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Reconstitution is the reversal of the fragmentation process and, in some ways, is a reversal of the creation process we used to create our desired experiences. Where as fragmentation is then unintentional scattering and dispersal of our creative life energy, the creation process requires the creator to forget how they created their experiences and/or lose themselves in their creation in order to have an experience of their creation. When we hold onto the experience we create in one way or another rather than allowing the free flow of the experience, we bind our creative life energy in a way similar to as if we have scatter or fragmented it.

Reconstitution is a dynamic process where we piece together our fragmented unlimited creative ability and creative power in order to regain sufficient creative ability and creative power to create something new. It is to call back from our nonconscious mind all the variety of ways we have given away our creative power and creative ability. In piecing together our creative ability and creative power, we learn to manage and control our creative life energy consolidating it into a single point focus to create what we desire.

There is a journey we each can elect to take is to reconstitute and consolidate any portion or all of our creative ability and creative power. Such a journey is really a return to our true self to claim our birthright to become the creator that we are. It is a journey in the sense there is no simply action we will do that will reconstitute our creative ability and creative power. Rather, there will be multiple things which we need to do. Some we can do in parallel but much of what we need to do will be done in series, one step after another in the same way we take any journey. However, there is no “requirement” to do so. We are free to experience whatever you choose to experience.

The process and what we need to do or the journey we undertake will be very unique to our own being. Only we can take that journey. We may utilize others and even follow the guidance of others but it is our journey. We have created a puzzle that is sufficient to challenge the depth and breath of our own unique creative passion and only we can solve it. The answer lies within our being. We have simply, and intentionally, forgotten it. To find it, we will have to intentionally desire it and follow our intuition to find it.

To reconstitute our creative ability and creative power, we address how and why mind has scattered and fragmented our creative life energy. Reconstitution is to change how and what we think and believe so we can realign with the origins of the flow of our creative life energy. It is about learning to surrender and become intimately familiar with our creative spirit and learn to communicate with it and follow its lead. It is to learn the feel of this flow so we can become aware of how it is flowing and directing our life in any moment.

As we reconstitute our creative life energy, We will find that our inner satisfaction and internal joy and bliss will grow and become stronger the more and more we align with the intended flow for our life. We will find that this internal joy and bliss can act as an internal compass to: 1) guide us to reconstitute more and more of our creative life energy by following the increasing intensity of the feeling; and 2) to guide us through life to create what we choose no matter how pleasant or unpleasant the external conditions may be by remaining locked onto the inner feeling in whatever direction it eads.

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