Origins of creation/Creation


An infinite sea of energy consciousness

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Origins of creation/Creation
An infinite sea of energy consciousness

A variety of views
The starting point - a fish desiring to experience water
An infinite sea of energy consciousness
Each point is the center of the sea
Working with an infinite sea
Multidimensional exchange gives rise to an ebb and flow
Creation is a disturbance in this infinite sea
How a created form originates

One of the interesting question humanity has faced, and continues to face, is from where did creation/Creation arise. Within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material the view is this question is addressed in several different ways depending on the point that to be emphasized relative to our creative power and creative ability.

A variety of views (Top)

The “Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective” provides the equivalent of a traditional “story” as to where Creation arose to have a way of seeing how it is possible we each possess and infinite consciousness. The discussion “How does creation/Creation get started” addresses the issue form the perspective of consciousness being the cause of creation/Creation in the awareness of “I am” or “I exist.” In many ways it addresses the way many mystical traditions talk about creation/Creation arising from out of a void of “no-thing-ness.” Yet when viewed from the perspective of the creative/creation process to see creation/Creation arising out of a “no-thing-ness” is simply not to see the entire process. The discussion “The ebb and flow of creation into and out of form” talks to this issue of the origins of creation/Creation as continual ongoing never ending process or dance into and out of form that always was and always will be. In many ways is analogous to the way dance partners can come together and move apart in the rhythm of the dance.

The discussion here integrates these views and is based more a physics approach were energy consciousness is seen as the essential material of creation/Creation. It addresses the answer to the question, “Exactly how does energy mold itself in response to consciousness to give rise to both the Physical Creation we experience and the life we experience in Physical Creation?”

The starting point - a fish desiring to experience water (Top)

We start this discussion with a statement often made by mystics. It is that, “We are like fish in the ocean looking to experience water.” It is not unlike the fist in the fish bowl in the figure entitled, “A Fish in Water Looking for the Water.” That is, we are the “stuff” of Creation, we are Creation. We are what we seek. But we cannot see who and what we are because we are Creation, in Creation experiencing Creation. We are creation/Creation unfolding. The question is, “How can we come to understand how this is possible?

An infinite sea of energy consciousness (Top)

The starting point, as is the starting point for all creation/Creation is the material of creation/Creation - that is, energy consciousness. It is seen to permeate all of reality and underlays all of creation/Creation. The energy consciousness can be seen and experienced as energy-consciousness, consciousness and/or energy. We can look at the role of consciousness as the cause directing the by now it focuses its attention and awareness and/or the flow of energy awakening and directing consciousness. There is no judgement and/or a preferred way as to what way we choose to view energy consciousness. However, each view will give us a different experience. It is here we have the phenomenon and experience of Creation by the different views and perspective we can have. This in turn leads to many of the mystical statements that mind is an illusion for it is the perspective mind holds that determines what it observes and experiences.

Although Creation is a never ending ebb and flow into and out of form, we can return to a place of “no-thing-ness” and see how creation/Creation can unfold from such a place. However the sea is a sea of energy consciousness without form - a place of “no thing” as opposed to a place of nothing. When we realize creation/Creation unfolds out of a place of no form, there are quite profound implications that are often overlooked in thinking of a void or nothing.

Imagine if you will, an infinite cosmic sea of energy consciousness. It extends to infinity in every direction as in the figure “Infinite Cosmic Sea.” Analogously, we can look at energy consciousness as the water in this infinite sea. All that “swims” and exists in the ocean is the creation within energy consciousness. As an infinite sea, it does not matter where we place and initial point of reference for the sea extends to infinity in all directions from any point we choose. All of reality is composed and permeated by energy consciousness. All that is, is energy consciousness. Everything that was, is and will be is energy consciousness and contained within this sea. All exists in the present moment within this sea for all unfolds from this sea.

Each point is the center of the sea (Top)

What is important about this energy consciousness is each point is the center of the sea. It does not matter what point we choose as a starting reference, any point will do. From a consciousness perspective, each and every point is independent of every other point. Additionally, each point in this cosmic sea is capable of awakening and expanding its conscious awareness to encompass the entire sea. Each point is capable of become an independent reality. Each point is capable of becoming a world unto itself. Such a world as described here is really no different than how music is made and how a large orchestra works. As discussed in the “Music Analogy for creation/Creation” many independent instruments generate independent notes which overlap to create the music we hear. Similarly, a set of infinite independent points can come together to give rise to a creation is to look at how an image is created on a television or computer screen. The topic, “A black and white universe of infinite colors” provides a discussion on this concept.

