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We create our experiences and we create the reality we experience by directing our creative life energy to flow to manifest an experience of that on which we focus our attention and awareness. Alternatively said, the focus of our attention and awareness determines where our creative life energy flows. That flow will manifest an experience of the focus in a way that can be supported by the environment in which we find ourselves.

If we desire to become a conscious creator of our experiences and we truly understand this, it become essential that we live our own truth. Otherwise we will be both creating both our experiences and the reality we experience according to the desires, wishes, beliefs and ideas of others. This is, in fact, what many try to get us to do whether or not they are consciously aware of what they do.

Additionally, to access the true depth and breadth of our creative ability and creative power, we need to live our truth in all ways. To live other than our truth means we are giving away our creative power in some way. Whether we are giving it away in a way that is creating a victim consciousness or simply to have a particular type and kind of experiences is another question. But it is extremely important if, and when, we choose to become a conscious creator. The issue here is be in our optimum creative power to create and experience the world of our choice, we need to live our truth and not compromise our truth in any way.

We need to understand, when we choose to become a conscious creator, compromise becomes a significant problem. To compromise with another in the area of our truth means that in some way we are not speaking and being our truth. That, in turn, is a denial of our creative spirit and the creative life energy that is flowing within us. Addition, it could also be a denial of our creator/Creator.

Similarly, when we deny what we feel in any way, we are denying our truth. Although we may not fully understand or comprehend what we are feelings on a subject we nevertheless compromise our truth and what we know to deny those feelings. Rather, we need to act on them and either allow the energy within the feeling to guide us or access the awareness which lies in feeling to understand what the feelings are telling us.

Similarly, each time we do not speak our truth or compromises our truth in some way we rob our self of some of our creative power or divert in an unproductive way. This in turn reduces our ability to create what we desire.

To be in our optimum creative power to create the world of our choice, we live and act in a way that does not compromise our truth. We need to be free so that we can listen and follow our internal knownings, intuitive guidance and body wisdom. When we are fully aligned with the creative life energy flowing within, then we are in our optimum creative power. Here we have all our creative life energy available to focus the energy to create the experience and world of our choice. .

We need to realize that Creation is magical enough for us to find a way to live that allows us to live our truth and others in our life all to fully live their truth . No one need to deny their truth for another. There is always a way to create such that each is served and nourished by the experiences we share.

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