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 Criteria for guiding our life 


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From the creativity perspective and holding our creativity sacred, the overall thrust of our life should be to live life with a feeling of freedom. This feeling can be described in a variety of ways. It can be best described as a fullness of being, a fullness of life, a blossoming or flowering of our being, and experiencing a feeling of expansion moving toward an experience of, if not into, the infinity of our being. Additionally, this feeling of freedom should accompanied by an inner satisfaction within our being which never runs dry no matter what is happening in our world.

Although it may be difficult for our mind to accept or understand, we experience these feelings simultaneously in that this feeling of freedom is what can be best described as a "package deal." That is, it has multiple aspects and is multidimensional. If we stay present in the moment without focusing our attention and awareness on any one aspect of what we feel, we can find our awareness cycling through or perceiving an experience of each of these feeling. That is, any one description our mind can give to what we feel is inadequate for each of these aspects are present in what we feel simultaneously. Quite simply, the finite nature of our mind is too limited to describe the depth and breadth of what we feel and all its aspects. Rather, our mind characterizes what it experiences based on how it has focused our attention and awareness in how and what it thinks and believes. If we change how and what we think and believe, we will perceive a different aspect of this feeling of freedom.

For those who use feelings to guide their life, most focus on one aspect of this feeling of freedom and use this one aspect as a guide for their life as an internal compass. However, so as to not become captured by the creation/Creation we experience and captured by the mind which created the experience and is characterizing what we experience, each in our own way, should become aware of what allows us to experience the different aspects of this feeling of freedom. In this regard, we each will need to do our own experiments to see how and what we believe and how and what we need to change to experience a different aspect of this feeling of freedom. In looking to experience the different aspects of this feeling of freedom, we can begin to see how our mind limits what we experience. In seeing how our mind limits what we experience, we can being to see what we can do to step out of mind to move deeper into the experience of the feeling of freedom. The deeper we go into this feeling of freedom the more expansive our being seems to become.

This understanding, in turn, gives us a criteria for any experience in life. Although we can use any aspect of this feeling of freedom described above as an internal compass to guide our life, based on the exploration of our inherent creativity and what has worked best for most individuals, it is recommended we look to see if what we experience is allowing us to experience an expansion within our being. Or, we experience the closely related feeling, a blossoming or flowering of our being.

We all know what a flower looks like when it blossoms as compared to its bud. Within each of us, for any experience we have, we should look to an analogous feeling of blossoming. However, a blossoming ends in the blossoming. But, the experience we have should be pointing to, or carrying us into, an expansion of our being.

What this means is the experience we have seems to provide us a door which remains open. The open door tells us there is more to experience. There is more in which to expand. There is a great depth and breadth to who and what we are than we have experienced to date. It as though we are given a invitation, a Divine Invitation if we wish to call it that, to go deeper into who and what we are. I many ways it leaves a feeling which says, "if you think this is an expanding experience, there is more if you desire to go there."

The recommendation is to use an aspect of the feeling of freedom as described here to guide our life. It is to look into each experience of our life to see if it is allowing us to move into a deep and more expansive aspect of our being. Then, look to make as many decision in our life to have experiences of life which carry us deeper into this experience or at lease sustain the level of the experience we have.

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