Inner Satisfaction and Appeasing the Mind

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Dealing with a truth about mind
Inner satisfaction does not necessarily satisfy the mind

Dealing with a truth about mind

Inner satisfaction does not necessarily satisfy the mind

Dealing with a truth about mind (Top)

When I was exploring creativity I noticed how many individuals were unhappy and/or unsatisfied with life. They may have had successful careers, what appeared to be a happy home life, hobbies which seems fulfilling, and/or they had many friends. Yet, there was an unhappiness in their life. They seemed to be searching for something more from life.

When I first realized how alignment with our creative spirit and surrendering to its flow could give us an inner joy and satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in oneís world, I thought I had found was what people sought in life. I originally thought there would be a joy that mind would discover and readily embrace what gave them that inner satisfaction. I assumed when they discovered they could achieved the inner satisfaction of living by aligning with the flow of their creative life energy, they would willing surrender to that flow. However I found that was not the case and nothing could be farther from the truth.

Inner satisfaction does not necessarily satisfy the mind (Top)

Rather, what I found was quite surprising. I found individuals can relatively easily learn to find a deep inner satisfaction and a calmness that doesnít run dry no matter what is happening in the world. They can also obtain an inner calmness as deep as any meditation technique. However, I also found that inner satisfaction and/or calmness will not necessarily satisfy what their mind thinks and wants. I found there tends to be an ongoing struggle with mind and what mind has come to want and/or believe it needs to be happy. In fact, sometimes mind judges that inner satisfaction and calmness narcissistic, selfish, or self serving especially when others in their life are suffering with the same external conditions they are facing. Many, in fact, find themselves living with constant struggle between what their mind wants and what their heart wants. The intensity of the struggle totally depends on what the individual believes in more - their mind or their heart. Do they believe what the world tells them, what they are told about the world, and how they have come to think and believe. or do they believe in the source/Source they find within their own being and what it leads them to do.

The inner satisfaction is achieved through aligning with an internal feeling and where it leads and carries one into the unknown. To achieve that alignment one must surrender to the flow of energy. Mind wants to stay with what it knows and within the truth that it knows. Yet mindís truth is only of the past. So there is an ongoing struggle unless one find a way to be in the world where they are free to align with that flow. It can be done and some have been able to freely flow with that feeling. However, most will struggle with the pull of mind and the pull of the heart rather than learning how to dance between the heart and the mind to create a gentler way of being in the word.

Quite simply, satisfaction is not illusive. It is readily present and always available. What is illusive is our desire and ability to know the truth to create that satisfaction. Many would rather live in untruth than face what it means to take the full responsibility for what they desire to create. They prefer to hold another, others or something outside themselves responsible for what they must do to find lasting satisfaction in life

In any case, I had always assumed (erroneously) that when one achieves the inner satisfaction, their mind would see the truth within that satisfaction and stop looking for success as mind defines success. What I have found is that mind persists and continually pushes one to find some external satisfaction rather than letting go and realizing satisfaction with life is solely determined by oneís inner state of being. Similarly, abundance and love must first be found within before one can find abundance and love outside themselves in a form that lasts. Most get pushed or pulled out of that inner satisfaction by mind continually trying to find success based on how and what it thinks.

Personally I find a sadness in the fact that even when one gets an inner satisfaction mind still pulls one to look to something else. It is like there is a momentum to mind and unless the mind is stopped dead in its tracks through trauma and/or desperation, its own momentum will take one past the joys of being alive and simply doing what come naturally within oneís being. Unless one becomes mindful and aware and sees how their mind is pulling them and why it is pulling them, they will not be able to maintain their inner satisfaction. They will be pulled back into their thinking and again become lost in that thinking. In doing so, they rob themselves of their creative power and creative ability. In many ways, thinking can be an addiction that keeps one from the very satisfaction they seek and that preoccupies so much of their thinking.

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