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When the author started his conscious journey to explore creativity through organizational creativity, he had no understanding or awareness that he would be lead to explore the creative aspects of sexuality and the role sex actually plays in our creative endeavors. In fact, sexuality and understanding the role of sex in relation to creativity was the farthest things from the author’s mind when he started his journey. However, next to the individual’s concept of God, the individuals concepts about sex and sexuality and how they choose to engage in sex and/or sexuality has a tremendous impact on their creative power and creative abilities. As the author described in the discussion “In a Box,” our concepts of God and sex/sexuality are what keeps us from punching out of the box to access the depth and breadth of our creative power and creative ability.

The issue of sex and sexuality did not raise its head directly. It started with the observation of a friend’s life, a question to be answered, a dream-meditation vision and an exploration into exactly what the dream-meditation vision revealed.

Background - a friend’s life

While on his conscious journey to explore creativity, just around the time the author experienced the Ultimate Accident, he was faced with having to help a friend move his personal belongings. The friend was separating from his spouse after about twenty years of marriage. What was curious about this situation was that all the conscious reasons that were being given as to why they were separating did not seem to make sense. They may have been valid reasons, but they seemed the excuse or occasion than the real reason. Something much deeper seemed to lie behind the separation. Yet, if you would talk to either of the individuals about what was happening, neither individual seemed to understand there was a much deeper reason for what was happening. Or, if they did, they didn’t want to share it. Observation of the situation seemed to indicate neither saw the much deeper reason.

What helped focus the author’s attention on what was happening was that as they were moving the friend’s belongings, the friend said to the author, “This doesn’t have to happen to you.” The friend was referring the fact that he was separating from his spouse and the author did not have to do so. That statement, of course, puzzled the author. But the awareness of that statement became important in that there were several things the author chose to do in his life because of that awareness of that statement. However, some time later when the author asked the friend about why he made the statement, the friend denied ever making it. It was as though the statement was made by a part of the friend’s psychic of which the friend was not aware.

As said else where the author always tended to look for the root cause that gave rise to the situation he was observing. Although the author never learned all the private details, there were a few things that he knew about the situation that caused him to ask what he thought was a rhetorical question about the relationships between people and why people needed to separate. In particular, the statement made by the friend that “This doesn’t have to happen to you,” prompted the author to want to know, “what doesn’t have to happen to me- what exactly am I observing here?” This question about relationships and why people separate ultimately provided some very important understanding about the creative and energetic aspects of sexuality. But how that understanding arose is a story unto itself.

To understand the energetic aspects as to what the author was observing, it is appropriate to add a few more details. The friend was raised in a relatively traditional religious and social way and by all standards, his life was extremely successful. However, around middle age, because of the number of people with whom he interacted in life, he began to see there may be some alternative ways to live life. Some of these alternative ways seem to provide some individuals with a much more fulfilling and rewarding life. Some of these alternatives could be classified as New Age, where as many of them were simply modern applications of ancient spiritual and/or mystical traditions. In any case, they were more mystical based than scientific based. The friend began to explore some of these alternative paths. In many ways this individual was trying to find that bridge between the scientific and the mystical.

What is clear in hindsight when viewed from a creativity perspective are two things. One was that by studying and embracing alternative thinking, the friend was initiating choices that would cause his life to be recreated, if he surrendered to the changes. That in turn, would cause a rearrangement of the individuals in his life.

Quite simply, from a creativity perspective, energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed. All the energy of Creation already exists in an existing form or flowing into form. If something new is to be created, some of the existing from or flow of energy needs to be sacrificed for the new Creation. To recreate oneself inevitably causes a rearrangement of our life. The magnitude of the rearrangement depends on the magnitude of the recreation we undertake. The other was that the friend was only accessing a part of his being that was never fully and adequately expressed. Expression of this aspect was necessary for him to have the experiences he incarnated to have as reflected in the intention for our life that we each carry. In many ways what was happening had little to do with the particular individuals involved. What was happening was more related to what experiences the individuals’ creative spirit incarnated to have.

In any case, this friend’s spouse did not share such mystical interests. She referred to many of these practices as “Whoo whoo practices.” She did not seem the least bit interested in the new interest which was unfolding in her spouse. Yet, she in no way tried to stop or prevent his exploration of these more mystical traditions and practices. She saw them as harmless and seemed to believe they had no real power.

In working with this friend, it was clear this fiend had certain mystical abilities. These abilities were developing and unfolding the more this individual explored the mystical traditions. For a while you could say this friend sort of acted as a guiding light. He never became the author’s teacher but he did provide some avenues for the author to explore the more mystical aspects of creativity.

