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Imagination and that place of imaginary space where we can construct anything that we can desire or think is the most powerful transforming agent we have. It is this realm of imagination and imaginary space we can dream dreams. In may ways the imagination is the space of wizards or "wizardís space" or "wizardís world." It is that place where all is possible and nothing is impossible. Wizards do exists. It is just that they exist in a realm that so few of us allow ourselves enter and to play. We think the world of imagination is unreal but in reality it is the source/Source of creation/Creation and without it, no new creations can be manifested. We can and do continually repeat the past. It is imagination that allows us to see differently and as we hold the thoughts we see, we can turn those thoughts into the reality of an experience.

In the space of imagination one can brainstorm the solutions and options to any issue and play all the conceived scenarios since everything and anything is possible. If we cannot allow ourselves to creatively play in our creative imagination we do not allow ourselves to live and embody the world of infinite possibilities.

We may talk and say the world is a place of infinite possibilities. But unless we allow ourselves to go there and experiment with the options, we are not living the reality of infinite possibilities. More importantly, if we allow ourselves to simulate, draw or bring forth those ideas from the imaginary space in some physical way, such as in ritual, ceremony, metatheater, writing, drawing, music, modeling clay, whatever, we create the pathway of manifesting our unlimited creativity and any solution that we desire.

The imaginary space is also a place where we can see our intention in final form as we explore the multiple options the lies within any intention we have. However, if we wish to bring any final form into reality, it is important to construct some type of physical expression of that final image for two reasons. One is to literally make our dream/intention/desire made manifest even if it is only in symbolic form. The other is by making it physical as a simulated experience or physical symbol, we have something of our own making representative of the dream/intention we wish to manifest to use to focus our attention and awareness whether it be the memory of creating the symbol or a physical symbol we create.

In the imagination, our desire/intention and the memory of creating the symbol of that desire/intention can be held long into the future. The memory can be the catalyst and source of emotional energy for continued progress on our journey when the difficulties arise. In the world of imagination, it is unclear whether an experience can be fully supported in our current environment as envisioned and there may be unexpected obstacles to overcome. The memory of the experience we created can help us fuel our effort to find a way around our obstacle.

We need to remember, that to have the memory whether it be the memory of thought or an idea about an experience, to have viewed an experience on television or on the stage or to have actually had the experience are in the end, all the same in the world of imagination and in memory. Try it and see. Shut your eyes and ask yourself what experiences and memories do you have. Then ask yourself which are real and which only existed in some illusionary way such as a dream we may have had, a story we read or a movie that we saw. What we will find is we really canít tell the difference between the memory of a real experience and that of something which existed only in our imagination other than how we define it. Similarly there are things we think are real and can spend hours looking for it in reality when it has only been something we believe was real and didnít really exist as we believe. A simply example is Santa Clause.

It does need to be noted that one does not have to have an actual experience to catalyzed the emotional energy that the imagination can tap into. Any adequate memory can do it quite well. A ritual and/or ceremony can be an extremely effectively way to incorporate the power of imagination and make the image of the imagination manifest on the physical plane. We can construct a physical experience that give the illusion of a real experience and the imagination then believes the experience was real and all the power of that experience is gained and held within our being.

This is the simple message behind the actions of an the old "childrenís" movie The Wizard Of Oz where the wizard gives the scarecrow, the straw man, a diploma because the straw man felt that since he has no brain he had no intelligence or understanding. It owning a diploma, the straw man would then have to believe he had a brain and as such, it become reality. The wizard gave the fearful lion a medal to have the courage that is already within the lion, and he give a heart to the tin man who felt he is only made of tin and hollow inside such that he was unable to feel. Symbolic acts of this type are powerful forces in the imagination and these kinds of acts are capable of releasing the beliefs that obstruct the energy that allows these kinds of attributes of an individual to be made manifest in the physical world.

Similar the images and thoughts in the world of imagination carry real energy. Guided imagery can be used to go into the world of imagination and slay the dragons that are preventing us from moving forward in our lives and it can be use to go in and uncover our treasures that lie buried beneath the obstructing beliefs that lie in the nonconscious. We only need to be willing to step out into the unknown space of imagination and give ourselves the space to create that world of dreams. Remember, for an eagle to soar, it needs an unlimited sky. For us to soar to our own destiny we will need to give ourselves an unlimited sky. The space of imagination is one of the best places to start to spread our wing and see how far and how high we can really soar for the world of imagination is truly unlimited - that is of course if we allow ourselves to go there.

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