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The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Applicability


Some specific areas of application

Some examples of actual applications

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach can be used for finding creative solutions, innovative ideas, and an alternative way of approaching any situation including how to live your life and/or respond to any given set of conditions. It is applicable to any or all areas or aspects of life - spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, private, professional, social, individually and/or collectively in a group or organization . (More..... on the application)

Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity can be used to help you obtain objects and things, but its focus is toward creating the space within your being to allow what is best described as your creative spirit to become free to create what you desire. It is most useful when you need to make an internal change to obtain what you desire. In this regard, the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is most useful to recreate one or more aspects of your life, or an organization cultural life, that are no longer serving what you desire to experience.

Most, individually and organizationally, find and embrace its usefulness when faced with change management - managing elective or nonelective change and/or during life transitions - if not outright desperation. However, it greatest benefits occur in using it to become proactive to feel the need for change and begin to change long before one is forced to respond.

Background (Top)

The unique blend of science and mysticism provided in the creativity perspective allows for the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding to addressing a broad range of creative endeavors. As an interdisciplinary mix, it can reach into any aspect or area of your life. It can address spiritual, mental, emotional and/or physical issues as well as issues that are personal, social or professional, individually or collectively. Some find the depth and breadth of what can be addressed through this understanding too much to be believed. However, when the creative spirit is understood and a creativity perspective adopted, it becomes obvious all these seemingly different subject and topics of applicability are related and interconnected. Ultimately, our creativity and what we are capable of creating is determined by how and what we think and believe. So, any application will require a change in thinking in some way. Hence, relative to applications, you will see what appears to be an inordinate amount of focus on inner types and kinds of issue simply because any creative effort starts from the inside.

From a creativity perspective, if the inner work is not done, it cannot support that outer changes that will need to occur to manifest what we desire. This is why we often are frustrated in creating what we desire. Sufficient inner work is not done. Although many things seem impossible, often more is possible that what we first imagine. In fact, if you look carefully, nothing is really impossible. You can carefully you can almost always find a way to envision what is impossible happening. However, it is just that for a given environment at a given time and given place in which we find ourselves, there are only certain things that can be done. The questions for any application are does one need to change to respond to the environment, does one need to change the environment or do both need to change in some way. Most tend to change how they respond to the environment.

Many don’t realize they have the creative power and the creative ability to change the environment. They look for creative solutions that fit the environment rather than being prepared to change the environment. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach always looks to understand how the inner world needs to change to support what one desires to create but it also look at the environment. It looks to see if the environment can be changed and how to access the creative power to change that environment. And, of course, it realizes how you change the environment depends on the environment and any change in the environment requires how you respond to that changed environment.

What you personally can use this material for is determined by your intention - what you desire to create and why you desire to create it. As said above, it needs to be noted many of the items on the following list are internal items. The reason for this is our ability to create anything first arises from within. Hence one needs to do the necessary internal work to create something in the external world. The most surprising observation has been how our perspective as to what is important externally changes as one consciously accesses their creative ability. Whether we accept it or not, most of us rely on the “muse” in some form or another - some external motivation or inspiration to create.

Few operate from a truly self generate internal motivation. Most of our internal motivation comes from past programming and not our own unique truth. Those who are motivated by an internal motivation that arises from one’s true self and not programming tend to appear a little crazy to the external world. The reason for this is they are willing to be different based on their own internal guidance and inner motivation. In any case, when we consciously access our creative spirit, we find what catalyzes our actions changes and most often decouple from our previous ideas and desires. Many do remain but they are held in a different way.

For those looking to manifest a physical object or a particular physical experience such as a car, a house, a retreat center, a business or the like, it needs to be noted that when one gets in touch with the source of their creative power, their desire will most probably change. Many of us have been programmed as to what success looks like in life for us, and what we need to do to obtain it. However, when we access the deeper levels of our creative power we find there are other things that better fulfill and serve what lies behind our original desire. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity will take you to what lies behind and what is giving rise to the desire your are consciously aware.

The most powerful use of this material has been for career changes and life transformations both individual and organizationally. Organizationally, significant effort has been to refocus employees as their job and/or life changes as a result of organizational changes. Relative to this fact, whether applied individually or organizationally, most of the applications have been to establish clarity as to the direction an individual needs to go in their life and the actions they must undertake. The applications in one way or another, have been to access and follow that internal guidance system. Then with a true clarity of intent and a guidance system to follow, the path becomes relatively straight forward.

