The problem of mind and the experience of the Source of Creation
- the trap of mind

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Our mind and the nature of mind is the most significant issue we will face in experiencing the source of our being, the Source of Creation and the creative powers which lie at the Source. Our problem is we will never consciously access the magic and magnificence of Creation if we are in mind. The problem of mind arises from the nature of mind. The mystics have said that mind is an illusion. The reason for this is that mind does not allow one to see and experience what gives rise to Creation and to mind itself. Mind does not allow one to see the bigger picture of which we are a part.

In particular, the problem of mind arises from the fact that mind only knows the past and what it has experienced. It does not know about what it has not experienced. Anything that is experienced will be characterized based on the past. Anything which mind is aware that is unknown or unexperienced, mind will attempt to characterize based on the past. The fact that mind characterizing everything of which it is aware based on its past is not necessarily good nor bad. It is just the way mind operates It just needs to be understood. It is the nature of mind.

Our problem is we believe our mind and/or the mind of another. We believe what it knows and what was experienced by it. We think mind’s perspective of Creation is correct for we have no other perspective of Creation to use to explain what we see and experience in Creation. But mind is an on going, ever changing process and the product of Creation. As a product of Creation, it can not see the process of Creation which formed it. Mind is every changing. We ourselves are a creative living process continually being changed. Each experience we have changes our mind in some way. Each experience either reinforces what we believe and reinforces our past to further “fix” and solidify our mind, or what we experience causes us to shift what we believe expanding what we believe becoming more flexible.

Every experience we have does one of two things. Either it (1) moves to reinforce what we think and believe about how Creation works or (2) it moves to change what we think and believe. In time, our view becomes relatively fixed and becomes harder and harder to change. Yet even though we become fixed in what we believe, our mind is always changing and evolving becoming more fixed and inflexible or more fluid and flexible in how and what it thinks. As such, mind is considered an illusion for it never gives reality for what it is.

Although mind is always changing, it is not easy to change the perception it creates about the nature of creation and the Creative Power of Creation. Often it takes something dramatic in our lives to change our thinking. But whenever something dramatic happens, rather than looking to change our perceptions about nature and how and what we think and believe, we try and explain what happen based on our past.

When we are in mind we cannot see and experience the “stuff” of Creation out of which mind arises. It is much like riding in a car, airplane or any vehicle. When you are in the vehicle you cannot see the vehicle for what it really is for you are inside looking out. You may know something of its motion because of how it moves but you know nothing about the vehicle itself. If you have never seen the vehicle in which you travel and the window is designed to look the same when viewed from the inside any of the vehicles, you could look out the same window and be in a car, plane, train, bus, or ship. Depending on the view it gives you, you will never know what vehicle you are in. For example, you look at a window across a body of water at the opposite shore. The vehicle is stopped. You could be in a car, a bus, a train, a boat, a plane or a train. Hence the conclusion, mind, the view you have, is an illusion for mind is not seen as real but the “stuff” that gives rise to mind is seen as real.

But mind is not an illusion. It is real. It is a creation and part of Creation just as much as the world you see and experience in front of you. In fact, mind is what gives rise to all that you do and do not experience. It is what channels and/or controls one’s creativity spirit to both (1) create the experience you have and (2) to reveal to ourselves exactly who and what we are. Without the limits and barriers imposed by mind on the free flow of our creative spirit you would never be able to experience yourself. The limits and barriers imposed by mind allow you to see what the “stuff” of Creation can really do and how to manipulate it to create what you desire. But those same limits do not allow you to see the “stuff” of Creation. Those same limits and barriers that are essential to your creation and give rise to the creation you experience act as a cage of your own making. They do not allow you to experience the truth of what is and the full depth and breadth of who and what you are and/or allow you to see the truth of reality. Mind does not allow you to experience what is giving rise to mind. That is, it does not allow you to see you are an awareness that has no specific identity. The awareness is only having an experience within a give created form (the current mind and its associated body) that creates an identity (the ego) because of the experiences it has had.

