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As was stated in the discussion, “A Culmination in Thinking and Understanding,” he decided to see if he could create a critical mass of enlightened individuals and actually create the Critical Mass of Enlightenment Vision he created several months earlier.

To do this experiment, he was faced with the obvious first question. That first question was, “Exactly what is enlightenment?” He could real about it in books and he cold meet people who were supposedly enlightened, but exactly what was it and how would you combine such a group of individuals into a group he had no clue. At that time the author had no information to such questions. All he had was what he learned in exploring creativity up to that point in time and the vision which he sketched out providing a rough plan. This was truly a creativity endeavor. He knew of no one who tried to create such a thing in the past and he didn’t even know exactly what he was trying to create. But he knew he understood the physics of a critical mass and he knew he understood the physics of a quantum jump. So, it is possible to create a quantum jump in consciousness? Only one way to find out - do an experiment and see. Besides nothing much else was really challenging him in life.

There is old saying which states, “Set a clear intention and chose to act on that intention and the Universe rushes to meet you.” The author found that to be very true. But what he also experienced first hand was how unprepared our mind is for truly creative endeavors. Although the Universe does rush to help us fulfill our intention, events will not proceed as we think they should or think the will proceed.

The answer for this is quite simply. Our mind only knows the past and what it has experienced. It cannot lead us into a truly creative endeavor. It does not know how to proceed. It is entering the unknown. To follow the mind will only cause you to get lost and recreate the past in a new way. Although the author did not realize it at the time, the question on the table was, “How does one learn to navigate in the unknown when mind cannot lead?” That is one of the questions the author needed to answer. But first, he needed to understand that the question existed. At this point in time he was of the opinion his mind was more than adequately prepared to lead on this journey. Whether he realized it or not, one of the first things that needed to happen was to destroy his mind as he knew and understood it.

Two week later the universe responded with an answer as to how to proceed to create this critical mass of enlightenment. He was on a trip to Virginia Beach as four day weekend get-a-way to do some planing for the Medical Foundation for which was asked to be the Executive Director. While at Virginia Beach, several things happened. That first of which, on the first night, was that the author received an invitation much like a second calling. At the time it didn’t seem like another calling but rather it was an offer. There was a voice that clearly asked a question but it was more in the form of an awareness than a voice. The author responded that he would accept the offer under the right conditions. What the right conditions were the author had no idea as to what they were. But he knew that he would know when the time came.

What was not understood at the time but the offer was made to him was in essence a key and it was unique to the author’s path. It essence the Universe took him up on the offer to create a critical mass of enlightenment. There were things he had to learn and experience about enlightenment before he could create such experiment. In hindsight it is clear there where certain conditions which need to be create. These conditions were key to create the space to make the Ultimate Accident a real possibility and if not a certainty. The Ultimate Accident would then give an experience of the source/Source of our creative power and ability and to access the understanding to create such a critical mass of enlightenment experiment. The Ultimate Accident secured the freedom of his own creative spirit to create such an experiment.

Although unaware of it at the time, in essence the author had to create a critical mass for enlightenment in his own life before he could create the experiment. That is, the author had to create the critical set of conditions that would allow for the understanding to create a critical mass of enlightenment to be given to him. Then, if he chose, he could act on that understanding. It needs to be recognized that just because someone has an understanding does not mean anything will happen with that understanding unless they choose to act on that understanding to make something happen. And, it needs to be noted, how they choose to act, makes a big difference in what they create.

On this point three things need to be said. One is that a clearly held intention will pull from the unseen realm the types and kinds of experiences one needs to have to manifest that intention. In the way a root pulls from the underground what is needed for a plant to grow above ground, a clear intention held in mind will pull from the unseen world what is needed. There is no way mind can anticipate what is needed and what needs to be done. The process itself is beyond mind. That is why so much about creativity seemed to be mystical or magical. But there is nothing mystical or magical in the creative process. Rather it is just that elements of the process lie beyond what mind is and is capable of understanding. The reason for this is explained in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material but in essence it is do to the fact that we are a creative living process in the process of unfolding and mind is a part of that process. So mind can never stand outside itself and see the whole process. But it can infer the process from observation.

