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Although a guided meditation can be used in a variety of ways, it need to be remembered in all cases we are accessing our creative imagination and our mind. Our mind only knows what it has experienced. What we experience in a guided meditation will be characterized and packaged based on our past experience and what we think and believe.. In this sense the guided meditation is much like our intuitive guidance. Or, it can be called another form of intuitive guidance. The actual image or picture we get may not be the correct characterization of what we experience but it provided the direction in which we need to travel and/or explore.

For example, we do a guided meditation to address a fear and we find the image presented to us is a lion. That does not mean we fear lions, although we may. We need to look at what the lion represents relative to the situation we face and our own internal language. A lion often symbolically represents leadership, courage, and fierceness. But it is also an large animal. It is living and capable of moving and responding to a stimulus.

In understanding what our creative imagination gives to us about our fear, we need to look at the situation. Do we fear leadership? Do we need to become courageous and develop courage? Are we facing something that is going to respond and pounce on us like a lion? Is our fear something that will move about and stalk us like a lion? Is what we face bigger than expected - that is we assumed our fear was as small as a ten pound house cat and now come face to face with a hundred pound lion - with sharp teeth? Again, the interpretation will depend on what we are choosing to explore and the situation we face. Usually our intuition will tell us what symbolism feels correct.

The use of a guided meditation for our own creative needs is the same as that discussed in the topic “Guided Meditation.” All that is really different is we create our own guided meditation text and play it back to ourselves on a tape or we have another guide us according to the script we create. A sample guided meditation text is provided for your use. However, it is recommended you eat and digest what is provided and you create your own script based on what arises from within.

Clarity of intention

Probably the most important thing of which we need to know is clarity of intent. We must realize our subconscious mind is much like a computer. It responds as programmed and what is in its memory. It will interpret any words we use based on what is in its memory. If our choice of words in the guided meditation are careless and sloppy, the results we get will be much less than they could be. We need to become precise in how we ask our questions. .

Exploring feelings

Feelings are important in a creative effort in two ways. One is that feelings are essential to using the internal compass. The other is that often what we desire is a feeling. Although we think we want something specific like a person, object, title or the like, what we really want is to experience a certain type and kind of feeling. If we know the feeling we seek, then we can use that feeling as our compass to guide our actions to get what we desire. We simply need to ask ourselves if what we are choosing is taking us toward or away from the feeling we desire to create. Used in this manner, the feeling helps up to create a single point focus for our life and move toward creating a living meditation.

When we intend something, it is important to ask what feeling we desire to experience that accompanies what we intend. Often, we end up intending what mind thinks will give us what we desire when in reality we desire a particular feeling. In this awareness we can us a guided meditation and ask what best represents what we desire to feel. In the guided meditation we can expect one of two things will happen. Either we will get a feeling to know that is the feeling we seek or we will get a set of images that when we create them or move toward creating them we will experience the feeling we seek.

Now what is important here is that if we get an actually feeling we may be surprised that want we feel is not what we think would feel. Often we are more focused on what we think than what we feel including thinking the feeling we should have. Often we have a mental image of what we want and we think it will give us happiness or pleasure.

The typical example is having another person in our life. Mind thinks if this person is in my life I will be happy. We think happiness is what we seek and we give a form to the happiness we expect. So we try and create a way for that person to be in our life. However, when we go to a guided meditation and ask the following, “I seek _____ in my life, what feeling am I seeking?” we may be surprised to feel pain or have painful images. That of course would puzzle us until we realize how we asked the question and that person is what our mind thinks it wants to find pleasure. But in reality the individual brings pain for one reasons or another.

However if we asked in a guided meditation, “What do I need to do to find pleasure?” we may expect to get an image of a lover be we are surprised at something different. We may get the image of a small child playing or of us dancing naked in the street. A child playing could be that we find pleasure in returning to that most creative state of childlike spontaneous and innocent play or it may be to have a child or to go play with children. Similarly, we may find the pleasure we seek in dropping all that is in our life and becoming naked in our truth and to figuratively dance in that truth in public. Or it may be to find that place were we can become literally naked and dance in the street.

In any case, exactly what you get will have to be examined in the light of the circumstances in your own life. You cannot dismiss the bizarre. Rather you must learn to understand your own inner language and what your creative imagination is telling you. .

Exploring the unimaginable

One of the greatest powers of a guided meditation is to be able to face the unimaginable. Mind is incapable of experiencing certain things. It cannot even really imagine how to do so. For example, if you ask your self, “What does God look like face to face” or “What is really in my heart?” mind will give you an answer but you know it is not true. Any image of God your mind will give you know you can argue another view as to God being something different. Similarly you may say that love is in my heart but you know there people you dislike. Yet if you say, “I don’t know what is in my heart” that is untrue for you know there is love for some and dislike for others.

A guided meditation can take you to both such places and learn what you really perceive. Or, if not what you really perceive, the direction of what we know is true. If we were to do a guided meditation on the question of meeting God face to face or looking into what is in our heart, we will get an image or some idea or concept. Although it may not be totally accurate it is the best that our mind can provide and points into the direction of truth.

Many are surprised when the do such a guided meditation on either of these two topics or similar topics. Often God looks nothing like what we think and we are surprised at what we say about own hearts. Although our conscious mind can argue the image we are often puzzled by the image we get. We often end up asking ourselves the equivalent, “Now were did that idea come from?” for we know it is not something of which we were consciously aware.

Specific areas of exploration

With the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material, several types of guided meditation are recommended. Some of those that are recommended require some additional comments. Those comments are provided here. Usually what applies to one applies to others so the comments are shared in these discussions.

Accessing information through a guided mediation

The oneness of Creation and the fact all arises out of the same stuff of creation, we can access any information we want about any topic. However, we must remember what we get will most probably be symbolic. Additionally, it will be based on our experiences and what we think and believe. What we believe and what we think often interferes to a much greater extent than the experiences we had. In this regard, we may not have the minimum set of requisite experience to understand what we access.

For example, if we can ask, “Why doesn’t _____ love me?” we can always expect some inaccuracy in our answer. This is because we have not experienced life as they have experienced it. Our experiences are different. Because our experiences are different we cannot properly characterize how they may be interpreting what we cause to arise in them. We have not viewed the experience through their eyes, yet we are asking for that interpretation. Now we can set the intention and perceive through their eyes. But unless our psyche has some way to face and to address the pain they feel in life and/or from life, we will be unable to see how they see.

Similarly, we can explore any aspect of Creation. Here again if we don’t have the experience to understand what we experience we will not properly characterize it. For example, at this point in time, we have no way of experiencing what it is like on the surface of Saturn or Jupiter. We have our ideas but we don’t really know. Space probes in the future may change that, but as of right now, we don’t know. If we go to guided meditation and explore the surface of either of these two planets, what we see in our mind will be mind’s interpretation based on what it knows and has experienced.

One thing that can always be asked in the guided meditation is how accurate or how we might improve the accuracy of the information. Here we would get an intuitive insight and we would have to act on that insight if we desired to improve the accuracy of the information. In any case, the best thing to do is to practice. Practice to see how effective the technique is for you and how you might improve it.

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