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  A profound  loneliness and a desire to share

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As discussed in the "Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective," the infinite consciousness within, or behind, Creation shattered itself into an infinite number of fragments. Each fragment being totally unique unlike any other fragment. Yet each fragment is simultaneously one with this infinite consciousness for it is a part of the whole and can never be separated from it. This separation is the illusion of Creation and the illusion of mind created for the sake of experiencing Creation.

There are two things which occur as a result of this phenomenon. One is a profound loneliness and the second is a desire to share.

Whenever one of the fragments of the infinite consciousness realizes the infinity of our own being and/or the uniqueness of its own being, it will realize that there is no one individual that can meet all its needs. That is what it means to be unique. It will literally take an infinite number of beings to fully meet its needs. In this realization it will become lonely for there will be no one who can meet all of its unique needs.

But there is an important point to be made here. No matter how much joy and bliss we find in life and how aware we become, whether our awareness is the awareness of our own being or an awareness of Cosmic Consciousness that spans all of Creation, there will be a point at which we will want to share who and what we are and what we have found.

As consciousness explores itself and discovers who and what it is and what it is capable of doing, it desires to shared itself with another or others. This desire to share is not an ego based desire such as "Look what I have done" or "Look what I can do." Rather is it like a child wanting someone with whom to play and more of a desire to have this other individual enter and experience the world in which the child find themselves. In the way consciousness awakens consciousness, this desire to share is consciousness desiring to have another to see reality and experience reality the way they see and experience it.

This is a topic on which not much more needs to be said. We only need to watch a very young child discover a new facet of Creation and how they enthusiastically desire to share what they experienced. The natural response of consciousness is to share what it discovers. Responses other than to share are responses of the ego. Only the ego keeps secrets or is otherwise unwilling to share what it has found.

When we discover new facets of our being and release our bottled up creative abilities, we will have the desire to share what we found. There will be a playfulness within our being and in many ways, we will become very childlike. It will be very difficult for us not to share the gifts we have and as our desire to share and our enthusiasm will only increase.

As we access our creative passion, and attempt to share in the enthusiasm of that passion, to many individuals in the external world we may seem a bit crazy and/or overbearing. Some may even suggest they "lock us up for awhile." One only needs to realize not all will be willing to receive the gift we have to offer and share. In that desire, we will become lonely and that feeling of loneliness will drive us to create. It will cause us to undertake a journey of Creation to find a playmate.

Yet, in this awareness, the fragment of Consciousness will simply have returned to that state of the original Consciousness that shattered itself. The fragment of Consciousness will simply come to the realization that there is nothing other than the awareness it possesses. In this awareness it will become very lonely and that loneliness will again fuel creation to create a new Creation. The process is endless.

It is a never ending process of awakening and going to sleep as to the true nature of whom and what we are. It is a never ending process of finding, losing and looking for a playmate. But, even with that playmate we will find there is something more to us than that playmate can give. We are simply Consciousness looking for Its playmate to experience Itself. The issue we face is pain of the loneliness. So rather than face the true depth and breadth of this pain, we stay in the illusion of Creation experiencing only a part of this pain from time to time.

It is said Creation emanates or was created out of love. That is true for it is a love and desire to share its essence and who and what it is that caused the infinite consciousness to shatter itself. However, behind that love and a desire to share is a profound pain and, that pain will haunt us. Unless we become aware of it and understand what it is, and allow it to be the catalyst to create playmates, we will attempt to numb or suppress it. In doing so, we will separate yourselves from both our creative powers and the Source of Creation Itself. We will develop an addictive pattern to our life. Whether it manifests as a physical addiction and illness totally depends on how we interpret the source of this pain and loneliness and how we try or donít try to numb it.

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