As note needs to be made here. Mind and the awareness that observes the mind are two different phenomena. Mind is a collection of past experiences and what it believes about who and what the awareness is. The awareness of mind stands apart from mind. Awareness of one’s existence is beyond mind and not affected by mind and what it thinks and believes. The awareness of mind is best described and explained as a detached witness as to what mind experiences.

The second things is that author had to become enlightened to create a critical mass of enlightenment. But his enlightenment was not about enlightenment as seen or discussed in the spiritual and/or religious context. His enlightenment was about the creative process of Creation and who we create our experiences and the reality of those experiences. There are similarities in the enlightenment sought in spiritual and/or religious traditions but there are also significant difference. His enlightenment was about the creative process in which we all participate.

The third thing is that what the author needed to experience was unique to who and what he thought he was. That is, because of the experiences in his life, he had a particular way of thinking and believing as to how Creation worked. The key underpinning of those beliefs had to be destroyed so that he could see beyond his own mind. What he had to do will not be what another has to do. What needs to be done to get beyond mind is unique to each individual simply because each mind is unique. Each individual holds their own key. Each must do the necessary work to get that key and then choose to use. What the universe essentials said in its offer was, “I will give you the key to what you seek, are you willing to do what is necessary to get the key and learn how to use it?”

In addition to receiving the invitation, three other note worthy things occurred on this trip. One is that the author received his first every body massage. In that massage, body memories surfaced and there was an awareness to construct a meta-theater to act out an image which surfaced during the massage.

The second was that in acting out that meta-theater cause one of the individuals who participated to have a spontaneous past life memory release that completely startled them. That memory release created the space for another to occur in individual the next day. The next day the author asked a simple question that caused the individual to literally get sick, turn color and have to sit down. What they experienced was so physical that a physician near by come up and asked what was wrong because of the sudden change in their physical condition. Yet it all was a memory release.

The third things was that the author became very aware that he could sense and feel energy beyond what he was consciously aware. He has never liked traffic and had always look to ways to avoid it. In returning from Virginia Beach the vehicle in which he was riding got stuck in a traffic jam. Although he was not driving and not really paying attention to the trip for he was actively talking to another passenger, he got visibly and noticeable annoy as soon as they entered the traffic. His whole personality seemed to change until he looked and saw the traffic. It was as though he was picking up all the annoyance of those who were stuck. His total personality changed until he realized what was happening. He then understood something that had puzzled him about traffic all his life. He always thought he was annoyed by having to drive in traffic. But he wasn’t driving. Yet he became aware of the restriction in the flow of energy and the annoyance it brought to people. Some would say it was simply his annoyance at the traffic. But that wasn’t the case. He was too engaged a conversation he didn’t want to end. His focus and desire was to continue the conversation as long as possible and the traffic was only helping to continue it.

In choosing to attempt to create a Critical Mass of Enlightenment Experiment, what the author had slowly come to realize over time that is essential to any creative endeavor is that the individual needs to love themselves and love and live the vision they carry if they want to manifest it. The Universe will response and provide the opportunity to manifest that vision if the individual is willing to do what is necessary. What is necessary is not something mind can understand or fully comprehend. They will have to trust, surrender and follow the lead of the Universe and their own intuitive guidance as to how to respond to what they Universe provides. The individual has to realize their path is unique and there one cannot wait or depend on anyone. They have to follow the vision they have trust the universe to provide the help, assistance, resources and way to do so. One just need to honor their vision.

Only in hindsight did the author realize that what the Universe was providing was the understanding as to how to create the critical mass of enlightened individuals. But before he create it, he had to become it and experience it. But before he could experience the Ultimate Accident, there was more to do to prepare the space for it to occur. The important point to note here is that the author had to choose to act to create his vision and in choosing to act, the Universe responded but not in a way his mind could understand.

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