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A Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity discussion topic

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The following is a suggested reading list and some suggested actions to assist an individual in starting the evolution of what they think and believe about having the ability to access the creative ability and creative power to create what they desire. There is an old proverb, "Give an individual a fish, they eat for a day. Teach them how to fish, they eat for a lifetime." The same is true for our creativity. What is provided here is a starting point for the basis for creating for a lifetime as opposed to creating for a single creative endeavor.


Based on the exploration of our inherent creativity and how mind works to create the experiences we have, the key to accessing the creative ability and creative power for any creative endeavor we may undertake, experiencing the depth and breadth of our inherent creativity, accessing the infinity of our being or having an experience of the Source of Creation is the ability to explore all options in our creative imagination. All that stands in the way of exploring all options is our own mind.

Whether we realize it or not, we are not free to explore all options in our creative imagination. We are very biased by the experiences we have had and what we come to think and believe about what we do for whatever reason we may have. However, if we work to become truly free to explore all options in our own mind a curious things happened. The first thing we will see is all the reasons and biases as to why we prefer some options over other options. If fact we may find it every difficult to even contemplate some options. But, if we can move past our biases and become truly free to explore all options, we find our heart has something to say about what options truly serve us. We can come to know with very acute clarity as to what we need to do in and with our life. We then see a new bias arises that cause us to limit our options. It is that we know certain options will just not serve us and there is no need to explore them. But this new bias comes from our heart and what we incarnated to do in and with our life. But along with this bias comes a tremendous passion and energy that directs our life and we know we have the power to create what may be perceived as impossible to our mind.

In working with individuals for whatever creative endeavor they may have undertaken, it was found it was essential to learn to step out of mind. We need to step out of mind to experience what lies in the heart for the heart provides the passion and energy to create. We need to learn to surrender to the flow of energy created by our intention. However, mind is the real issue we face in two primary ways.

The first way mind is an issue is it needs to be understood is that the mind which created the experiences we have and the problem we face, whatever that problem may be and whatever the experience may be, is not the mind which will access the solution for the problem. If our current mind did have the solution we would not be faced with the problem. We will have to change what we think and believe in some way to create that "new" mind or new perspective to both see the solution and have the knowledge to implement it.

The second way mind is an issue is, as a result of the experiences mind has had in life, mind keeps us from becoming open to what we feel to both learn the view of the heart and learn to follow the lead of the heart in navigating from the heart.

Relative to creating, we have a choice. We can change what we think and believe for each problem we face. Or, we can develop a perspective, which can be called a creativity perspective, which is a collection of beliefs and ways of thinking which allow us to access the creative ability and creative power for whatever we face. The way this is done is to realize what we think and believe focuses our attention and awareness. It is the focus of our attention and awareness that determines what our mind sees and perceives. Most have a set of beliefs and a way of thinking which "fixes" the focus of our attention and awareness which can be called tunnel vision or a mind set and allows little to no flexibility in mind to understand what it sees and perceives relative to other possibilities and options. However, it is possible to create a set of beliefs and a belief structure which allows for a high degree of flexibility to change our focus at will. Three things need to be done to develop such a belief structure.

One thing we can do is to both understand our beliefs and have beliefs which allow us to see the limits we impose on ourselves in a given area for a given reason. For example, we limited the speed at which we drive our car to the speed limit to help ensure road safety. Relative to driving we can believe we can drive no faster than the speed limit or we can understanding and believe we can drive much faster but we have only chosen to limit our driving speed. Ideally, the goal would be to have the awareness we can drive faster or slower but there are consequences if we choose to do so and understand those consequences. Such a belief and understanding would provide for optimum flexibility for we would be free to change the speed at which we drive to accommodate a new or different situation not previously experienced.

To gain the belief and understanding relative to driving that allows for a high degree of flexibility is to have done our own experiments to gain the experience of driving the car different rates of speeds under different types and kinds of driving conditions, like variations in weather, variations in pavement, variations in twists and turns and the like. Intellectually thinking we can drive at a certain speed is quite different than having actually driven at such a speed and gained the experiential knowledge. To gain such a belief and associated understanding, we either would either need to set up such conditions or we gain such experience over time the more we drive. What is important here about believing how fast we can drive is not about how fast we believe we can drive but rather we are not limited by how we believe we need to drive in any moment. That is, we understand how and what we believe, in this case about driving, is or is not limiting our options and why we are or are not being limited. The same is true for any belief we hold.

