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In using the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material for your creative endeavors, it is asked you remember this material is being provided free. It is copyrighted but you are free to apply it in your creative endeavors, to recreate life and/or refer others to this website to further promulgate understanding our creative spirit and the depth and breadth of our creativity. If you find your life is rewarded with the understanding provided by this material, and if you are so lead, financial (or other) contributions to further promulgate this information are welcome. Creation is not done alone and we need others to help create the experiences we have.

There are two primary goals for the use of any contributions which are received. The first goal is to make the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity family of web sites financially independent. That is, there is a cost to maintaining the web sites in there current form. The goal is to pay for their upkeep and accumulate a sufficient level of funds that can be placed in a annuity type account, or its equivalent, to pay for the maintenance and upkeep of the web sites and discussion topics as they currently exist. In this way, someone other than the author can maintain the dissemination of this information on the web. In the past, such information was place in books and maintained by libraries. As a result of the way the discussion topics are hyperlinked, the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is only available on the web. Hence, an ongoing maintenance cost.

The second goal, is to create and finance a learning center and a retreat center based on the understanding you find in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material The learning center is a place where individuals can go to be assisted in learning about their creative spirit, developing a creativity perspective and learn how to hold their creativity sacred. Although many can do this on their own, others need some type of coaching and/or formal structure. These individuals need a place to go where they can learn what they need. The retreat center would be someplace that is safe and secure where an individual could go and be free to explore what their creative spirit desires to experience in the way they need to experience it. Of course, the retreat center may not always be a particular place but may be the people with whom we elect to have an experience and they share the same common purpose of holding our creativity sacred.

Contributions can be made through the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity payments page. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity programs and services is not a nonprofit organization so there are no tax deductions for your contribution. But, it is not a for profit organization looking to take your money in one way or another. It seek to provide ways for individuals to access the depth and breadth of their unlimited creativity and have a safe and secure space to do so. It seek to pay those who contribute to that effort a fair living wage for the work rendered. It seeks only to create an equilibrium flow where what comes in pays the expenses and what remains is turned into ways and/or products that can be made available and distributed to others free or with nominal charge to cover the full cost. It is recommended you give because you believe in the effort and you feel it is worth contributing much the way you would give a gift to someone for whom you care.

It needs to be noted, from a creativity perspective and the nature of attachments in the creative process, anything given with an expectation is not a really a gift. A true gift is freely given with no expectations or attachments. To give freely to nourish a creation with no attachments is one of the hardest lessons to learn in creativity and necessary to access the depth and breadth of our creative ability and creative power .

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity view is that the process which needs to be established is more like a tree. When the tree is nourished and the properly nutrients are provided, it grows, bears fruit and multiplies. A tree gives it fruit freely without charge. A tree, as will the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding and material, only grow and bear fruit to the degree it is nourished in the way it needs to be nourished. If you like what you see and wish to nurture others through this vehicle and/or the information available, it is requested you nourish the source of this material in the way you are lead financially or otherwise.

In essence there are four ways a contribution can be given to the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding and material. The four ways can be seen analogously as in serving and making breakfast. There is the cook who makes the breakfast, the waiter or waitress who delivers the breakfast, the chicken who contributes an egg to the breakfast and the pig who becomes the breakfast in the form of the bacon or the ham. So too in contributing to this material. You can function as a waiter or waitress and bring this material to the attention of someone who is hungry for such material. Or, you can be like the cook who uses this material in some way to feed the hunger of another. Or, you can be like the chicken and make financial or other contribution. Or, you can become the pig and apply this material in your life to access and release your unlimited creativity.

Contributions can be made by credit card at the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity payments page Click here to access this page.

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