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"To believe or not to believe" is not the question
The question is “How does one find out what is true?"
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As perceived by us humans, my experiences are not yours and yours are not mind. Even if we share the same experience we will perceive it differently. What I believe is not what you believe. What you believe is not what I believe. You are free to believe what you wish, as am I. I cannot make you believe what you do not want to believe, and I cannot convince you of anything of which you do not wish to be convinced. 

So too with me. You cannot make me believe what you want me to believe and you cannot convince me of anything unless I choose to be convinced. The fact that I may force you to act a certain way or to speak certain statements saying they are true means nothing relative to whether or not you believe what you say. So too with me. The fact you may force me to act a certain way or to speak a certain statement as true means nothing relative to whether or not I believe what I say. You are free and I am free, each to do, believe and think the way we wish and to experience and perceive reality in the way we wish by what we believe, think, say and do. 

It is said in one way or another in almost all of the esoteric and religious traditions found throughout the world that God is everything. It is said there is a oneness to all things. All emanates from the same Source. Modern physics seems to make the same statement in its own way.

These statement are either true or untrue. Whether or not I, or you, believe them as true makes no difference. Whether or not I, or you, do not believe they are true makes no different. The truth of reality is beyond what you, or I, choose to believe. The only question is, “Are these statements true?”

If they are true there are profound implications that humanity has yet to comprehend. We have not been living the depth and breath of what they mean. We, as humanity, have barely scratched the surface as to the implications. To live the depth and breath of what these statements mean will transform humanity itself.

If they are untrue, there are also profound implications. One implications of these statements being untrue is that most of the esoteric and religious literature is the world is wrong. This also means that most of humanity has been taught something very wrong and untrue. In fact, it can be said that in this cases, humanity has been mislead as to the nature of reality. If these statements are untrue, then one needs to ask, “What is true if everything does not emanate from the same Source - what alternatives exist and what do they mean?”

Are these statements true or not true? To believe or not to believe is not the question. The question is, “How does one find out if they are true?” To find out, you will have to do you own experiments to make this determination. You can rely on the statement of others only up to a point. Then you will have to do your own experiments. But what kind of experiments can you do? Such experiments will challenge the best scientific minds if you are going to try and provide your findings to another. But then, will you try and prove your results to another or only to satisfy yourself?

As I see it, we have two choices if we wish to experiment to explore the truth of the oneness of Creation. Of course, you may be able to think of some better ways. One is we can believe these statements about oneness as true, taking them at face value. Or, we will have to first find some way to experience the truth of these statements ourselves. 

If we believe these statements and take them as true, we must live our life as though they are true. This includes living what these truths imply to see if we can create the experiences which these truths are supposed to create. That is, we come to know these as true because of our experiences as living them as truth as opposed to only thinking they are true. In this regard, if we accept the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective and are willing to accept the idea we are beings of infinite consciousness and accept what they imply, we can begin to see how learning to use our intuitive guidance utilizes the oneness of Creation. Creation. We can then use our intuitive guidance to experience and see if in fact we can convince ourselves of the oneness of Creation. 

The other choice is to first find some way to experience the truth of these statements such that we do not need to accept them as true but know they are true from our own personal experiences. That is, we have some experience that convinces us of the oneness of Creation. In this case, if we have something like what is called the Ultimate Accident, we will have such an experience. Some thoughts are offered to how we can increase the possibility of such an event in our life. In either of these cases, we then of course have the option of living our life in alignment with what we find or not. The choice is ours.

I, in my own unique way, and as discussed elsewhere have experienced reality in such a way that I have come to come to believe and experience reality as arising from a oneness. I have come to know that many of the statements made by the mystics about oneness are true. I no longer doubt or question their truth. I have done too many of my own experiments and reviewed the experiments and experiences of too many others. I know that they are true. I cannot prove their truth to you and I cannot convince you of their truth. All I can do is create the space the best I can for you to experience them as true. I have created such a space for others and will continue to do so as requested.

Each of the application web sites are, in fact, such space for such an experience all starts with what one believes. However, what you experience in that space that is created is your choice. As discussed in the topic “The problem of mind and the experience of the Source of Creation” what you perceive are perceived through the filters of your mind and how you think, and come to believe the way the world works. You can always find some rational explanation that fits what you believe. Or, you can step our of mind and what you believe and think, and ask yourself too look at what really has happen and what exactly has transpired in your life for we each do have a mystical path much like the mystical path discussed as part of the origins of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity.

One item in particular at which you may want to look is what has transpired in your life to bring this material to you. It is a direct result of what I, the author, has chosen to created in this world and subsequently in your life. Whether you accept it or not, or believe it or not, this material and its appearance in your life is the result of a longing in that arises form what is symbolized in your heart. I have no doubt that this material is in your life because of what I have chosen to create in this world, or rather with this world, and because of what you have chosen to create. Look to see for yourself if in fact there is a oneness to all things that has pulled us together, me in the form of this material, and you, its reader. An alternative way to explore this oneness is to ask yourself, “Why have I created this author and this material, and what has occurred in my life because of this material both directly and indirectly and because of the people this material influences those who are around me?”

This material employs a technology that is based in this oneness of the universe and it is like any other technology. It is relatively easy to explain if you believe, accept or know there is a oneness to all things. The more you can experience that oneness for yourself, the more the explanation of what is in this material makes sense. The more you do not believe in oneness, what I do and what I say and is said in this material will make less and less sense. If you don’t believe man can fly, whatever I would say about the relative performance of propeller aircraft as compared to jets would make little sense to you and probably have no meaning to you. The same is true for oneness and the material in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology.

