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 Comfort zone of mind


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The comfort zone of the mind refers to the phenomenon where the mind seeks to experience life within what it believes about Creation and what it knows and understands. It desires to stay in what it believes such that what it believes is never challenged and it is never threatened by the loss of control of its world. It is not so much a place of pleasure for the mind will endure situations that are not the most pleasant to stay within what it believes. It will endure if its defined limits and barriers are not challenged and it does not lose control. Analogously, it is like the proverbial statement, "it is better to be a big fish in a small pond that a medium size or small fish in a big pond."

The desire for mind to remain in a comfort zone is why when many engage in a truly creative endeavor they will reach a point of obtaining some of what they desired and then stop rather than continue to face the unknown. In the discussion of the creative process, this has been called the "Valley of Contentment." Setting out on a creative endeavor is like starting from Missouri in the early 1800's in a wagon train bound for Oregon where there are unknown hazards to be faced. However, give the hardship of the journey, when the wagon train reaches a pleasant valley in Utah, many stop the journey. They choose to reside in the "Valley of Contentment" rather than continue forward. Many do this in their creative endeavor and then wonder why they are never able to create what they desire. Rather than enduring whatever it takes, the allow mind to find a comfortable place on the journey and end the journey.

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