Minimum Set of Requisite of Experience

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Mind, at least as we normally know it and experience it, is the produce of the experiences of life that we have had. Any experience mind has is characterizes by mind the best mind can do based on the experiences it has had As such, any new experience one has may, or may not, be properly characterized by mind. Unless one has a minimum set of requisite experience to understand a new experience, mind will improperly characterize or describe what it experiences. A truly creative endeavor is to experience something that does not yet exist. Hence mind will not be able to see what needs to occur until a minimum set of requisite experience is obtained to see how all the pieces fit together.

As one gains the pieces to this minimum set of experiences, mind will more accurately characterize what it experiences. Hence, whenever one experiences something that is truly creative and has not been previously experience, mind will be hard pressed to provide an accurate interpretation of what is experienced. Other than discarding experiences it does not understand, it will look to its past to find that experience or those experiences that most look like what is currently being experienced. This in turn recasts the new experience in the form of the past. Additionally, in a creative endeavor since what it faces is unknown, when you need to enter the unknown, you may find mind may find mind projecting some or all the fears of the past on that unknown rather than looking objectively face the true hazards that may be present.

In many ways obtaining the minimum set of requisite experience is like putting together a picture puzzle or a mosaic. Some pieces give you more information than another. But until you get a minimum set of pieces laid out, you cannot see exactly what picture the puzzle makes. You many not need a particular set of pieces to see the picture but there is a minimum set of pieces you must have before you are sure of the picture. So too any creative endeavor. Until you get that minimum set of requisite experience, where each experience is like a puzzle piece, you cannot see all that needs to be done for the creative effort. How long it takes to get all the necessary pieces for that minimum set is entirely dependent on what you desire to create and from were you start your creative effort.

In any truly creative effort, there is obviously more information than required that is nice to know. That is, there are more pieces to the puzzle than that minimum set. Then there is the information your mind thinks it need to know but does not give you part of that minimum set and many not ever be relevant to the creative endeavor. Finally, there is the information you need to know. The question is how do you get what you need to know within the constrains of the time and money available to you. Unfortunately, you don’t know. You have to surrender to the creative process and pay the price whatever it may be to create what you desire.

From personal experience in my early creative endeavors, as I think we all do, I did what my mind considered should be done. However, I was also open to what my intuitive guidance provided about the journey. In the end I found what my mind lead me to do was no where near as fruitful as compared to what my intuitive guidance lead me to do relative to my creative endeavors. In many ways I had to “burn off” the belief that my mind knew what to do. In time I learned to just follow my intuitive guidance and use my mind to make it safe to acquire the experience my intuitive guidance was directing me to have.

So too in your creative journeys. Your intuitive guidance will lead you to the minimum set of requisite experience in the fastest way. We only need to be open to act on what intuitive guidance provides and use our mind to find a way to safely honor what intuitive guidance provides
The topics “Using creative play to recreate oneself “ and “Why the second half of the journey took nine years” discuss the issue of obtaining the minimum set of experience for a particular creative endeavor. The creative endeavor was exploring creativity which eventually gave rise to the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding. These discussion may provides some insights as to what you may expect in your creative endeavors while you obtain that minimum set of experiences to create what you desire.

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