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Meditation is the conscious focusing and direction of one’s mental attention and awareness in a particular way to achieve a particular end. A single point focus is to hold a single intention at the exclusion of all others for the duration of the creative effort.. This includes other consciously held intentions and our subconscious intentions.

However it is extremely to hold a single focus at the exclusion of all else when living a physical life. There are needs we must meet to stay alive that will constantly distract us from our focus. Consequently, a single point focus is a dance. It is a dance between what gives us life and sustains our life and what we desire to create. The most powerful creative efforts are those where what we try and create also gives us life at every level of our being. That is what we create is able to supply the resource to sustain our life, like the money to buy food and obtain housing, and give us a spiritual, emotional and mental life.

A single point focus requires us to look at each thought, choice and action we take as to whether or not it supports what we desire to create. At first this seems very difficult to do but it is actually much easier that we can imagine. Whenever our desired creation is accompanied by a great passion it is very easy. We naturally look to see if our actions and supporting where our passion desires to lead. Hence it behooves us creation what give us passion and which arises from our passion. Then are creative efforts become very joyful no matter how difficult the creative effort may be.

Holding a single point focus with our life is much like celestial navigation and navigating a ship crossing the ocean. As the ship crosses the ocean, we have a navigation star, a point of reference that does not move, that we continually check to ensure you do not get off course. Although a storm may blow us off course or the cloud cover does not allow us to see our navigation start, as soon as the sky clears we can get a navigation fix . As soon as we get that fix, we know what direction we need to go in life and can make the necessary adjustments. With is important about a single point focus is that we are always actively engaged in life and never have to be removed from it.

Where as meditation is to sit and yoga is to hold a given set of postures, a single point focus is about getting up, walking (or running, hopping, skipping or jumping) and freely moving into any aspect of life and yet remaining on course for what we desire to create. Here, every decision we make and action we take as we walk into life is toward what we desire to create as much as possible based on our internal compass no matter how or why we move off course.

Although meditation is a very helpful and useful tool in any creative effort, especially to create mindfulness and awareness, it is only a tool that you use and it cannot become a end unto itself. A single point focus is not the same as the focus you hold in most meditation practices as traditionally taught. They are closely related but different. Yet, some see a mediation practice as creating a single point focus for their life. But a meditation practice cannot be a single point focus. A single point focus requires us to live life every moment and actively engage life. It requires us to make our choices in favor of what we desire to create. Most meditation practices remove us from life as opposed to putting us into life.

Many meditation traditions talk to the points that are needed to create a single point focus but they don’t really show people how to go and do it. Individuals are most often taught to hold focus in the way one uses a mantra, idol or whatever it is one uses to focus their attention and awareness. Many believe and think this is a single point focus for their life. However, sitting and holding an mental image, thoughts, sound or idea in meditation is different that a single point focus for our life. A single point focus guides all of our actions in life, including our meditation practice. It is not the other way around. A single point focus is about keeping the end in mind for every action we take for what we experience here and now in the moment.

Traditional meditation whether as meditation or yogic practice, is to sit and/or move in a precise way and either call what we desire into our life through the focus of our attention and awareness and/or create what we desire out of the “no-thing-ness” of Creation. Normally meditation or yoga is done to obtain a spiritual state or some mystical experience. It essence, it is to turn our mental concept into an actually perception as discussed in the origins section in the discussion topic “Origins and occasion for creating Meditation Concepts and Principles for Creativity” This can be done and but we need to sacrifice a great deal of time and effort to create it. There is an easier way to create and it is through a single point focus for our life in all we do. We simply need to become aware of the feeling associated for the many thoughts, actions, deeds and memories we have as we move through life. Then choose those as often as we can those that move us toward, or into alignment with, the feeling of the creation we desire to manifest.

It is to be noted here that in the discussions “An Inherent Mystic” and the “The Subconscious Journey into Creativity” it was stated the author asked a question around age eight or nine. That question was, “Why don’t people live every day the way they say they want to live at church on Sunday?” The answer to this question is the single point focus. Quite simply individuals did not want to live as they said or they were not taught how to live such a life. To create anything in life we need to have focus and hold that focus for the duration of the creation. If we wish to change how we live our life, we have to hold that focus for everything we do in life. We have to hold a single point focus for our life and make our life a living meditation.

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