Time, space and a view from within the creative/creation process


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It has been said time and space do not exist outside the creative/creation process and that there is an instantaneous communication with the process and all of Creation. This is a concept hard for mind to comprehend because mind as we know it and experience it is part of the process and formed within the process. What needs to be understood is that the experience of time and space only exists when you are in the process and compare one part of the process with another. If you stand outside the process you see the whole process occurring simultaneously because all is interconnected. If you look at the rain cycle in the rain-river analogy there is one overall process that can be divided into several parts - evaporation, condensation, flow in the river, return to the source. The overall process is instantaneous, ongoing and never ending. As soon as a consciousness awakens, there is a flow into and out of a creation. We need to remember for consciousness to awaken within energy consciousness means to be in the flow so an awaken consciousness will viewing from within the flow and it can view the process in one of three primary ways.

Using the rain-river analogy, one way to view the cycle is to view the entire cycle from within the cycle. This means we have the perspective of a water molecule. Its essence never changes but only how it interacts with its environment. To see the entire cycle form within one would have to live in what is called the “now” with no comparison to the past or the future. It is to only observe what is as we go around the entire cycle. We only need to become aware and remember when we begin to repeat the process. It is to be just present to what is as it is without any judgments in any way. Here we just experience what is as it arises. In the awareness of now, there is no death. There is just events that eventually repeat themselves to one degree or another.

The second is to view the process from the perspective of the water vapor which is to see the process from the birth of the vapor, starting at the point of the water vapor rising from the ocean, to the death of the vapor where it falling to the ground as rain. In this case the time between death and birth, where the water flows back to the sea lies in the unseen realm of Creation.

The third is to view the cycle from the perspective of the water finding its way back to the ocean. It is to being at birth were the rain falls to the ground and flows back to the sea where the river “dies.” Here again, the time between death and birth, the evaporation of the water into a cloud to form rain lies in the unseen realm of Creation.

If one views the cycle from either the perspective of the rain falling and flowing back to the sea or the water vapor rising to form rain one will experience the equivalent of physical Creation. In one case, the river will give a form (the river) to the flow path and there will be different types and kinds of experiences as the river traverses the landscape flowing back to the sea. When the flow dissipates into the sea, the form of the river no longer exists and there the death of the river. The vehicle that was uses to return to the sea, the river, no longer exists. When viewed from this perspective the unseen aspects of the process in the atmosphere are unknown and mysterious to the river. The river in flow cannot comprehend itself without the form of the river.

So too the rain cloud. The experience of the water vapor in the atmosphere rising from the ocean and falling to the ground in rain will experience a similar process but without the rigid form of the river. The cloud has a form and there will be different types and kinds of experiences as the cloud moves over the land to eventually fall as rain. The water vapor in the atmosphere in the ever changing amorphous state of the clouds could not conceive of a fixed flow path like the river. Yet the water vapor experiences a birth and death much like the river.

In the end, in both these examples, the essence of both the water vapor and the water in the river never changes only its expression changes because of the environment in which it finds itself is different. The point here is that the essence within the process never changes. It only appears to change. If experienced from within the process as water molecule, water vapor or as water, there is a creation to experience with time and place and we can always pick a starting point. However, when viewed from the outside the entire process there is only a never ending continues cycle of flowing into and out of form. Here the concept of a staring point is meaningless unless we wish to look at what happens in the process. Then, of course, we enter the creative cycle and no longer stand outside of it.

However, in some ways, the creative/creation process in many ways is more like the magma of the earth than the rain-river cycle. Within the magma analogy the creation process can bbe seen as an internal process where the heat and fire for the creation does not come from any external source as the sun in the rain-river cycle. Rather the fire is internal and inherent within one’s being like the gravitation attraction of a mass for another mass comes lies inherent within the mass. In the way the gravitational pull of one particle of mass is felt by every other particle of mass, our focus of attention and awareness simultaneously shines across all of Creation affecting every part of Creation. Your focused attention is not only causing the flow of energy into a new form from the formless, it is simultaneous rearranging all the existing form to shift to accommodate what it desires to create. Here again the process is simultaneous no matter where your perception thinks we are in the process. There is an illusion of time only because we are looking and comparing to a starting point.

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