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The starting point
Accept conditions as they exists
The intention we hold
A properly perspective
The issue we face
A unique journey

As the ancient proverb states, “A journey of a thousand miles starts one step at a time.” The first step, our starting point is here and now, in this moment. We start from where ever we are. Each moment provides a new starting point if we are willing to embrace it as such. It is never too late or never too early to start. We need not worry about becoming lost or getting of track. We simply start where we are.

To embrace the current moment as a starting point to create and take that first step, there are a few things which need to be considered. The are to accept conditions as they are, being consciously aware of the intention we hold and having a properly perspective.

Accept conditions as they exists (Top)

First we need to accept and become aware of conditions as they currently exist. We cannot rely on hopeful or wishful thinking. We need to start with what is and look at the conditions we face and ask and listen for the answer to the question, “If I am a creator, how and why would I create the conditions that I currently experience?”

We need to realize there are flows of energy, deep undercurrents of energy, that are giving rise to the experiences we have and that are carrying us through life. We will eventually need to peel the layers of Creation or the layers within our own being to access what is giving rise to the flow of energy creating the experience we have to change it at its source. Exploring the origin of the flows of energy giving rise to the experiences we have starts with our intention.

The intention we hold (Top)

After accepting conditions as they are, the next step is to work with our intention. It is to set a clear intention for what we wish to create. But it is also to realize we carry conscious and nonconscious intentions. These conscious and nonconscious intentions have created flows of energy which we are now experiencing and or will experience.

To explore and discover the depth and breadth of our creativity and/or to become our truth, we need to set the intention to do so. It is not about saying we want to do the exploration. It is to desire to take the journey and take action to do the exploration. In setting the intention, we need to become very clear on what we desire. We can iterate our intention as we get further clarity but we should be very clear about what we want. To discover and explore the depth and breadth of our creativity is not exactly the same as becoming our truth. Similarly we can access our unlimited creativity and/or the Source of Creation and not live our truth. The question is really about, “What do we desire to create in and with our life and why?”

In setting an intention we need to understand that there are already several intentions governing our life. We are governed by a composite intention of conscious, subconscious and unconscious intentions. The process of exploring this composite intention starts with clarity of our conscious intention. Clarity of intention is probably the single greats creative tool we have at our disposal. But clarity of intention is not just knowing with clarity what we want. It includes having pulled the string and knowing why we want what we do and what feeling we desire to experience. We need to look to see why we desire to take the journey.

What needs to be understood about the intention we hold is that it is capable of blinding us as to the truth as to how we create our experiences and maybe even blind us as to what to do. If we take this journey to relieve our pain, to relieve a dissatisfaction, to remove boredom, to seek power or anything other than to explore the depth and breadth in the innocence of childlike play to exploration and discovery your own being then our journey will be hard. It will be hard because we are not seeing the full picture. For example, if we desire to escape pain and/or seek happiness, we will not explore the origins of our pain and be unaware of the gift of pain because of focus is in the opposite direction. We will be unaware of what pain provides and what it is communicating to us.

We are blinded by our desires and intention in the sense they are a focus of our attention and awareness and that focus causes us to look in one direct and not in other directions. To hold a perspective that a problem can be solved causes us to see things we would not see if we consider the problem is unable to be solved. The limits and boundaries imposed by our desire and intention can hold our creativity captive without realize it. The intention we hold will greatly bias what we find because we don’t or are unwilling to explore all possibilities.

This is one reason why clarity of intention is so important. Although our intention will bias what we find and blind us to certain aspects, the clarity of the intention gives us some idea of how we are blinded. When then have the option of exploring other than where we have been focus. Also, in knowing that we are biased by the intention we hold, we can choose an intention that is broad enough such that what it limits will be in areas that are not of concern. For example to set the intention to explore the depth and breadth of our creativity, we will not necessary be drawn to look at what others can creator or what creative potential exists beyond what we can access. But, that is really not an issue since we are only focus on our creativity. However, if we wish to assist another, we cannot assume the depth and breadth of our creativity will be the same an another for we are each are unique individualized consciousness with different body and different life experiences.

To obtain clarity of intention we will need to pull the string on the intention we hold. We need to explore the “why?” behind the conscious intention we hold. Relative to our unlimited creativity we need to explore why do we wish to access our unlimited creativity? Do we seek to relieve the longing within our heart? Do we seek to find a partner in life? Do we desire power? Do we desire a world that better serves us? Do we desire a world that better serves others?

