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 Imposition of mind


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The imposition of mind is the essence of our perception of reality. Thinking is about our judgments. They are very related but actually quite different. Mind can be seen to impose itself and its judgments on what it thinks or it is only the filter through which we process our thinking. We can change our thinking and judgments much easier than changing our mind and its perception. Changing our thinking and judgment is about changing how we rearrange our belief structure. However, the mind is the collection of all the experiences and beliefs which make up our belief structure and gives rise to our thinking. To change our mind we need to incorporate different beliefs and experiences.

Mind stepping inHow mind imposes itself can be seen in the Figure entitled "Mind stepping into the flow. " What occurs is our body and our being senses an infinite unmanifested or nonlocalized energy. Our body, being attuned to the human experience in Physical Creation, acts as an antenna to sense a particular segment of this energy. Mind then steps in causing the unmanifested or non localized energy which is sensed to localize into a particular form and perception of what was experienced.

FilterHowever, mind acts as a filter. Mind only allows for one of many possible interpretations of what is experienced. A filter is a device that allows the flow one or several particular items and stops all other items. As diagramed in the Figure entitled "Filter" several different energies impinge on a filter. However the filter only allows one particular energy to pass through the filter. All the others are either reflected or absorbed.

Mind as a filterOur mind works in a similar fashion as a filter. As diagramed in the Figure entitled, "Mind as a filter" our mind takes or allows to pass through only one of an infinite number of unmanifested, non localized forms of energy. That is, an non localized energy can localized in an infinite number of ways. Mind only allows one of those infinite number of ways to be take from or pass through the filter. Mind takes the infinite energy that has been filtered by the body and characterizes it in one of an infinite number of ways. In characterizing the infinite energy mind creates a thought or perspective that it believes is a correct perception of what it has experienced when in reality it is only one of an infinite number of characterizations. This is the essence of the illusion of mind. Mind takes one of an infinite interpretations and believes that it has the correct interpretation or that interpretation exactly matches the truth of what is.

Perspective of mindWhat this means is diagramed in the Figure entitled "Perspective of mind determines what we see." The unmanifested, non localized energy which is experienced can be experienced in a variety of ways. In the Figure, six (freedom, heaven, pleasant, bound, pain and hell) of an infinite number are listed. Depending on our perspective, our mind will select one out of all the possible interpretations. What is important to realize is that depending on our perspective, what can be only pleasant with one perspective can be experienced as heaven in another or even perfect freedom in a third perspective. Also as seen in the Figure, when we experience one half of a duality its opposite also exists and the same perspective creates both. Heaven and hell exist simultaneously. So does what we feel as pleasant or pain and/or freedom or binding. It is just that we only focus on one half of the duality we create. Often the different between freedom and bound, heaven and hell, pleasant and pain is only one of perspective. The question is, "Why does our mind select one characterization of the experience and energy over another?"

What needs to be understood here is that it is our perspective which is determining the thoughts we have. How we choose to think about those thought and act on the thoughts we have is really beyond the perspective we hold for we do have a free will We are not held captive by our thoughts. We always have a choice on what we do with those thoughts. In understanding that the perspective of mind is determining how the energy we sense is localizing into thoughts, we can begin to see how we can change our thinking and judgments much easier than changing our mind. But, if we choose, we can change our perspective and shift our consciousness. We are a creative living process continually recreating ourselves. Mind has the possibility of changing with every experience we have. The recommendation made here is to choose a perspective or at least being to choose beliefs which allows us to hold our creativity sacred. The more we hold our creativity sacred, the faster we can create a perspective which allows us to recreate ourselves as necessary for what we desire to experience.

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