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Any individualized aspect of consciousness awakens and defines itself by the experiences it has and it molds itself into what it believes. In addition, any consciousness is not limited to exploring and discovering only the reality it has created by what it think and believes. It can explore and discover any or all of the realities and creations created by any other aspect of consciousness. However, in this process of exploration, it can become lost within its own or any other creation. We as an individuated points of consciousness can similar become lost in our own creation or the creation of another and we do it all the time.

We each are independent realities and we each have a unique creative passion. The question that can be asked is,"What is the full implications of each of us having an infinite nonconscious mind and an a unique creative passion?" To explain the answer to this question, two analogies have been used. These analogies try to communicate how we are independent and uniquely different such that no other consciousness has the perspective that we do. But, yet, each of us are essentially that same and utilize the same creative principles and concepts but we each applied them in different ways. That is, we each have a unique way to express the creative passion we have within our being.

One analogy is the piano analogy. Here reality is seen like a piano and each of us are one key on that piano. The second analogy is that of the electromagnetic spectrum. Here we each are as one frequency of an infinite spectrum of electromagnetic energy. The important point to realize, is that reality would be incomplete if our consciousness were not present. Just as the piano would not be the piano if a note was missing and the infinite electromagnetic spectrum would not be complete if you took one of its independent frequencies away.

What this means is that each of us is a point of consciousness just like that point of consciousness called "Om" that is discussed in the topic "The world of Om" as have having created the physical reality that we experience. We each are capable of creating an infinite reality as huge and as expansive as the physical world we inhabit. The only problem is that we just donít know it and we donít currently have the understanding as to exactly how we can do it. Until we awaken to the full depth and breath of our own creative abilities we will never come to the realization of what we are capable of creating.

Although both the piano and electromagnetic spectrum are both very powerful analogies they do not begin to express the full depth and breath of what is possible. The physics of electromagnetic spectrum and superposition of waves to create things like AM and FM radio and other electromagnetic phenomena gives some fantastic insights into the deeper and broader aspects of reality. However, those analogies are beyond the scope of understanding of most in less unless they have background and training in the field radiation energy physics, communication engineering, electro optics and other similar disciplines and there is no desire to create a physicist and an engineer. The interest is only to create the space for each of us to understand how deep and broad our creative ability and creative power are. It is up to each of us and our own creative passion to figure out how we will express what we know and desire to create.

To understand that the creative passion that lies within our being and each point of consciousness is ultimately capable of creating a reality just as expansive and infinite as the physical world we experience is difficult to accept. For many it is too much to be believed. We cannot be given any external validation that will prove this is true to us for as we perceive ourselves now, we are a creation within a creation. We are not able to point to some external experience to which we can point as the source of this understanding presented here. Rather, it is something we each must experience from within our being. It is what mystics and shamans have been trying to communicate in the variety of ways they have tied. But we each are faced with the problem of mind when it experiences the Source of Creation.

But if we look carefully as a detached witness, once we being to see the dynamic and real time interplay between our internal world and our external world, we will being to see how this entirely possible. The recommendation at this time is to simply set the intention and hold a single point focus to open ourselves up to the understanding that we are capable of creating such a reality. We need to be free to do our own experiments and allow our intuitive guidance to guide us in the process.

What we will find if we explore this concept is that our understanding on this topic will grow and evolve. It will grow and evolve in a way that we understand and comprehend it within our being. Whether we can effectively communicate what we understand is another issue. We all face the problem of mind as discussed in the topic, "The problem of mind and the experience of the Source of Creation - the trap of mind." Also, how we can communicate it may not be verbally but thought some other creative endeavor. For example, Rumi was a Persian cleric who transformed into the world famous Rumi the Persian poet. In fact, we may have to teach others an entirely new way of experiencing reality for us to be able to communicate our understanding.

But this is exactly the point to be made here. We create realities within our being for others to experience. The question is how big is the reality we create and how deep do we permit another consciousness to enter and experience the reality that we create. One issue we face is whenever another enters our creation we can experience the possibility of suffering from their judgement and criticism. For many of us, that judgement and criticism is too great and too painful for us to continue to express our unique creative passion. So, rather than face the pain, we turn off what we ourselves can create and live within the creation of others. We withdrawal our creative passion in one way or another to protect it but in the end put it in a cage of our own making where it is no longer free to express itself and our truth.

What needs to be emphasized here is that it is entirely possible for each point of consciousness to fully experience the reality created by another point of consciousness. It is also entirely possible to completely assume the identity of another consciousness and believe that we are they. This is in fact exactly what we experience when our consciousness inhabits a physical body.

