Soul of Education 


Soul of Education is an application of a powerful interdisciplinary understanding of a technology of creativity interlinked through a common set of information to create health, wealth, inner satisfaction or whatever we desire to create


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What is the Soul of Education

The phrase "Soul of Education" has a three meaning as used here. It has an inner meaning, an outer meanings and an approach to education that effectively married the inner and the outer meanings. .

As an inner meaning, the "Soul of Education" is about what lies with each of us that allows us to comprehend and understand our world. It is what allows us to learn and to discover and explore our world. We can call it what we wish, but it is probably best be described as our creative spirit. That is, it is the energy, the passion, a spirit and/or the desire within each of us to discover and explore our world. It thrives and lives in the free exploration of our creative imagination  and bring what it finds out into the world. It uses our creative imagination to find way to explain and comprehend what experiences in the world in which it find itself.

The outer meaning of the "Soul of Education" is about and it is about nurturing the growth and unfoldment of this creative spirit. It is about the space that is created that allows this creative spirit to discover itself and explore its world.

Education, at its root, is about drawing out or calling forth this creative spirit within to come and express itself in the world. The word itself comes from the Latin educare meaning "to draw out" or " to bring forth" [e out + ducere to lead] Education is about leading this creative spirit out into the world. The question is, "Do we, on the outside, mold this creative spirit to be, and act, in the world according to some standard we impose on it or do we create the space for it to find itself and become capable of expressing it uniqueness in the world in a way that aligns with the social norms and values of society."

The third meaning, the marriage between the inner and the outer, is about calling forth is creative spirit from within and creating that safe and secure space for the unfoldment of that creative spirit within the world as done through our modern education systems. The Soul of Education as an approach is about providing the concepts and understanding of what is required to create the space to nourish the unfoldment of this creative spirit and how to go about creating that space for ourselves and others in our life in both academic and professional education programs spanning the range from elementary to workplace education.

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