The Impact of What You Believe

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One area of concern is that in the same way the principles of science caused many to review their beliefs about the nature of creation as compared to what is taught in many religious and spiritual traditions, the principles introduced in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity bridge the physical and the spiritual and the seen and unseen. As such they may cause you to seriously evaluate your beliefs about nature, the nature of reality, about whom you think you are, how we create and how we are, and are not, responsible for creating the reality we see before us. Whether or not you choose to change how you view reality will be, as it always has been, your choice.

From a creativity perspective, where your creative is held sacred, you are an infinitely creative being with an unlimited creativity. You are free to create whatever you desire. Because you are currently in a human body, the only constraint on what you create is that you experience it from within your body until you complete your physical experience. There are no judgments on what you create. However, there are consequences for the time and place in which you create. If you are going to consciously create, you need to be willing to accept and deal with the consequences. You will have no one to blame or to hold accountable for what you experience but yourself.

In regards to the fact that there are consequences to our actions, there is an ancient recommendation. The recommendation is that one needs to become aware of the results of their actions unto seven generations. What is interesting in this recommendation is that in dealing with radioactive materials, one normally measures the time it takes for the radioactive material to decay away in half-lives. A half life is the time it takes for the radioactive material to decay to one-half its initial strength. From a practical standpoint, it is said that one it takes normally five to seven half-lives for the concentration of radioactivity to decay to where it is a negligible fraction of the starting concentration remains. That does not mean it all goes away. It just means five to seven half lives is required before the percentage that is left is negligible relative to the starting amount.

So too our creativity and the results of our creative actions. If we apply it in the wrong way, it can take generations for the effects of our actions to die off. So too the opposite. It may take several generations for the entire impact of our actions to be felt.

Now, you may ask, “How do I see unto seven generations?” The answer is to ask your intuitive guidance, “What is the result of my actions unto seven generations - will my actions serve or not serve humanity?” Then, become very aware of the feelings and intuitive guidance that you get is response. You will know if humanity is served or not served by your actions. You may find what get is no more than a feeling. Yet, you will know in that feeling if you are, or are not, serving humanity. The more you can detach from what you choose to do and remove your personal interest, the greater clarity you will have about such things.

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