This understanding that any point can be the center of this sea is reflective of statements made by many mystics. For example the Native America mystic Black Elk and the Hermetic texts state that although one may choose or experience a place to be the sacred mountain, such as Black Elk’s sacred mountain in South Dakota, they both then go on to say the sacred place exist at every point. In this awareness, every thought, every point conceivable, is sacred and connected to the oneness and has the potential for cosmic consciousness that expands all of Creation. What we need to realize is that no matter where we go, all that we see is more of the same ocean of infinite energy consciousness. It may be slightly different as to how it appears as a result of local conditions, but it is in essence the same everywhere. We are essentially the fish in the ocean that cannot get out to see the ocean that it is in

Since there is the possibility of many independent overlapping realities, at any given moment only a portion of what is is expressed in physical form. Similarly, only a portion is available to be experienced by our consciousness since our awaken consciousness spans only a finite portion of this infinite sea. What is important to note here is that you, as I, are the center of this infinite sea. It is what the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective tries to communicate. We each are a point of this infinite sea awakening to the awareness that we can encompass the sea or remain an individual point seeing and experiencing ourselves separate from the sea. Our problem is that we are essentially the fish in the ocean that cannot get out to see the ocean in which it finds itself.

Working with an infinite sea (Top)

Energy consciousness is an infinite sea. As such, we can never get out to look in. It has infinite boundaries and no limits. Similarly it is rather difficult to draw and infinite object. All one can do is symbolize the object as in the figure “An Infinite Sea” above. Since every point can be chosen as the center of creation/Creation and this infinite sea extends to infinity in every direction, we can redraw our infinite sea and sphere of infinite radius as in the figure “A Sea of Infinite Radius.”

The sea of infinite radius can, in turn, be redrawn two dimensionally as a circle to create the symbol of the infinite sea as a circle of infinite radius or simply as an open circle. This symbol also represents the source/Source of creation/Creation for all emanates from the same energy consciousness as drawn in the figure “Symbol for the source/Source of creation/Creation.”

Creation is simply some point of this infinite sea taking some particular forms and in the figure “Creation Manifested.” However, Creation is not static. It is a dynamic is and continuous ebb and flow into and out of form. Hence the form of the symbol for the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material. It is the symbol for the Source of Creation emanating outward into multiple simultaneously forms in a ongoing outward and inward flow represented by the arrows.

Multidimensional exchange gives rise to an ebb and flow (Top)

What needs to be understood, is that this sea of energy consciousness is multidimensional. In fact, it has a infinite number of dimensions and/or attributes all of which can be unexpressed or expressed in some form. Although one aspect, attribute or dimensions is losing energy and collapsing back into the source, the energy is gain by another aspect, attribute or dimension. That aspect and flows outward into some form only to eventually collapsing back into the source and transfer the energy to some other aspect. As such the ebb and flow into and out of form is an ongoing and never ending process as the energy is transferred from one aspect or attribute to another. If you wish, you can look at this as the individual pixels on a computer screen exchange energy similar to that discussed in the topic “A Black and White Universe of Infinite Colors.”

On this point of infinitely dimensional, each point is infinitely dimensional and each of us are multidimensional, infinitely creative being. However, we have only awakened a very small percentage of those dimensions to our being. Our human form, that is our body, and the Creation we experience is representative of that portion of our consciousness that we have awaken. In some ways we can view awakening and the process of enlightenment as only open these successive dimensions to our awareness. As we awaken to our infinite consciousness across these infinite dimensions, we eventually reaches a point where the expression of our awaken consciousness is not longer a human body or, maybe better said, our awaken consciousness can not longer fit in a human body and we “transcends” or evolves past being human. (More on .... infinitely creative being).

It is this infinitely dimensional aspect of energy consciousness that gives rise to an infinite number of creations. The number of permutations and combinations that are possible is endless. Physical Creation is only a small fraction of what can and is expressed.

Creation is a disturbance in this infinite sea (Top)

To address how energy mold itself in response to consciousness to give rise to both the Physical Creation we need to look at only one aspect and realize all other aspects arise in the same or a similar way. Rather than looking at a fish in the ocean, where the fish represents a multidimensional creation, we look only a piece if ice in the water as in the figure, “Rather than a fish in the finite sea.”

In the case of an ice cube in the water, the only difference is that the ice has a different temperature than the water. Otherwise, they are the same. The water and the ice are composed of the exact same material and only different in one or more properties or attributes. In many ways we can look at ourselves or any creation within Creation as s an ice cube in a sea of water. However rather than water, the sea is a sea of energy consciousness.

