So what does all this mean?

Is it true?


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There are several ways to look at this material. One it that it is the complete fabrication of a creative mind. Something nice to imagine yet only that, something nice imagine, with no basis in fact or reality. Yet it could be a true way the universe works. If it is, it would be wise to practice some of the principles. Similarly, whether it is true or not, if it is an effective way to view the universe and we can use it to create the experiences we desire and the reality that we choose, then it is effective and we can allow effectiveness to be the measure of its truth.

In any case, whatever you think about it, this material reflects a reality that does exist within at least the authorís view of reality. It is a reality you can live in and share if you so desire. This is the magic and beauty of Creation. We can share realities.

What needs to be understood is that what is provided in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is not separate from you. Rather it offers you an opportunity to explore an alternative way of viewing reality that already lies within the infinity of your being. It is only one of an infinite number of ways for you to view the universe.

Yes it is an unknown and what is provided here may cause unexpected things to arise in your life. The hazards that are know are address in the truth in labeling topics. But the question which needs to be asked is how is this material really any different than how you live now - having the unexpected arise in your life? Are you, as all of us, not now living the way we have been taught to live and we believe the way the world works the way we believe because of the experiences we have had to date?

What is provided here is an opportunity to experience something different in a way that allows us to become more active in creating the reality that we wish. As such, you may want to experiment with the principles and see what is effective in your life. If they are effective use them. If they are not, find something that is. The choice is yours, is, was and always will be for you do create the experiences that you have whether you believe it or not.

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