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Closely related to passion relative to supplying the energy to manifest a desired creation is enthusiasm. In many ways enthusiasm is passion expressed differently.

Enthusiasm, as used today, is seen or described as a keen or animated interest in, and preoccupation with, something and is seen as an eagerness, devotion or fondness. This is a rather weak and impotent description when compared to passion. But there is an older, what is considered an archaic use of the word, that is a more appropriate definition for creativity.

This older definition is that enthusiasm is a state of exaltation viewed as supernaturally caused. This definition of the word fits perfectly the feeling and experience one has when they experience their creative passion. Creative passion is experiences as something that seems, if not supernaturally caused, caused by something that lies outside ourselves.

This older definition of enthusiasm may be interpreted as a religious fanaticism in its extreme cases, that is, a passion for one’s religious ideas. However, focusing on religious ideas or any other similar ideas is not the desired use of the word in creativity. Rather, the focus is on the concept of a state of exaltation supernaturally caused. This is and extremely important concept when it comes to creativity, our creative passion and accessing the energy for a creative endeavor.

The importance of the concept of enthusiasm is its origins. The origin of the word comes from the Greek: en meaning “in” and theos meaning “God.” That is, entheos is referring to inspiration or possession by God which give rise to entheos meaning "inspired" and enthous meaning "possessed." When we think of what is symbolized by the heart and what we feel in our heart that catalyzes us to create, enthusiasm, from it origins, is an excellent word to convey the source of creativity and the creative life energy that sustain us. It is being enthused with the creative powers of the source/Source of Being. It is about being inspired. It is the meaning we would like to consider relative to creativity, the creative perspective and our creative endeavors. We need to become enthused with inspiration at each and every level of our being. .

However, as seen, its modern usage, enthusiasm is a weak substitute for the concept. In the concept of one’s creative life energy flowing though the heart to be en -thused with God, passion is the more appropriate term today. Yet the origins of the work enthusiasm says it directly. The use of the word enthusiasm within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is directed towards a return to this earlier concept of being inspired or possessed by our creative life energy that flows directly from the Source, God or Divinity, whichever you choose to accept.

For us to create what we desire, we must become possessed by our desire. We must be enthusiastic about life and living. We must have an all-consuming passion for being in physical form to create the experiences of life we incarnated to have. Or, we can be narrowly focused and enthusiastic only about a subject, topic, object or person. But in any case, we must have an all-consuming intensity for our area of focus and attention if we want to manifest it. It is interesting to note that often this enthusiasm lies at a more subconscious level than a conscious level. Consequently, we don’t recognize it for what it is and how important it is to our creative endeavors.

Relative to creativity and manifestation our intention, we need to become enthused about our intention. We must become possessed by it. We must begin to evaluate every decision in life as to whether or not our decision takes one a step towards or away from what we desire to create. We only need to assure what we choose to live that we live in balance. That is, the balance of holding focus on what we desire to create and yet tending to the things of the everyday world that allows us to function to create what we desire. It needs to be remember that we stand between two world. The reality of our unique consciousness to create the experiences of our choice and the world in which we find ourselves.

To become enthused by an all consuming intensity for our intention is the key to manifesting the creation we want and manifesting any intention that we hold. One of the most basic principles is that our energy goes where your attention goes. Remember within the energy consciousness perspective, reality will mold itself to what consciousness desires. That on which we choose to focus on is what we pull into our life. If we have an enthusiasm for that focus, we pump huge amounts of our emotional energy - our life energy - into that object of focus.

It works like this. We are consciousness and create through the intention we set. Our intention is no more than our piece of the individualized Consciousness focusing Its attention in that intention. Now, the flow of our creative life energy, which is no more than the focus and attention of our piece of the individualized Consciousness, goes into that intention. Remember consciousness and energy are one and the same. Our intention takes form depending on how much energy we focus on our object of focus. Or, our intention takes form depending on in other words, how much attention we place on it.

The more enthusiasm we have for something, the more emotional energy we put into it and the more attention we are giving it to manifest in form. Or, said in reverse, the more attention we give to something, the more emotional energy we project into it. The more emotion we place in something, the more enthusiasm we have for the object of our focus and the more energy we project into it in the form of emotional energy. The more energy we project into something the more work we are willing to do to bring it into form. The bottom line is no matter how we look at it, if we really want to create something, then, we need to set a clear focus through intentionality, become enthusiastic about our focus, and keep an unwavering attention on that intention and watch the creative life energy pour into it. But this also means we must act as inspirit and lead from within to manifest it.

Since energy and consciousness are different forms of the same thing, as we focus our attention and consciousness our awareness of that on which we focus changes. If we become observant as a detached witness, we can watch our consciousness expanded to understand what needs to be done and achieved to accomplish the intentionality. We experience this expanding awareness as learning. It needs to be realized there are no mistakes in creativity. Mistakes can only be made as compared to what is knowing. In creativity you enter the unknown where no standards exist. Rather, all we do is learn what does and doesn’t work. We simply expand our awareness and knowledge about that on which we focus.