In looking at an ice cube in water, the boundaries between the ice cube and the water are real yet the ice and water are exactly the same material. Only the energy content of the water is slightly different than the ice. This slight difference between the ice and water creates a discontinuity in the water such that the ice is seen separate from the water. Yet they are both the same. Although from a physics phenomenon, the ice has less energy that the water what is suggested here is that in energy consciousness, the consciousness by having a thought causes the energy to “condense,” concentrate or localize such that it appears different than the surrounding energy consciousness. That discontinuity between the though and the surrounding energy consciousness gives the experience of a creation, of a created form other than an experience of a uniform oneness.

In some ways, it can be said the boundary is illusionary and there is no difference between the water and the ice. The ice is only a discontinuity in the uniformity and sameness of the waters of the ocean. It also needs to be noted the that discontinuity exist only at the boundary. Once inside the ice cube, the ice looks the same in any direction you go.

As long as the ice keeps its unique difference in temperature as compared to the surrounding material, that is something to make it different, it will hold its solid form and will appear to be separate from the water of which it is made. The ice is only a discontinuity of the water. The different in temperature causes the density of the ice to be different than the water and as such, it appears to have a form making it separate from the water. If the ice continues to cool and the “coolness” expand outward, it condenses more and more of the water onto itself expanding itself. It is possible to eventually turn the entire ocean into its form, that is, ice. If the ice heats up, it dissolves and become one with the water.

The awareness of our consciousness works the same way. We can expand our awareness to encompass as little or as much of Creation as we desire. If we identify with our awareness and give it an identity which we call our ego, we create a discontinuity and see ourselves separate from the reminder of Creation.

In realizing ice as a discontinuity in the water, we can go a step further in understanding what exactly is the essence of our nature. It is to realize the boundaries between the ice cube and the water are real yet the ice and water are exactly the same material. So it also can be said the boundary is illusionary and there is no difference between the water and the ice. The ice is only a discontinuity of the water. The density and temperature of the ice is different than the water and as such, it appears to have a form making it separate from the water. It is to realize the ice is simply a disturbance in the water as in the figure “Rather than an ice cube a disturbance in the sea”

To realize that a disturbance in an infinite sea will give rise to a form lays the foundation to realize this is the way must music is made. Music the exact same type of phenomena as indicated in the figure entitled “Compression Wave.” A compression wave can be demonstrated with a “slinky” type toy. If you compress it or pull it and then compress you can observe a compression of the spring propagate the length of the slinky toy much like the compressed sine wave in the figure entitled “Compression Wave.”

As for making music, there is no sound in the air. Air is only air. Sound is something other than the air itself. Music, as is any sound, is made by disturbing the air molecules. When the air is disturbed by a vibrating sting or a compression of the air as for example by a drum head, a sound is heard. Yet the air is still air, only it now contains a disturbance we call sound. But the sound needs someone to be the observer of that sound. The air is compressed in some way and a compression wave travel through the air to be sensed by our ear. Music is only sound that we have judge to be pleasant to the ears. Noise is sound that we judge to be unpleasant. The two are produced exactly the same way. (More on ..... the way must music is made)

How a created form originates (Top)

Another way to look at how a disturbance is created is to realize the wave particle nature of energy. It is to realize energy can exist as a non localized wave or localized in a particle form with a wave aspect as seen in the figure entitled “Wave Particle Nature of Energy.” The localization of energy into the form of a particle is a discontinuity in the sea of energy consciousness.

Since energy and consciousness are different forms of the same material of creation, when any one individual point of consciousness awakens, it creates a discontinuity in the infinite sea of energy consciousness as seen in the figure “Consciousness awakening” and causes a localization of its energy into the awareness. This discontinuity is the seed which gives rise to Creation for it is experienced as the awaken consciousness as creation/Creation.

In wholeness and complete uniformity of the infinite sea, there is no Creation. There is no observer and there is nothing to observe. Everything is the same. One does not know if they are awake or asleep for there is no contract, no change, no discontinuity or disruption to the calmness for an observation to occur. It is only in separating into an observer and observed in some context of observation does Creation come into existence and to do This means there need to be some disruption or discontinuity that is created in the uniformity to create the contrast to make a creation to observe. One can view this discontinuity as created by a movement of consciousness in some way.

Consciousness awakening is such a change to create a discontinuity that starts the creative process. As we shall come to see, it is this particular change that allows is to become conscious creators. How consciousness focuses its attention and awareness determined how much energy goes into creating the disturbance causing the ripple or discontinuity in the sea of energy consciousness. Who and what we are is the composite of that to which our awareness has awakened

In essence, we each are a ripple, or better said a composite of ripples or disturbances in the a infinite sea of energy consciousness. Since there are an infinite number of dimensions or aspects to energy consciousness, there is the expression and overlap of many of these aspects to create a give form or pattern. It is much like the individuals instruments overlap to create a note in a symphony as discussed in the topic, “The Music Analogy for Creation.”