The physical body is only a vehicle that our consciousness uses to have a physical experience or is the vehicle to experience physical reality. Rather than seeing the body as the vehicle it is, we come to believe we are the vehicle and we think and believe we are physical. We take on the identity of being a physical body within Physical Creation. In doing so begin to become the consciousness that created physical creation and begin to define all of reality based on how physical reality is or is not.

We either define "God" based on human and physical concepts and for those who transcend the body and deny the sense to enter a state of no-thing-ness through deep meditation, do so by separating themselves from the physical. We tend to define "spirit" as that which is "not physical." The concept of spirit is really no different than the consciousness of the Creation Story defining itself as "I am." What needs to be understood, is that with each "I am" is an "I am not" or simply, "I am this" and "I am not that" and "This is mine" and "This is not mine." Rather than seeing the Physical Creation as a unique expression of some universal truths, we believe we are physical and see all of reality from within truths of physical reality.

What needs to be realized is that the individualized consciousness that created the physical world is only one of an infinite number of points of consciousness. It is unique and has been characterized by the sound of "Om" for many individuals who have entered deep meditations to look at what lies beyond or rather, behind, creation itself.

This "Om" of creation is only one point of consciousness out of the entire spectrum of independent and individuated consciousnesses of reality. It has chooses to create the physical world as we know it. Its energy and its consciousness sustains Physical Creation.. Each of us, being independent points of consciousness, are capable of entering the Creation created by "Om" to experience what "Om" has created. It is much like "Om"has built a house and invites us over to experience the house it has built.

However, it is a special house and to fully experience what "Om" has created, we need to wear special clothes and eye pieces that creates the effects "Om" desires us to experience. Namely, our consciousness inhabits a physical vehicle suitable for the physical experience we chose to have. We are the invited guest of "Om" who have accepted the invitation to experience its Creation. We have only dressed ourselves in the proper clothes, namely our body, to be able to attended the celebration given by "Om." The problem is, we have come to believe we are what "Om" has only created for us to experience. We become trapped in Creation itself. We become trapped within "Om" itself and bind ourselves to being human even after we die. And this is possible only because we believe it.

To understand how this is possible we can return to our musical instruments, the piano. The noted called Middle C on the piano in its purest form is only a single vibrational pattern of air. It is only up-down or in-out motions with a repetitive constant time interval of 256 vibrations per second. To understand what a vibration pattern is, think of a pendulum swinging back and forth where it takes exactly the same time for the pendulum to travel back and forth each time. However, when we make the vibration of middle C on a string, or on or in any material, it will have additional vibrations characteristic of the string or material that we used. As a result that same Middle C played on the string of a piano sounds different than played on the sting of a guitar which sounds different than a violin string.

Similarly, if the same Middle C is play on the hollow tube of clarinet it sounds different that the tubes of a trumpet which sounds different than the flute or saxophone. A string instruments sound entirely different than wind instruments. Yet all these instruments produce the same middle C. That is, the same vibration. We can look at the various instruments, the piano, guitar, violin, clarinet, trumpet, flute and saxophone as the creation and expression of the creative passion of a creator.

We can look at it two ways. One way is a creator creating seven different creations each creating a different sounding middle C. Or, we can look at seven independent points of consciousness (seven different and independent creators) creating within their creative passion a particular and unique creations each of which that can allow Middle C to experience what one of the seven creators has created and manifest within its being. That is, Middle C experiences be played on the instrument that has been created. So we have one creator creating seven instruments and each instrument in turn allowing another creation, the vibration of Middle C to experience what it would be if it vibrated in each of these unique instruments.

Using this concept as an analogy for our experience of Physical Creation, the Creator with a capital "C", God if we wish, creates the instruments (physical reality and an infinite number of other realities). Each instrument in turn, creates a creating a unique expression of another creation, the vibration (with is our individuated consciousness) of middle C. If we then allow the instruments the freedom to recreate themselves and what Middle C would sound like when played on the revised creation we get some idea of how Creation really works. Now if we allow Middle C to vary its vibration and to recreate itself into whatever it want to be including a different instrument, we have the big picture of what is happening in creation. We, the consciousness that inhabits our body, has forgotten it can mold itself into whatever it wishes. It only believes it is a note (a human being) that is played on, or within, a given instrument (physical reality).

The way Consciousness and each individuated point of consciousness experiences creations is for each point of consciousness to creates a reality that it chooses to create using its unique creative passion. All the other points of consciousness go into that creation to experience what it like. Each experience they have with or within that creation awakens a part of them. Some stay, others leave. In the same way "Om" has created physical reality, each of us, in fully living and being our unique creative passion have the potential to create a reality of our choice, including one more expansive than the physical universe. However, we have to start somewhere. Where we start is by allowing our creative passion to create the reality of its choice while in a physical body and allowing the other members of creation to experience our creation.

