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 Thinking keeps you from feeling and accessing the source/Source 

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Mind and what it thinks and believes creates the illusion of separation and limits our access to the infinity of our own being and the infinite consciousness available to us. However the energy that is flowing to create the experience we are having is flowing both in us, and through us, and into the world external to us to create our experience. By accessing the flow of that energy through what we feel we remove the illusion of separation. With the removal of that separation, we have access to the infinite consciousness within our being. What we access is simply determined by the focus of our attention and awareness.

The key is how we choose to respond to what we feel. If we focus on the feeling and remain open to what information it has to offer we access the infinite. Often we will feel pain and loneliness. Loneliness in the awareness of our own unique being and how much we are not allowed to express our uniqueness within the experience we are having. Or, alternatively said, a sadness and loneliness at how much the experience we are having fails to match our uniqueness to simultaneously fully satisfy each and every level of our being. There is corresponding pain at not being able to freely share our total uniqueness at each and every level of our being with whomever is standing before us.

If however, we judge what we feel, especially this pain and loneliness, in some way and/or response to what we feel based on response patterns we have developed in the past, we separate ourselves from what is happening. In separating ourselves from what is happening we numb the pain and loneliness but return to the illusion of mind and the illusion of separation. In this regard, thinking can be seen as an addiction, a thinking addiction, for it keeps us from being fully present to what we feel and the infinity of our own being. Thinking keeps us from feeling the deep pain and loneliness that lie at the Source of Creation that we sometimes feel. It is what keeps us from the Source of Creation to access the creative power and creative ability we seek. It needs to be remembered it is the pain and loneliness, in one degree or another in one form or another, of the creator/Creator is what gave rise to Creation and gives rise to any creation. That pain lies within each of us and we need to learn to understand it if we are going to seek our creative power

We need to realize, pain is a gift and must be understood. The pain and loneliness that arise are only a result of the awareness of the uniqueness of our own being. We each need to learn how to use that pain and loneliness to create a world where we can joyfully and playfully dance with another and/or others at each and every level of our being as the creators that we are.

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