What I have come to understand in looking at reality is that everything is composed of energy or functions because of energy. Since there is a oneness to all that exists, the essence of the Source out of which all emanates is energy and all things are composed of energy and/or function because of energy. The term “energy” that is used here is much like the energy we use every day.

Similarly, I have observed and come to understand I am conscious. Again, since my essence is the essence of the Source of my being, the Source is conscious or possesses consciousness. If the essence of the Source is consciousness or conscious, so is all that emanates from the Source - which is everything. Hence all reality functions because of energy and all reality is conscious, or has the potential to be conscious. These two understandings are the basis for all that I do and how one can create the space for another to access their creative spirit and become true to who they really are as opposed to who they have come to believe they are. How this process works is described in the following paragraphs and is what I have done to be inspired to write this material. I have created this material for you to use and to fulfill a deep desire within your being. Otherwise you would not be reading this material.

In studying energy as light, I come to learn energy can exist in a non localized from like a wave the will spread out to infinity permeating all of reality. Similar I have learned that energy can localize into the form of a particle or object and that localized form of energy also has a part that spread to infinity permeating all of reality. The only difference between localized energy and non localized energy is the amount of energy, or the proportion of energy, that spreads throughout infinity. In the localized form of energy, more energy is concentrated to form the particle.

In studying consciousness, I come to understand that by focusing my attention and awareness, I could direct energy into our out of anything or any situation. By choosing how I focus my attention and awareness I could use the fact that my energy permeates all of realty and access any information that I desired any where, any time or any place. What I chose to do was to learn to focus my attention and awareness on an individual and the flow of the individual’s creative life energy that sustains them and flows from the Source of their Being. Or in other words, I chose to focus on what is symbolized in the heart and what is symbolized in the heart desires for this life.

By asking what I need to do to create the space for an individual to become the expression of this creative life energy, their creative spirit, in the world, my intuition and body wisdom surface the information that tells me what I need to do and what I need to create for that individual. It is not about what they need to do but what I need to do. If I follow that intuitive guidance without my mind judging or biasing or otherwise manipulating the information, I act in a correct manner to create the space for the individual to become what their creative spirit desires them to become. If I allow my mind to become involved, I cause my awareness to shift away from the individual and to myself and can then be of no service.

In addition the understanding of energy, what I come to understand is that in the same way energy can exist in a localize and non localized form, consciousness can exist in a similar way. It can exist in a localized form of consciousness that I perceive as my ego or the “I” that I think is me. Or, it can exist in a non localized form of consciousness that encompasses all that is in which case I come to find my subconsciousness is not “my” subconscious but contains, or is accessible to, all that is. My subconscious, as is yours, is the subconscious of all that exists. It is our intuition and body wisdom that is the connection between our conscious mind and the infinity of the universe. By holding a focus of my attention and awareness on any person or situation, I can access through my body wisdom and intuition what I need to do to create what the other person need for their creative spirit to become free to express itself. This is the process I used that resulted in this material. I asked if there was another way, an alternative way, for individuals to find that for which they long in their heart and their creative spirit desired to create. What came to me was an understanding of a different way for individuals to understand who and what they are and how they create the reality and experiences they have. A summary of which is the material placed on the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity application web sites.

My deepest desire is to get individuals to live in full alignment with the flow of the creative life energy that sustains their being and flows from the Source of their being. It is the source of their creative power and creative ability to create both the experiences they have and the reality of those experiences. However, everyone does not choose to do this. And this is okay. We all have a free will and there are no judgements on what we choose. This material is written to assist individuals to create what they choose in hopes they will come to see within the creation process there is a purpose for their life and that they will find more joy and fulfillment in life by living in alignment with that purpose. It is hoped that they will find that inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in the world.

My approach, or method to achieve this, has been to teach people how to focus their attention and awareness to access their intuitive guidance and body wisdom. Then to help them to understand how to use the information they get to create what they desire to create in their life. I have come to find that one’s intuitive guidance and body wisdom is much closer to the Source of their being than their conscious mind and what they think. Since the body wisdom and intuitive guidance arise from the subconscious, they already are in contact with all that exist. The mind however, separates itself from existence to live the ego identity and hence is always farther away from the Source of one’s being than their body wisdom and intuitive guidance.

The key to all of this is two fold. One is becoming mindful and aware of one’s thinking and one’s beliefs. The other is to become intimate with one’s body, its needs and its wisdom. Within the understanding of energy, the body acts as an antenna or the sensing device that is perceiving the energy of a situation, a person or Creation Itself. The body, as energy, is the connection with everything that exits. The mind only acts and the tuner that allows one to select any energy that the body is receiving or perceiving. By choosing how one focuses their attention and awareness, their body wisdom and intuitive guidance will surface the information as to how to get or access whatever on which one focuses to create any reality or experience they desire. However, it will not necessarily arise as an immediate insight or awareness. Each of us are unique and we will have to do our own experience to see exactly how our intuitive guidance and body wisdom communicates to our mind.

This is not something that can be believed. Although it must be understood mentally, you cannot use this ability by just believing it. You must act on it and what one’s body wisdom and intuitive guidance directs and the trust what you get not allowing the mind to bias in any way the information one receives. This is about learning to live differently in the world than most of us have been taught and it is a transferable or teachable skill. This material will give you the information you need to understand many of the concepts about oneness and how to use them in your life. You will then have to act and work with them, eat and digest them making they your own and making them real to you.

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