What is suggested here is our entire body and the Creation we experience is only a “condensed,” concentrated or localized form of energy consciousness. Analogously it is like mass in two ways. One way is that the mass is a form of energy that seems to be concentrated, condensed or localized for even when a small amount of mass is converted to energy, there is a relatively huge release of energy. The second way is that although mass appears solid, there is a tremendous amount of space in the most densest materials. It is really an illusion to think the mass or any mass is solid and really has that fix form we experience. Even the atoms of any material is not fixed. Rather the energy just localized in a way that gives the appearance and a structure to the atom.

To see this phenomenon of how energy can seem to be concentrated and how a discontinuity or disturbance can produce an illusion is to look at a vibrating string in the way music is made. We simply fix or fasten the string between two boundaries and then pluck or pound the string. This is the way the piano and all string instruments work. You can simulate a vibrating string by holding a rubber band between your thumb and index finger and plucking. What you will notices as the string or rubber band vibrates is an illusionary envelop. The faster the vibration the more solid the illusionary envelope becomes. If you change the position of the boundaries, that is increasing or decreasing the length of the string that is vibrating, you will produce a larger or smaller illusionary envelop. However as long as the boundaries are present, the standing wave pattern, that illusionary envelop will exist as long as energy is added. From a consciousness point of view, the illusion will exist as long as you continue to hold the focus of your attention and awareness on the belief that create it.

Energy consciousness works in a very similar way. If our consciousness holds a thought, whether it be consciously or subconsciously held, it is a focus of our awareness and attention. That focus causes our energy to flow into a pattern created by that thought to create an experience of that. The shift of energy to create an experience of that thought causes our energy from being equally distributed across infinity to localize into a very narrow band, that is the pattern correspond to the thought. However, some fraction of our energy always stays spread out across infinite for that is the wave nature of our being.

Our mind takes the energy it senses and localized it into a thought. What need to be understood is our thoughts create a disruption or discontinuity in the fabric of Creation. The creation of a thought is a disruption or discontinuity that can then be experienced as a creation. Yet, the disruption is really only an illusion that gives the appearance of that what is observed is somehow a separate entity. In this regard, all creations are an illusion and only a distortion to create the observer-observed pair.

In awakening, consciousness can awaken to any one or to any number of these infinite aspects of energy consciousness. Those to which consciousness awakens determines the particular type and kind of Creation that it experiences. If one point of consciousness awakens to a set of aspects to which another has also awaken, they will share a common reality for those commonly awakened aspects. In essence our awareness is the equivalent of a note, a sound or a disturbance within energy consciousness. In any one moment Creation is the composite of all the points of consciousness which have awakened and that to which they have awakened.

The closest analogy for this is described in “The Music Analogy for Creation.” It is how on the individual instruments in a symphony each play their individual notes. All the notes then overlay to create a composite sound of the orchestra. Each note and sound is unique determined by both the instrument and the musician playing the note. Each note can exist whole unto itself, but it the composite a symphonic sound is creation. If the notes are in harmony they appear to be part of the orchestra. If the notes are out of harmony, they seem see foreign and not part of the orchestra.

Creation is very much the same. Each point of consciousness and that to which it awakens is whole and independent. It awakens to a small portion of all that is. As it experiences that to which it awakens, it being to expand and grown in to a deep and fuller awareness of all that is. Only when it awakens to a common set of attributes with another does it share a common reality. It is here an important understanding is had. When we or any consciousness awakens, we awaken to Creation as we perceive it. We do not awaken to that which is. We awaken to that which is only as we experience that to which we have awakened. We each start with essentially a zero awareness and expand outward. But we only expand our awareness if we choose to look to expand it.

A way to understand this is humanity at one time only saw the start in the sky as point of light. They did not know what those stars really were. When telescopes were invented, and for those who choose to look, they began to see that there were plants, clusters of starts and galaxies. When radio telescopes were invented, and again, for those who choose to look, humanity began to see how big the Universe really was. When the Hubble telescope was put in space outside the earths’ atmosphere, another leap in understanding about the size of the Universe was possible. Only in looking to experience outside what we know do we open ourselves to the depth and breadth of what is possible.

The beauty of Creation as we experience it is that we awaken to a common set of these infinite attributes or dimensions of energy consciousness so that we can share what we experience with others. But the existing Creation is experienced outwardly. There is also an inward experience that is just as deep and vast as the outward experience. Ultimately they are one and the same. But most of us have not yet awakened to what lies inside to see it reflected externally.

What all this really means and how it gets translated into our experiences of Creation is discussed in the topic “The observer-observed pair within a context of observation and the nature of duality

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The observer-observed pair within a context of observation and the nature of duality

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