The following are some of the areas of application and actual applications for which the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach has been used. In applying the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach, these subjects can be addressed simultaneously or separately.

Some specific areas of application (Top)

Although there are a multitude of items addressed in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology, some particular items are:

Orchestrating the organization
Creating an improvisational organization
Creating organizational cultural change
Learning to appreciate your own unique creativity.
Understanding why you do, and don’t, get what you desire.
Viewing your life as a creative living process
Balancing your need for ownership and control within the creative process as the old falls away.
Learn to free time and energy to create what you desire.
Finding more bliss and joy in life.
Obtain an inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in the external world..
Becoming self-empowered in your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical life.
Harmonizing your creativity with others.
Using the world of infinite possibilities.
Understanding abundance in life.
Provides an integrated creativity theory.
Mindfulness and awareness.
Intentionality and manifesting an intention
Role of sacrifice & ritual in creativity
Understanding your individual world view
Using the unseen reality of Creation
Recreating your life & your reality
Learning to dance between heart & mind
Balancing the masculine and feminine aspects within one’s being.
Merging individual realities to create common ground

Some examples of actual applications (Top)

The following are some areas of actual application or more appropriately, the results of heloing individuals establish a conscious link with one’s internal guidance system:

Refocus career paths for individual involved in organization downsizing.

Retooling and reenginering organizational structures to meet changing needs.

Creating organization cultural change to meet new demands on the way business and operations need to be implemented.

Improve workplace quality, safety and health.

Bring one back “home” to the source of their being and the source of their creative powers. Here one can access an abundance of life and creative energy that one can feel and experience to create what you desire. It provides an understanding about abundance in life and how to create it and sustain it. It address how abundance of this creative energy will not necessarily guarantee financial abundance or success in the eyes of the world. Yet you life is immeasurably more rewarding.

Address the deep longing many feel within their being that has been characterized as a longing for the Beloved/beloved as found in may mystical traditions and/or that perfect soul mate.

Access the passion within one’s being to energize one’s creative needs with an engine to power one’s creative endeavors with an unlimited supply of fuel.

Learn to appreciate one’s own unique perspective and creativity and to understand the origins of one’s individual unique world view.

Take one beyond that obtainable in yoga and meditation. It provides a way that one can you to take the internal calmness within your being that can be accessed through yoga and meditation into the everyday world and not lose that calmness no matter what is happening in your life and what you are doing

Provide an understanding of the traditional muse and the relationship of sex and sexuality relative to one’s creative endeavors. Additionally, because this methodology is about accessing the source of your creative power it is about accessing the Source of Life Itself. In this regards, it has been used to obtain spiritual insights through the use of the sexuality as it arise in one’s creative endeavors that goes well beyond what one can obtain in traditional Tantra and related spiritual sexuality practices as they are currently taught.

Stimulate and catalyze one’s creative efforts in the traditional realm of the seven muses such as art, music and theater or simply to become more creative in the applications of one’s job or life to research new and inventive solutions, tools and/or techniques.

Provide some understanding why you do, and don’t, get what you desire.

View one’s life as a creative living process that constantly recreates itself by, and through, the experiences one has to free oneself of the past.

Overcome or escape victim consciousness and/or, allowing one’s creativity to be held hostage by some external force - whether it is an object, person, organization or a belief.

Provide a way to utilize the world of infinite possibilities and the unseen realms of Creation. The creativity perspective it provides acts as a change of optics to allow you to step out of your current mind set and/or group think to move beyond tunnel vision to discover and explore the true range of possibilities open to you.

Understand there are no errors or mistakes in creativity. There are only learning experiences and it is about learning what does or doesn’t serve one’s creative needs.

Provide a way to allow one to forecast their life to see what lies in the future if one’s stays on the path they are currently traveling.

Assist one to get to the root of their addictions and/or addictive behaviors to create something that better serves their needs.

Provide a way to reenter that most creative state of being that we were all born into and can only be described as the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of oneself and one’s world.

Provide an improved understanding of the intent, purpose and usefulness of such ancient traditions of alchemy, astrology, and many mythological traditions and the basis of many New Age concepts.

Provide a different perspective on the nature of accidents, illness and disease and the relationship of mind and body that gives rise to such things as placebos and miracles. This understanding can then be used in consultation with, and of course, under the direction of, your healing practioner to supplement the use of traditional and/or alternative medical approaches.

Assist one to find an employment that addresses the “business of your life” for which you incarnated.
Provide the basic principles and concepts that allow you to build and construct the life that you came to live and not for which you were programmed to live through your enculturation.

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