The primary issues we face in accessing our creative power to recreate our life


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In general, the primary issue we face to access our creative power to recreate our life can be rolled up into the following summary. To enter a truly creative endeavor is to enter the unknown where our mind is of limited value. Mind only knows the past and what it has experienced. To navigate through the unknown to find the creative solution we need, we must learn to feel our way. We must be open to feeling the subtle differences of energy to follow the flow of energy created by our intention to its unfoldment and manifestation. In being open to feeling, we must then learn to use our intuitive guidance and honor what guidance it provides in a way that does not allow us to become diverted by the inaccuracies our mind creates in interpreting what we feel into intuitive insights.

The problem we all face is that early in life we lost our ability to creatively play and raised our threshold to feel as a result of the pain we experienced in life. In doing so, we lost the ability to navigate through life based on what we feel. Hence, a significant part of the journey is about returning to a state of creative play - spontaneous and innocent childlike play. This means we have to face the pain we felt when our play was thwarted. Then or simultaneously, we must deal with the response patterns in life we developed to protect ourselves from getting hurt again. Then or simultaneously, we must deal with the fears that arise because of the pain we felt.

Once we deal with our pain and the associated response patterns and fears, we are faced with experiencing many aspects of life in an adult body since the last time experienced spontaneous and innocent childlike play. More often than not, the last time we experienced spontaneous and innocent childlike play was when we were an infant in the body of an infant or a very young child. Most of us lose our ability to spontaneously play by about six. Or, as some say, when the child reaches the age of reason. It is about this age that mind steps in with all its judgments and the like. Or, alternatively said, when lose our ability to be spontaneous and innocent childlike play when we reach the age of reason.

Our problem in that we are now in an adult body and we were never free to experience spontaneously and innocent childlike play in an adult body, in particular, we will have to face and/or deal with then aspects of our life that we never experienced in this spontaneous and innocent play. To compound the problem, the intention for our life is found in deep feeling. It too will most probably surface to be addressed. We can only feel this intention. It is not something our current mind can know. It existed before our current mind came into existence but we can feel its energy.

Our current mind developed after we came into this world so it does not have and will not have the necessary minimum set of experience to know that intention. We must feel it. It will take a life time of experiences for our mind to know what we came here to do. We need to understand this is about the intention for our life. We will not know what our life was all about unto we leave it and look back over the whole life.

But the deep feeling that lets us know the intention for our life is about creating life. So it will have sexual overtones and lies beyond sex. Many never experience this feeling and/or recognize it for what it is because if it starts to show itself many people interpret it as a desire for sex and then get hung up and off track in sex and some relationship. For many people the intention for their life surfaces periodically in life attempting to get us back on track for what we incarnated to do. We it does so, often we feel a sexuality of desiring to create life. So many go off having affairs and the like trying to access this feeling and they get sidetracked by the sex. Accessing the intention for our life forces many to face their sexuality in a way they never had do so before.

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