In time, this friend was becoming more and more focused on finding a way to make some of the information and understanding he was accessing available to a greater number of people. Exactly how he would do that was uncertain, but he knew he wanted to create something to share what we has learning. In time this friend introduced the author to a lady and said, “She is going to provide the money for my work” such that the work could somehow go into the world. This particular lady and her husband seemed to be relatively wealthy and they were playing a major role helping this friend address the mystical aspects of Creation. So the author was not surprised at this turn of events. It seemed to make sense since this lady and her husband believed in what this friend was trying to create.

Over the years, much like a square dance, the dancers rearranged themselves according to the music that the Universe was playing. The friend separated from his spouse and ended up marrying the lady who was going to provide the money for his work. Yet, what the author come to understand is that the lady, although essentially financially independent, did not have the magnitude of wealth to finance what the friend wanted to create. Rather she provided the energy and space for the friend to do what he needed to do. She was able to fuel his new found passion. That was something is first wife seemed unable to provide. The first wife could not provide the “currency” the individual needed to create what he desired. This takes us back to two thing. One is to the statement, “This doesn’t have to happen to you.” The second is how the mind characterizes what it experiences based on its past such that one needs to look to the metaphoric nature of the intuitive insights that mind provides, including its desire for sex.

What needs to be emphasized about the statement, ‘This doesn’t have to happen to you” is that the Universe is magical enough to rearrange itself such that each of us can be free to express the truth within our being if we look for such a way. No one needs to separate from any one. What stands in the way is our own mind and the mind of others. Rather than creating the space and allowing the individual’s in our life to do what they need to do, and they in turn giving us space to do what we need to do, we tend to want to control what happens. We create boundaries and limitations on others to satisfy our needs as opposed to theirs. When, and if, we no longer desire to deny the true expression of who and what we are, we do need to separate from many of those in our life who do not give us the space and freedom to express ourselves. We separate not because we have to do so, but we do not become creative enough to find a way to do otherwise. There is no judgment here on this statement. It is just that some ways are easier than others. In many ways it was the experiences of this friend, and with this friend, that made the author create the opening prayer for the author to start any future creative endeavors with others. In many ways it was the open prayer for the author’s life work. The prayer specifically addresses the fact that when engaged in creative endeavors, there will be those in our life who see us become different and the urge to separate will be there.

The other things that needs to be addressed is the metaphoric nature of what mind provides, especially our intuitive insights. Mind only knows what it has experienced. Any energy it senses will be characterized based on that past. Hence, as discussed under the topic of intuitive guidance, we need to look at the direction mind provides and not necessarily take the literal interpretation. As in the case here, the author’s friend saw this lady supplying the money for what he desired to create. Yet money is the medium of exchange we use in exchange of the life energy we expend in doing a task or job for which we get paid. This lady entered this individual’s life to give him the space and call forth his creative spirit and passion to create what he desired. That is, she gave him the currency he would need to build his dream. As described in the discussion on our creative spirit, our creative spirit must be called forth by another. When a creative spirit is called forth and a safe space is made available for it to come out, we access the passion.We feel and experience the freedom of our creative spirit to create and the flow of its energy as passion and the passion to create.

Passion, and the energy to create, in turn brings up the question of sexuality and what exactly is the relationship between sexuality and creativity. Many will find that as they become more creative about what they feel is close to their heart, they feel more sexual. In this regard, many have a passion to create that does not depend on any other particular individual in their life. However, many find the passion to create arises in their life as a result of an individual with whom they find somewhat sexually attractive. It is as though one needs a muse to call forth the creative passion. As discussed above someone is needed to call forth the creative spirit and there will be a passion to create as that creative spirit finds itself free to play. Sometimes that passion enthuses one’s entire being and gives rise to sexual feelings. But what exactly is the role of sexuality and creativity. The question in the author’s mind was how is sexuality related to what he saw happening in his friend’s life, if anything. In watching what happened to his friend, he new he had to come to some understanding about sexuality and creativity.

What the author was to discover about creativity and sexuality surprised him and it all started with the desire to understand why his friend had to separate from his wife. The seed that would catalyze the exploration to get the answer to the authors question started with a dream-meditation vision on sexuality he received several months later. In understanding that dream-meditation vision, he was able to see situations which paralleled his friend’s situation in the lives of others and to know what to expect and how to work with the individuals involved. In particular, how to advise them about individuals who may leave their life and why, when they choose to recreate an aspect of their life. What was unknown to the author at the time was that in desiring to look at the reason for the separation that was occurring in his friend’s life, he was opening the door to look at separation at a much deeper level. That is, why so many live life feeling separated from the source/Source of their own being and from the inherent unlimited creative power and ability available to them.

The awareness that has been gained about sexuality and our creativity has been captured on the web site “Creative Sexuality.”

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