It is only the witness of the events which occurred in that body. It is a detached witness in the sense that it is intimately aware of all that happen and fully witnesses all that happens but it is detached from what happens. That is, the events that happen are not really happening to it but to the body from which it is observing and experiencing Creation.

What needs to be understood about this conversation is conscious awareness gives us the ability to create something from nothing. That is, to create some thing from no thing. Where no thing existed before, we can choose anything to come into existence. It all starts from the “I” wanting something. The “I” wants causes a tension to arise. That tension supplies the energy. It is the energy for creation/Creation. A flow of energy arises between the what “I” wants and what “I” does not have. That flow of energy, moving from not having toward having causes the awareness of consciousness to have an experience of creation/Creation.

It is this fundamental, most basic tension of creation/Creation which gives rise to the belief there must be a God behind Creation. That is, some “I” desired to experience Creation and Creation arose in response to that desire. But there is a flow into separation “I do not have and I want” and a flow out of separation by the “I not having” moving toward getting what it wants. That flow is creation/Creation and it unfolds and evolves as the “I not having” moves closer and closer to “I having” what it wants. Hence the belief that Creation evolves. But is doesn’t so much evolve as unfold.

Exactly how all of this works will always be difficult for us to understand for we are in the creative/creation process and we are unfolding every moment. We in fact are, a creative living process continually changing itself.

It is not about you or me having the mental ability to understand it. It has nothing to do with mental ability and understanding. Rather is about where we are in the creative/creation process. It is about the difficulty in standing apart from our experiences as that detached witness. It is about choosing a perspective that allows us to see the creative/creation process for what it is. A variety of discussion such as “A Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective,” “The Physics of the Creative/Creation Process,” “Understanding We Are Each a Unique Creative Being of Infinite Consciousness,” “Creating Something form Nothing,” “The World of Om,” and others are provided to help us understand how all of this comes together.

The essential understanding with which it is suggested you leave this discussion is that each thought we hold, each intention and desire we have, creates a tension. That tension creates a flow of energy for a creation to unfold. How much energy depends on how much energy and passion we put into what we hold. A thought simply held holds less energy that an intention or a desire. The more passionately we intent or desire something the greater the energy that goes into creating it. In this realization it become vitally important we become mindful and aware of our thoughts, intention, desires and the like. Then garden our mind to ensure that thoughts we have and what we intend and desire truly severs us and what we desire to create in and with our life. It is recommend you consider creating a life worth living and one that truly serves you and who and what you see yourself to be at the deepest levels of your being.

How to make this simply principle work in your life to create what you desire and understand why you may not get what you desire quickly is the whole basis of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity materials. But although you may not see its effects immediately in your life, it is essential that you begin to become mindful and aware of the thoughts you have for they are the creative seeds that grow and unfold for all that you experience in your life.

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