We are all familiar with a painter creating a painting that is reflective of the way they experience reality that they can share with us. We, of course, can choose to look at the painting or not. Similarly, a composer creates a piece of music that we can choose to listen to or not. But the painting of an artist or the music of composer is no different than the way a king, a parent, a church leader, a teach saying, "Here is the way I perceive reality to be and want it to be - here is how you need to live it." The difference is when the king, the parent, the church leader, the teacher, or a society or culture as a whole says, ĎThis is the way you must experience reality," they often add, "I will punish you and force you to experience this way." Or, then they say this is the way it is never allow us to think and/or believe it can be otherwise.

We can create a way of being and living in the world that can be shared with others and we do it all the time. In creating a way of being in the world that others can enter, we are learning how to create a reality in the way "Om" has created the physical world and we can enter and literally experience Physical Creation. When ever an individual creates a way of being in the world and gets other individuals to follow them and doing it in their way and doing the same thing, they are causing those followers to experience their creation.

A master creates an experience of God and then they become the focus for other to follow the same path such that they will have an experience of God like the master had. However, the followers, whether they realize it or not, are only experiencing the masterís creation, created by the masterís unique creative passion. This is not unlike what the founding fathers of the United States did when they created a particular form of government and way of being in the world and got the rest of the colonies, somewhat forcibly, to follow suite. But this true for all of mankind. The same is true whether it be in painting, music, engineering, or any other endeavor that can be created by us. We can choose to live our uniqueness or to experience the creation of another.

The society we live in has been created by those who proceeded us. If we live they way we have in the past, we only experience the creation of the creative passion of other individuals. The question is, "What is the creation of our unique creative passion?" What reality are we creating that will be experienced by others and is this reality that we are creating the produce of our unique creative passion or the product of the passion of others? Only we can answer that question. However, each of us have the potential to create a reality as broad and deep and the physical universe.

But there is something much more import that we need to realize. We can live our unique creative passion and create a way of being that entices others to do what we do. Or, we can live and follow the creations of others. However, it is fully possible to live and create a reality out of our unique creative passion and merge that reality with another or others such the final result is us not following them and they not following us. Rather each is fully and freely living the reality of their creative passion in the unique way their consciousness desires to express itself but in a way fully integrated with another.

The best example that explains how this is possible is how life is transmitted on the physical plane. The essence of the mother and the essence of the father combines in a unique way creating an offspring. That offspring is neither the mother or the father. Rather it is a unique combination of each. The offspring is not the mother and is capable of not being bound to the motherís way of being and perceiving. The offspring is also not the father and it is fully capable of not being bound to the fatherís way of being and perceiving. It is a uniqueness unto itself. However, in most cases, the offspring copies the mother and the father without realizing it. Or, they rebel against the mother and/or the father but live more in opposition to the mother and/or the father rather than being truly free to create something different..

For each interaction that we have, the challenge it to create that offspring that is unique to the time and place and moment that we interact with another such that we do not follow the other and the other does not follow us, nor do we blindly follow the past. Rather, both are unique to each other and with each other in the moment. Each is allowed to be exactly who and what they are and in that moment of being, a new reality is created that is not ours or theirs. Rather is the unique offspring of that combination. It is a different way of being in the world. It is a way of being in the world we do not normally experience for most of us are either following our parents, society, significant other or something or someone other than our own creative passion. In this regard, following our own unique creative passion can be quite frightening to others in our life and even sometimes ourselves.

To truly live our unique creative passion, we must first be totally at home and at peace within ourselves. We must accept who and what we are and be happy with what is in every way. We must be especially happy with whatever our creative passion desire to express. Then in that peace of being who and what we are we can be at peace being who and what the other individual allows us to become when we experience their creation. We should be able to give a toast to life for we have found a life worth living.

This is a dance. It is a dance learning to be with what is. It is a dance to be with the creative life energy, our heart, our creative passion, as it flows into a unique creation within a give set of circumstances and yet to be fully awake and aware that by how we choose with our mind, so creation goes.

This dance between heart and mind is about making music in a new way. The instrument evolves to allow the note to be made a little more pure and the note evolves to fit the instrument. In this dance between the note adapting and instrument adapting, there is an evolution into a oneness of each other where the note and the instrument are one. It is a dance between energy and consciousness and it is a dance between the masculine and feminine aspects of creation. End the end it is all one dance of creation.

What need to be understood is we can do this dance at every level of our being. We can do it with anything and everything, anyone and everyone, that we are capable of experiencing. However, we must give up who we think we are to become something new if we are going to allow this process to happen.

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