If we explore creativity and how we expand or contract our creative power, what we will come to understand is that to become creatively self empowered, it is not so much what we do but understanding why we do what we do. The why or reason behind the intention we have for what we do has greater control over our creative ability and creative power than one can first imagine.

Conscious creating is about becoming the cause to the events in our life as opposed to responding to events. For most of us, our creativity occurs subconsciously. It is based on how and what we have come to think and believe based on the experiences we have had and how we respond to life based on those past events. To gain control over what we are creating it is necessary to allow the subconscious to become conscious relative to what we desire to create. To do that we need a perspective or way of looking at the Creation which allows for that to easily occur. Our effort starts with developing such a perspective - a creativity perspective. The material on this website is designed to help you to being to develop a creativity perspective. Without a creativity perspective, it is unlikely we will ever be able hold our creativity sacred and release our unlimited creativity. Exploring the “why?” which lies behind our intention takes us into the realm of our belief structure and the perspective we hold.

A properly perspective (Top)

The single, biggest, most significant issue that prevents us from accessing our inherent creativity is the perspective we hold about creativity, who we are and how Creation works. What has been found is that more often than not, we do not have the understanding to truly understand the experiences we have - especially the experience of our own life.

It has been observed individuals routinely have profound creative experiences, many of them mystical experiences of highest order. However they do not have the understanding and/or belief system to truly understand what they have experienced when they have the experience. Sometimes they never understand it.

The issue of the need to have a proper perspective is so profound it started a journey and exploration into creativity. It was the catalyst to find an alternative way for people to get past the illusion mind creates that keeps them from accessing the truth of their own being and access their unlimited creativity to create what they desire. In the exploration of creativity, no perspective was found sufficiently broad enough to encompass the true depth and breadth of our inherent creativity and creative ability and creative power and what is available to us. The evidence suggests one was never created simply because we simply did not explore our assumptions about what it means to be human.

So the first specific recommendation to explore the depth and breadth of our unlimited creativity is, “Be aware - it is in our assumptions we find our problems?” On this point, believe it or not, what we think and believe is actually an assumption on our part. At the most fundamental levels, Creation does not work the way our mind perceives reality. Yet, we keep trying to force reality to be what we want it to be. The struggle between what is and what mind wants and perceives gives rise to much of the pain we face in life.

Contrary to what we come to think and believe about creativity, the unseen realms and the like, most of us, including those who profess to know, do not have an adequate perception to enter a truly creative endeavor and have our mind to know what to do and/or necessary understand what exactly it is experiencing. By its very definition “to create” is to bring into existing that which is original, not previously seen or experienced or significantly different than the past. Mind only knows the past and what it has experienced. To create is to be outside what mind knows. Anything we think and believe about creativity, our creative ability and creative power, and/or how to create whatever we desire is probably in error. The question is, “How big is the error and how significantly different is what we desire to create from the past we experienced?”

What is presented here is for truly creative endeavors where our mind will be significantly in error. It is for those situations were what we desire to create is significantly different than the past we have experienced. One such creative endeavor is to freely live our truth for we have not done so with our conscious mind in this life time. This material is applicable to anything we wish to create in and/or with our life.

Here a note needs to be made about what we desire to create. If we desire to create something another has already been created, we are not creating but copying. It may be a new experience for us but we are not creating when we do what another has done. In this case, we need to go to them and see what they did and learn to do what they did. In this case we do not need what is presented here to get what we want.

Now if we wish to create something like another has done but do it our own unique way, then we face a different set of issues. Here we dance between two worlds - our world and their world - and it actually makes what we wish to create harder than if we were free to create totally unique to ourselves.

It needs to be understood, the perspective we hold can, and will, blind us to the true depth and breadth of our creative ability and creative power to become our truth and/or access our unlimited creativity. We need to have a perspective of ourselves and of Creation that is of sufficient depth and breadth to allows us to embrace our truth and sufficiently broad enough to encompass the depth and breadth of our creativity.

The perspective we hold needs to be able to hold our creativity sacred. If the perspective we hold about ourselves or of Creation causes us to deny our creativity and what we seek to create in any ways, we rob ourselves of our creative ability and creative power. It is essential to look to a way to view ourselves and Creation where we can hold our creative ability sacred.

