Sample Calming and Centering Exercise

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The sample calming and centering exercise has been separated into the Pool of creation/Creation calming exercise and the centering exercise. Although calming and center appear to be the same they are different and achieve slightly different ends.

From a creativity perspective, calming is more focused on calming the energy within our being. Centering is about aligning with our flow of our creative power and the energy giving rise to that power. Sometimes, if not often, the two are in opposition to each other. However, it needs to be noted, in aligning with the flow of energy within one’s being and surrendering to the flow, there is an inherent calmness that occurs as the energy dissipates in the experience. In this regard, you can use the calming exercise to calm the energy within your being but not align with it. In aligning with the flow of energy, there will be an inherent calmness that arises in alignment. The recommendation is you eat and digest the information provided and use what is effective for your needs.

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