A Proverbial Story of Five Men

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There is a story about four men who attempted to enter and study the world of the mystic. That is, they consciously journeyed to the Source of Creation to access the reported untold powers of Creation. In doing so, one is reported to have died, one went crazy, one become an atheist and the fourth become a mystic. Having danced with the mystical side of Creation, I would add a fifth man. The fifth man become blinded by what he saw and experienced.

Yet this is not a story about five individuals. Rather this story is about what will happen to each individual who fully embraces their creative spirt and allows themselves to dance with this spirit. If one chooses to explore the depth and breadth of their creative powers and dance with the creative spirit that is released in the process they will find they will have an experience all five men in some way in their life. What you experience depends on what level of power and ability you seek to access and why you seek what you do.

In undertaking such a journey, the most important thing you will find is that a part of you will die. Namely, all that you think and believe about yourself and how Creation works. In particular your past will die. That does not mean you give up all your past. You cannot really leave your past. It is always with you. Rather it is you become a scarab - the dung beetle and ancient sacred symbol of Egypt. You take from what is left after you have had your experience to use and recycle what is of benefit to your new creation and you let the rest go. You do not hold onto what does not serves. You die to your past and continually die to the past of each experience you have.

A part of you will deny what you see and experience. You will become that atheist denying the true inner and outer Creative Powers of Creation and how they work for they are too much to be believed. Yet, once you have seen even a glimmer as to the true depth and breadth of your creativity you will deny it. But you will struggle with denying it because you know you canít deny it. You have seen it and experienced it. Rather in essence, the struggle drives you crazy. You are torn between two worlds. You are pulled to your past and what your past demands you to believe and the truth of what you have accessed is calling you to believe. To stand on one side you deny what you have found. To stand on the other side you become a mystic. You find yourself living in a world of infinite possibility such that you find yourself denying the way the world is living.

To try and stand between both worlds only drives you crazy in the eyes of the world and maybe in your own mind. To survive you find you need to become blind and/or are blinded. You can no longer see the world as you did. In dong so, you also become very vulnerable for you no longer respond to the world the you once did with the protective response patters you developed early in life. You are blinded to the illusion of mind and no longer see the mask and facade that your mind or the mind of others puts over the events that occur in front of you. You can see through events and beyond events. In this blindness you can see through time and space. You can no longer live in the world as you once did for you no longer see it the same way. You are in it but not of it.

Here again, any creative endeavor will cause you to experience each of these five conditions to one degree or another. You need not be afraid of them. You only need to become aware of the process and why these conditions arise. The easiest way to do is to realize that you are a creative living process continually recreating yourself consciously or subconsciously . Only now you do consciously what you have done subconsciously in the past.

You only need to realize that a part of you is always dying. A part of you is always denying the truth of what is. A part of you is always a little bit crazy when your mind tells you one thing and your heart another. A part of you is always blind you what you desire to see and what to create. And finally, a part of you is that mystic in touch with the source of your creative power and the Source of Creation.

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