Additionally, the perspective we hold is important in that we need a perspective that allows us to understand the whole creative process. If we are going to access our unlimited creativity and our birthright to become the conscious creator of our experiences, we will need some understanding as to how the creation process works. Understanding of the creative/creation process is what will allows to capitalize on what we access.

In exploring creativity and our inherent creative ability, it has been observed there are only two ways that seem to exist where we can keep a perspective that allows us to see how the universe works without getting stuck in an ego. One is to live “out of mind” relying solely on our intuitive guidance on and body wisdom. The second way is to hold the perspective that we are the creator of our body and the entire world as it is. Although this perspective may be hard to accept, it is not untrue based on the way energy physically manifests.

The creativity perspective developed through the use of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material was designed to address these issue about our perspective. It provides a perspective that simultaneously gives creative power/Creative Power and creative responsibility to each individual and to Creation whether it is seen as God or some other consciousness/Consciousness. It allows us to both step out of mind relying on our intuitive guidance and body wisdom and see how it is possible we are the creators of our body and the world we experience.

As to whether this perspective is correct and whether or not it is “The” or “A” correct view of Creation is not as important. What is important is the perspective provides a way to find options that are otherwise unobtainable and the responsibility is place on the us to act on what we find to use what is effective in our life and our creative endeavors.

The recommendation made here is to eat and digest what is found in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and develop a perspective the is expansive enough to suit our creative needs, including developing our own unique perspective.

The issue we face (Top)

The issue we all face, given the nature of Creation, is that consciousness can, and will, mold itself into an experience of that on which it focuses its attention and awareness. We each are a unique individualized consciousness. We each have the ability to mold ourselves true to who and what we are or we are free to mold ourselves into the image of another. The nature of the physical experience as a human being is to mold ourselves into a form determined by our physical environment and the society in which we incarnate. The question is how do we become our truth given the fact so many have been taught to deny the truth within their being to satisfy the external world.

We are fully capable of creating anything we wish and we can transform ourselves to become whatever we wish to become. We only need to set the clear intention to do so and hold it with unwavering faith until it manifests in a form supportable by the environment  in which we find ourselves.

If we want a gentle transformation, we will need to set the intention to do so to the extent possible. If we are worried about the people in our lives no longer liking us or somehow being displease with our actions, we simply needs to set the intention that those who see us different and no longer acceptable are gently lead to where they are safe and secure. The list for what we intend can go on and on. We simply needs to become very clear in the intentions we have and hold them with unwavering faith surrendering to the creation process. In doing so, we will find we can create any experience and reality we chose. It may take awhile, but it will happen.

A unique journey (Top)

Becoming our truth to accessing and releasing our unlimited creativity is a unique journey. The uniqueness of the journey cannot be over emphasized nor can the personal nature of the journey. Another cannot do it for us. Another cannot really guide us. Another can advise us and we can learn from the experience of others. No one will or can live our truth for us nor can the tell us how to do it. We will have to pursue our own creativity and creative desires. We have to learn how to follow our intuitive guidance and navigate into the creative unknown with our internal compass and our intuitive guidance.

Others can give ways and methods but ultimately each of us will need to do what the we need to do. Another can only do three things for us. They can provide us their path and/or the lessons learned and wisdom gain by others on their journey and educate us about how creation/Creation works. They can hold us accountable to our own intuitive guidance and/or play the “devil’s advocate” so that we do not loose focus what we need to do. They can give us a safe and secure space and the freedom to do what we need to do to allow our creative spirit to unfold true to itself. To follow the lead of another is to only cause ourselves to be lead astray. Using the Fifteen Creative Step/Guidelines is one way these three things can be accomplished between any two individuals for each other.

Our path to express our truth in the world is unique. We are a unique infinitely creative being. There is no one like us. Whatever we need to do and experience to access and release our unlimited creativity will be unique to us. There will be many similarities with the journey taken by others. Some parts are common. Some parts directly overlap. Some will be totally new.

The most important understanding that can be offered anyone attempting to access and release their unlimited creativity is two fold. One is to take the perspective of the detached witness. The second is to look to everything we experiences as only symbolic and a metaphor as something deeper the consciousness which created the experience is desiring to communicate. It is to understand that creativity is the language of consciousness. Whatever we create is a communication to both ourselves and to others from our own creative spirit. Whatever we experience as created by another is a communicate to us and a communication of the creator of that experience to itself. The questions is, “What is it that we or they really trying to communicate?”

The next step
The essential understanding

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