The reason why we don’t routinely experience the magic of Creation is because we have never allow ourselves to truly experienced the depth and breadth of our own creativity and the Creative Power of Creation. Yet we can experience it in any moment for we are subconsciously using it every moment. Once you have stumbled into a conscious experience of depth and breadth of your creative power without the imposition of mind and what it thinks, you will see for yourself how shallow we live life. You will see why such an experience of oneself and the Creative Power of Creation is so important. So the question is, “How do we consciously experience the depth and breadth of our creativity and the Source of Creation and to see for ourselves what we really are - how does one get out of mind to see the “stuff” of Creation?”

Looking for a way out of our problem and a way out of mind (Top)

I have had a profound experienced the Source of Creation. It is what created the occasion to propel me to ultimately write these words and create this and the application websites. I have also read and compared the lives of those, who in one way or another, have been called a “master,” a great teacher or mystic because they too are reported to have experience the depth and breadth of their creative powers or the Source of Creation. In this comparison it became clear to me that what any individual tries to creates, including me, to get another to have an experience of the Source is based on how their particular mind interprets what will need to be done based on their past experience. It will not be what any one particular individual needs to do. What is provided may be true and generically applicable to many individuals. But there will always be an aspect that is unique to you and only you can find. Some where, at some point, you must break off from the guidance of others and follow your own unique path.

The problem is whatever one creates from mind to access the source/Source of one’s creative power is not what is needed for another. Any given mind creates only what it thinks needs to be done. As such, it makes no sense trying to create anything to guide people towards the source of their creative power and/or the Source of Creation. All one can do is create the space for an individual’s creative spirit to become free and allow that creative spirit to guide the individual into their own being to make the experience more probable. This is done by getting the individual out of mind to become intimate with their creative spirit so they can trust it. Then stepping out of what they think and believe to follow their own creative intuitive guidance. Other than that, nothing much can be done and will simply make the journey harder than necessary.

What became clear is that we each have had, do have, or will have a conscious experience of the Source of Creation. Since it is always with us and we are always connected to it and using it all the time, it is only a matter of time for us to realize it. However, we usually don’t recognize it for we don’t have the minimum requisite set of experiences to understand it. We can recognize it as we being to accumulate the experiences that make up that requisite minimum set of experiences.

The problem is that the Source of our being and the Source of our creative power is creatively infinite. When we are out of mind and its limits and barriers and have an awareness of the experience of the Source, we can experience the infinite in a conscious fashion. However, to try and recall the experience in any way, communicate to another, or otherwise try and express what we experienced, we filter the experience through mind. We characterize the experience the best we can based on what mind has experienced. Hence we attempt to put infinity into a box in the way we are attempting to layout as a path. That cannot be done. We cannot put infinity into a box with mind as we normally know it and understand it.

The question is, “How good of an approximation is the path or way that the individual creates to direct another to the source/Source?”. The interesting thing is that whatever we say, express or create to return to the Source will be based on our past and be reflective of the experiences we have had. As such it will be inaccurate for we don’t really know what allowed us to step out of mind and experience it in the first place. We think we do but we don’t. We will have an approximate understanding, but not the correct one. We think it was what we were doing at the time or how we prepared ourselves in some way. But we really don’t know. And to think we know is to be in mind and its limitations. So no matter what we think we need to do to create that experience for ourselves or another will not be correct. No matter who we are and what we say and/or think about the experience of the Source, it will not be accurate for it is only an interpretation by our individual mind. But, nevertheless, there is a great power in knowing this and it can become the key.

A part of me finds a deep sadness in all of this. The result is that no matter what one creates and/or says about how to access the Source and no matter how noble their intention, what is said is only based on how their mind understands it and will be reflective of their past experiences. It will always in some way be wrong for one cannot put the infinite into the finite box of one’s own mind. But this is true for each of us. Nothing anyone can say about how to access the Source will be ultimately correct. Each of us will package the experience we have based on our own unique past and it will not accurately reflect how to get the Source as to what needs to be done. All that can be done is to create the space for another to do what they need to do. But the question is, “What is it one needs to do and how does one find it out when their mind cannot tell them?

Believe it or not, the answer is provided in becoming intimate with your creative spirit and feel you way to it. The key is feeling. It is using mind to remember and focus on the feeling that gives a fullness of being and/or a fullness of life and follow that feeling - to follow the feeling that arises from the flow of energy that sustains us to take us to the Source. It is to use mind to follow the feeling and to see what allows a expansion and growth of that feeling in our life. If we do that, along the way we will stumble into, or rather, fall into the Source.

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