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When it is said, we have a unlimited creativity and that on which we focus our attention and awareness causes our creative life energy to flow to create an experience of that on which we focus, most have ideas and thoughts in their mind they would like to create and experience. Their thinking is, “If I have an unlimited creativity and reality molds itself to create an experience of what I think and believe , then I should be able to create.....” Yet, they can’t seem to create what they want.

When needs to be realized is the way Creation works is that mind creates an illusion as to exactly what is being experienced to create the desired experience. It does not allow us to see all that is unfolding and it interprets what unfolds based on a perspective and an identity it has created based on its past experiences. What needs to be understood is there is much that we can consciously create from any perception of mind we hold. However, there are things that can only be created after we have accessed and releases our unlimited creativity. That is ,we have to have moved passed limits and barriers of our mind, both our enculturated mind and transcendental mind, and what it thinks to see reality for what it is. Then from that space we are able to see the real effects of our unlimited creativity.

What needs to be understood is that when we choose to step into our unlimited creativity, our life will no longer look like anything that we can think it will look like. It cannot be over emphasized is the fact that everything we experience and think about is based on the mind and its past experiences. The world in which we have constructed is based on mind perceiving its creative power and creative ability as being very limited if not controlled by higher forces. To live with an unlimited creativity available to us is something we have never consciously experienced in this life time. There is no reference in our memory to know what is it looks like and to use as a reference to create. Even if someone describes it to us, we cannot imagine it until we have been there. So we need to give up thinking that we can imaging what it looks like to live with an unlimited creativity and/or what can be created with it.

There is an exception to this statement and it is the only exception that seems to exist. That exception is if we have a vision. A vision is an awareness and knowing that transcend our current mind and ego. For lack of better words, it is a spontaneous experience of the unknown in such a way that we can see that which has never existed. The vision is different than a psychic reading of the future. A psychic seeing of the future is to see the flows of energy as they exist now and what the most probably way that energy will unfold given conditions as they exist. A vision is to see how they could exist if certain types and kinds of decisions are made.

Since the vision is of something that does not exist, the images of the vision may or may not be fully understandable to us. Frequently, although the images are understandable, they are not literal but figurative for the mind cannot accurate frame an energy it has yet to experience. Nevertheless, it is possible to have images that are quite accurate and can be taken quite literally. However, even when the images can be taken literally the context in which they occur may not be comprehensible until we see the image as reality. That is, although the image is literally correct we cannot explain or describe how it will occur for we have no information as to its context.

In many ways is it like walking into a room and seeing a TV commercial for a movie or TV show that shows an airplane crashing. The image is quite clear, accurate and easily understood. However, we have no idea of the context. We do not know if the airplane crash in the scene represents: an air disaster as in a disaster movie; a news clip within a movie or TV show being described by a newscaster; a simulated air craft accident being shows by public television as to how the safe engineers study realistic simulations of accidents; or simply a computer generated simulation as part of a public television broadcast on computers; or a segment in a movie about a computer wiz where the wiz is trying to market his product.

Each of us are capable of experiencing visions. Exactly how we receive them and how we need to interpret them is unique to each of us and we each much learn our own language of vision. What is important about visions is that as we move toward accessing and releasing your unlimited creativity we being to seem more and more possibilities that are possible and visions become more prevalent in our life.

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