The second thing is to adopt beliefs which allow us to hold our creativity sacred. Beliefs which allow us to hold our creativity sacred are beliefs where we are aware we either choose what we do and we choose either in a way which serves us or we accept a limitation for what we desire to create. That is, we choose not to exercise all the options available to us in any situation for whatever reason we may give. But, the beliefs we hold should not limit our ability to at least explore all options and possibilities in our creative imagination. In this regard, the beliefs we hold should allow us to claim an unlimited creativity and provide us the possibility to expand towards or into the infinity of our being whenever we choose as a being with in inherent unlimited creativity. How and why we choose to limit, or not limit, our actions based on what we believe is another and separate issue.

Returning to what we believe about how fast we can drive, we can believe we must always drive the speed limit or within a same variation around the speed limit. Or, we can believe we can drive at any speed we choose but only choose to drive the speed limit.

The variety of discussion topics comprising the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material are designed to help create a set of beliefs, a belief structure and ways of thinking which create a creativity perspective and allows us to hold our creativity sacred.

The third thing is to look at what we choose to experience from the perspective of a win win. That is, based on the beliefs we choose to hold are we allow ourselves to choose in a way which both serves us and serves the other in some way. In working with our creativity, one will eventually come to see, creation/Creation is a dance. It is a dance of giving and taking, control and surrender, eat and being eaten, at every level of our being. There is the dance between the mind and theart and what our mind wants and what our heart wants. Then there is the dance between what the world wants and what we want as an individual in this world. Here we need to realize we part of something larger. Physical Creation is a shared creation. It functioned well before we were born and will function well after we are gone. We are only here participating in its unfolding story creating the story of our life within that larger context. In this dance we must learn to dance with what the world ask or even demands of us and what we desire to create whether it be what our mind wants or what are heart wants.

Beliefs which create a win win are beliefs which allow us to see how and when we are giving away our creative power. This aspect of our beliefs are probably best reflected in a conversation the author had with a friend who called him at 8:00 PM on his way to work on a clients computer and commenting that he would be working late. In a subsequent conversation the author asked, "Did you go to your client at that time because they demanded it of you, it was when you told him you could be there or was it a mutually agreed upon good time for both?" Here the question is do the beliefs we hold cause is to see our lives as a victim and at the control of the external world, or do we think we are a conscious creator in control and master of all aspects of our existence or do we dance between and inner and outer creative power?

In looking at creating a perspective within our being to be flexible enough to shift our beliefs and what mind thinks and believes for any creative endeavor we face is about becoming "enlightened" as to how creation/Creation and the creative process work. Here we need to understand that all that keeps us out of, or from, what is called enlightenment about the creative process is our mind and what we currently think and believe. The question is "How do we get out of mind and into the understanding and awareness to create that flexible creativity perspective?"

Key to getting out of mind is "not doing" and coming to know we are not how we define ourselves and Creation at is most fundamental levels does not work the way we think it does. To do this there is the need of a paradigm which allows us to freely step out of mind and allows for the free unfoldment of our creative spirit and what lies in the heart to sense the flow of energy what is giving rise to what we desire. This is much easier said than done.

Changing beliefs and how and what we think

Changing what we think and believe can sometimes be excruciatingly difficult where as at other times surprisingly simple and easy. Here we need to know what can be excruciating for one can be quite simple for another. We each are very unique. As a result of the experiences in our life, we have a particular way of thinking and believing as to how Creation works and what it means to be a human being. We may think we have beliefs the same as or very similar to others but that is not always true. Sometimes there are profound subtle differences in how we believe what we do that has a tremendous impact on our personal creative ability and creative power.

Some of what we believe serves our creative power, some of what we believe robs of our creative power and other beliefs are relatively neutral. For beliefs which rob us of our creative power we need to find the key underpinning of those beliefs and destroy it so that belief can be released and we can see beyond our own mind as to what is possible in the situation we face. What we have to do to do this is not what another has to do. There may be similarities to others and we may be able to use the lessons learned of others. But, each of us will have a very unique path.