It is in focusing on living what is symbolized in the heart and what we feel about life, what we loves, that we becomes conscious of the intention for our life. The desire that created us and sustains us lies accessible through our heart. Through a conscious awareness of that intention for our life, enthusiasm and passion, in the form of a desire to transcend the ego or to manifest the dream of the heart that we carry and brought with us, enters our life through the passion of our creative life energy. For the discussions here, a dream is an intention but it is one that is held more subconsciously than consciously. If one held it consciously it would be a vision. As the energy that lies within the intention for our life is free to unfold and enter into our life, we become conscious of the things that we need to do to live that life we came to experience.

When we live with this enthusiasm for life or the intention we hold, our purpose is clear - we know what we want and we go after it. We become a light unto ourselves. The dream we hold become a vision. Our energies are focused in the direction of the vision we know is possible. Guided visualization and the like are actually unnecessary because the vision we carry in passion is clear and it is from that view which the enthusiasm flows. We become open to the possibilities and our own intuition and we seemingly create the circumstances and opportunities to manifest the vision. Ideas flow, paradigms shift, and images of the future allow you to be lead by a future of your own making. The universe responds in a magical way that causes limitation to be sidetracked or vanish. That, in turn, opens the opportunities for new visions, new understanding and causes us to be even more committed to fulfilling our heart's desire

This enthusiasm allows for the fusing of the feelings and passion from the heart and the self-esteem and self-worth of the individual. This fusion is based on the knowing that one's gifts which arise through living the heart's desire are needed and appreciated by the universe. It is the knowledge in the mind that one's actions are correct for the expression of their heart, and we have the will to carry out the required actions.

We may not think we know how we can exactly tap into our creative passion, how one recovers it if it has been smothered by the hardship of life or the enculturated ego, and how to fully live and express it. We can all see and feel that enthusiasm in another person. We just know when it is present. We all have probably seen and experienced someone who has the unparalleled strength and energy, whether that strength and energy be spiritual, intellectual, emotional or physical. We all have probably been amazed at the capacities an individual possesses to achieve their goals in spite of what obstacles present themselves.

In actually, each of us have lived this passion in our lives. We have live it at least once in our lives and we frequently never pay attention when it is readily being displayed daily before us. Young children, by their very nature, display an enthusiasm for living, discovery and play that we take for granted. But what they are doing is living the truth of their being. At an early age the heart's desire it to learn, discover, grow and "get to know" the world and experience the world - and this children do with passion. They live from this heart space with enthusiasm. They live in this space before the realities of life become known and judgments are imposed by the enculturated judgment levied on them by their parents, schools and society in general.

Children are still close to the Divine, in touch with what they really want to do in life. The are unmarked by the experience and worries of life. They throw themselves into play and their play takes on a uniqueness unto itself, almost giving the play a life of its own. Their passion for play enables them to take action without thought, much to the consternation of those who would teach, “think before you act.” Christ said, "Unless ye become like little children you cannot enter the Kingdom of God." When one lives in the spontaneity of their heart's desires - that which their creative spirit desires and incarnated to experience - the magic, mystical and mysterious world of the Divine reveals itself. In this world we clearly know our priorities, we know our feelings and we are able to evaluate our actions against our own enthusiasm because we can feel when we lose it and we all have lived there at least once in our lives. We only need to remember.

How do we lose this enthusiasm and passion? How do we loose that child-like approach to life? There are many ways and they are quite diverse. The most obvious are the incessant do’s and don't’s that are levied upon us by our parents, our society, our churches and whoever else we listen to for our direction in life. There are those activities which we allow to drain and leech our energy that will ultimately kill our passion. The typical ones are the mundane and routine tasks of life, especially if they have no importance relative to our creative passion, and the endless obligations that we do for others, to name a few.

Also, we love to judge. We are taught from the earliest age to judge and think before we act. We judge the world outside and are justified in judging because the guilty ones are outside us and not us. We become attached to the actions of others and the judgments we levy against them as if those outside us really do control how we view the world. We judge our mistakes or set backs as failures and defeats rather than the learning experiences that they are. We become attached to the outcome of the action rather that the lesson learned in the action. We lose enthusiasm for tasks that are hard failing to realize they build the endurance we need to sustain our vision. We project the past to the future expecting it to be more of the same rather than knowing the future must be different. It must be different because we now know more than we previously knew. The future cannot be a repeat because it already is different - unless we choose it to be the same. We lose the true meaning of life and blame those external to us for what we have lost inside. We hold those outside us responsible for extinguishing the flame in our hearts when we, one by one, allowed each disappointment with life to suffocate and smother the flame within our hearts.

So is there a simple rule to prevent this? The answer is yes. It is to become aware, very aware of what we feel, think and what we are experiencing at every level of being in the moment and how we are responding to the experience we are having. When we become aware, we can ask ourselves why we have the response that we do and not another. In this understanding we become free of what binds the free flow of our creative life energy and we become free to choose however we wish to choose to respond.

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