What was learned about unconditional love
in setting an intention to embody unconditional love


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It is the opinion of the author, the concept of unconditional love is a concept of our mind. We have our opinions as to what we think unconditional love is or isnít. Yet, to believe the universe is not unconditional and to not believe that we are already unconditionally being given the experience we incarnated and/or chose to have is part of the illusion of mind.

This is one reason why so many spiritual traditions talk about lessons to be learned. There are things we incarnated to experience some of which individuals interpret as lessons to be learned. Yet, we our only part of a larger process having the experience we, at some level of our being, chose to have. The fact that our current mind, our enculturated mind, does not think the Universe is not giving us what we desire is simply a result of the fact we are looking from an inaccurate perspective.

Physical Creation is designed to make it difficult to give unconditional love. Because of the nature of mind and the illusion of mind, It is extremely rare for an individual to receive unconditional love from another human being. To give unconditionally will cause one to give to the point that they will feel pain and our natural response is to avoid pain. To give unconditionally is to give freely and willingly, totally without any expectations what so every of getting something in return. This includes our desire to feel good because we give ro become we do the correct thing.. Or, because we will some how gain a place in heaven or a better place in a future existence.

This point is hard for many to understand. We do have an intention for our life. When we live true to that intention, we will feel a fulness of being and an inner satisfaction which never runs dry. Nothing can be more wonderful that to live in that feeling. The intention for our life may be to endure a certain type and kind of suffering to bring humanity a gift. Yet to ensure that suffering to fulfill the intention for our life, there will be a certain feeling of satisfaction. In fact, if we donít endure the suffering to bring the gift to humanity, the internal pain of not fulling the intention for our life is greater than the suffering we would endure to bring the gift. Hence we endure the suffering not to feel the internal pain. To do so is not unconditional love, but conditional love. No matter how great the gift we bring and how much we sacrifice our life to manifest that gift, it is still conditional love. We give because it make us feel the inner satisfaction. By design, giving unconditionally is not natural to being a human being.

This is what the author ran into. When he become aware of the intention for his life in stumbling into accessing the Source of Creation in conscious awareness, he  no longer has a choice in how we would live his life. The internal pain of not fulfilling the intention for his life was greater than any pain he would endure in living it. So in this regard, all that he created has not be unconditional. It has been the lesser of two evils. Creating the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material was less painful that not creating it.

What becomes unconditional is meeting the needs of the Creation or the way its needs need to be met. What has been created from the journey is unconditional. There are no expectations on anything that has been written or shared. The author did what he needed to do. He endured whatever it took to capture the understanding of the creative process. What others do with what he has created, doesnít matter. What has been accessed is freely given without conditions and is why the material on the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity web pages is free. In that sense what has been created is unconditional.

The author has no illusions about what it means to be and give unconditionally. He knows that he cannot be unconditional love to another other than maybe a few brief moments. But he does understand and feel the pain when a creative spirit is not free to unfold and become what it incarnated to do. He will give unconditionally to the best of his ability within the resources available to him to create the space for a captive creative spirit to become free. It is for that reason, for each and every creative spirit to become free to unfold, the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material was created.

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