What has been observed is it is relatively easy to suspend what we believe for short periods. In fact, the suspension may be long enough to believe we have changed how and what we think and believe. Facing dissatisfaction with life or illness is a typical situation. We experience something we do not like. We go to some authority who provides a way for us to alleviate the dissatisfaction such that we become no longer dissatisfied. However, we don’t change how we live or what we think and believe. In fact, sometimes the relief of the dissatisfaction has little to do with what the "authority" tells us to do. Rather the dissatisfaction passes naturally or simply our movement to act to remove the dissatisfaction is sufficient to remove the dissatisfaction.

Similarly, one can create situations where an individual is free to step out of mind to have a particular experience. But, the individual simply returns to they way normally act and respond when they leave the particular situations. In fact, this is one reason why it is often said an addict is always recovering. That is, they live in a world where they are not free to do what they need to do so they experience some pain. They find some way to numb, suppress or otherwise avoid the pain and end up developing an addiction. They then go to some environment where they are able to face or address the pain in some way and find some relief from what they feel and appear to no longer have the need for numbing, suppressing or otherwise avoiding the pain. Since the pain has been removed, the addictive pattern is no longer needed. But, then they go back into the world which created the pain. So, it is only natural they return to the past and how they numb, suppressed or avoided the pain.

However, if the underpinning beliefs and/or ways of being in the world are change the individual will no longer respond to the world as they once did. They may still be affected by the environment which caused them their pain which lead to an addiction but, they will not be lead to respond to the pain in an addictive fashion. There will be a new understanding and awareness as to what is arise from within and how to address it.

The challenge is to become aware of how and what we believe and whether or not what we believe allows us to live with a win-win situation in our life. Based on the lessons learned in working with individuals to call back their creative power the following topics are topics which typically the individual must eventually address in one way or another to understand both what they believe and whether or not if what they believe really serves them.


When we read a novel or work of fiction, we suspend what we believe. When we read a history book we open ourselves to seeing or understanding how the past unfolded according to what we read. When we read a text book we open ourselves to learn a particular way of doing something. When we read a sacred book we look for guidance as to how to live our life. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity discussion topics can fall into one or more of these categories. However, is it recommended you do not view the topics listed below as falling into any of these categories. Rather, read the topic purely as a catalyst to surface what you believe about the topic and what is said. Use what you read in any of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material as a challenge to understand what you believe about what is said. The decide for yourself what is true and effective in your life for what you desire to create.

In reading the topic ask yourself "What do I believe about this topic?" Become aware of where you agree and where you disagree. More importantly become aware of those topics, ideas or concept for which you either have no opinion or which you never thought about before. Then look to see if what you believe allows you to negotiate your way through life creating a win-win situation with that belief. Or does the belief you hold and the way you believe cause you to be at the mercy of the external world or cause you to somehow fight the external world because you think differently. For beliefs for which you have no opinion or have not previously considered, look to understand what impact that belief could or would have on your life if you adopted that belief.

There is no right or wrong answer to however you respond to what you read. What is important is does the belief you hold relative to what you read allow you to hold your creativity sacred and give you the freedom to move past the limits of the belief to explore options.

The suggested approach is to read the following topics in sequence only because they were chosen based upon the topics about which the author most frequently needs to talk to individuals to help them build a foundation for the creativity perspective and to learn to hold their creativity sacred. However you can choose any of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity discussion topics that appeal to you. They all have been written for one reason or another to address some aspect of the inner journey to access and explore the depth and breadth of our inherent creativity.

What is provided here is a starting point and this collection of topics is not a complete list of all that should be reviewed. Hyperlinks within each topic can, obviously, be follow at your discretion. However, it is recommend you use any topic you hyperlink in the same manner you would review the topics below.

Topics for review

The human condition as seen from the creativity perspective

Interdisciplinary aspects of the Releasing your Unlimited Creativity Technology

Calling forth the creative spirit

Creation is not done alone

Creating the space for a creation

The Rainmaker

We cannot give what we do not have

Two views of creation

At the most fundamental levels Creation does not work as our mind perceives

Mind set and tunnel vision

A cage of our own making

Flow and the need to be open to feeling

A world unto ourselves

We each are uniquely different

Some observations on the correct conditions for sex

All that stands in the way is our own mind

The baggage around sex and sexuality

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