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There are five reasons why the material related to the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology applications related web sites is provided free. They are 1) to keep faith with a request, 2) there are some things on which no price can be paid, 3) an advertisement, 4) a desire that individuals do not have to become desperate, and 5) some concepts need time to grow.

Keeping faith with a request (Top)

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is the result of a journey which started in response to what is traditionally called “a calling.” Traditionally a calling is a convocation or summons to perform a task. Or, it can be seen as a vocation or a profession. The calling received by the author is discussed in the origins and background discussions related to the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material. It was both a summons and became a vocation when the author acted to address the calling.

In particular the calling asked, “Who will protect my children?” Over the years the author responded to protect the children based on who and what he thought the children were and how to protect them. Over time he gained clarity as to exactly who these children were and what was required to protect them. Needless to say, what he understood at the beginning of the journey was not the understanding with which he ended the journey.

The author started with the understanding that the children were simply workers and members of the public who needed to be protected from the harmful effects of radiation. At the end of the journey the author understood the children to be 1) a powerful childlike playful creative spirit that resides within each individual and 2) the offspring created by the creative spirit within each individual as they interact with each other. The concept of the spirit used here is similar but not the same as that used in religion and spiritually and should not be confused with it. The concept and understanding of spirit as used in many religious and spiritual traditions does little to protect this creative spirit and often harms it more than helps it. The web site “Our Creative Spirit” discusses why these “children” are called creative spirits and provides further information about the creative spirit.

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material was written to capture the fundamental understanding and basic methodologies to protect the children to which the voice referred. If you look carefully at the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity application web sites you will see that all they do is provide the basic understanding of how to begin to address all sides of the cage, a cage of our own making, in which our creative spirit is held captive. The material addresses the bars of limitation reflective of the lack of awareness about what nourishes the creative spirit that constitutes the bars of the cage.

To withhold any of the information related to protecting the children for personal gain of the author would not keep faith with what the voice requested. Hence, the material is made free to protect the children.

Things on which no price can be placed (Top)

The are things in life on which no price can be assessed and no price can be paid. Part of protecting the creative spirit is to nurture the creative spirit. To nurture the creative spirit is to give what is needed by the spirit and not what one wants to give.

Giving what is needed to nurture a creative spirit is one of those things on which a price cannot be place. To attempt to do so prevents, in some way, accessing what can be offered and what is needed. If nurturing is not given unconditionally so that it can be taken in the way the nurturing is needed, adequate nurturing will not occur. The grown and unfoldment of the creative spirit will be impeded in some way. Although there will be nurturing to one degree or another, but it will not be the nurturing that is needed. Because it is not freely given it cannot be taken in the way that it is needed. Any conditions placed on the nurturing, whether how it is given or how it is taken, causes something to be lost.

To put a price on nurturing, for example, the exchange of money or anything else as a condition on the nurturing is given, destroys the nurturing in some way. This is why many ancient healers did not charge for their service. A donation and/or some type of offering would be given. The healer would rely on the generosity of the individuals with whom he worked.

This information provided in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity is nurturing. It allows for the growth and unfoldment of the creative spirit true to itself. To keep such information from people only does them, and oneself, a disservice and maybe even harm. The age of secrets is over. All that can be known about the creative spirit needs to be given to protect it.

In exploring creativity, how we create our experiences and what is needed to protect and nurture the creative spirit, it was found there are two pieces of information that are essential to nurturing the creative spirit. One piece of information is to understand the existence of our creative spirit and how its free unfoldment, or lack of free unfoldment, has a tremendous impact on what we can create. In understanding the creative spirit exists, we can learn to develop a conscious intimate relationship with it to access whatever creative power we need. The second piece of information is to nurture our creative spirit we need to hold our creativity and the creative spirit sacred.

A minimum understanding of these two topics will help us to do two things. One is that it helps us to explain and understand our deepest inner longing and/or what can give us a satisfaction in life that never runs dry no matter what is happening in the external world. The other is that it will allow us to access whatever level of creative power and ability we need to create what we desire. Awareness of our creative spirit is not needed to access our creative power and creative ability for we can always access some portion of them. However, the awareness of, and the nurturing of our creative spirit, is essential if we wish to access the depth and breadth of our creativity and step outside who and what we think we are to claim our birthright as the creative being that we are. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material provides an understanding and a way to address both these topics. In this regard, the material to begin to address these topics is provided free on the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity application web sites.

An advertisement (Top)

There is a tremendous amount of understanding and information which needs to be shared to adequately protect all aspects of the children. More important, many of the aspects are interconnected. To talk about, and work with, only one aspects can often be at the expense of another. The ability to interconnect discussions on different aspects of the creative spirit through hyperlinks allows us to see how our beliefs form web like connections with many other aspects that at first may seem unrelated. The web site listings offer a way to present much of the needed information yet reveal the depth and breadth of what needs to be addressed and areas you may need to explore in your own life.

All that needs to be said and experienced relative to the creative spirit cannot be put on the web or in book. For many understanding there is a academic or classroom aspect and then a laboratory or experiential aspect. So too what needs to be learned about the creative spirit. All written material can do is introduce many of the aspects which need to be explored. You will have to do your own experiments to explore it.

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material on the web provides the essential academic/classroom aspect you need to begin to develop an intimate relationship with your creative spirit and to being to learn to hold your creativity sacred through the use of a creativity perspective. It is the type of understanding which can be provided through such thing mentally oriented activities such as traditional classroom, workshops, lectures, and academic type programs where one could learn the necessary different way of thinking. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material on the web provides the framework to start your own journey.

You, of course, will have to choose to take action on what you learn and implement it in your own life. You will have to give yourself permission to experiment with this information and see what works for you. The experiential understanding is more of a laboratory approach were one actually has physical experiences such as in ritual, metatheater, prototyping, pilot testing or performing experiments on their beliefs and acting to create.

The recommendation is that you allow effectiveness be your measure of truth. If what you learn is effect in your life to develop an intimate relationship with your creative spirit, to hold your creativity sacred, and for it to begin to freely unfold, then use it. Otherwise, find something that better serves your creative needs.

Additionally, creation and creativity is not done alone. You will need the assistance of another or others. The Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines have been designed to use in your creative endeavors with the support of others. All you need is one other person with whom you can be mutually supportive. Of course, you can always call on the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Programs and Services for advice. Hence, this material can be seen is an advertisement as to the areas or topics where you may need additional assistance so that you can create with that other.

The desire to not have individuals become desperate (Top)

What is interesting about the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is that desperate individuals are those who are most open to what it has to offer. The reason for this is quite simple. Much of the understanding about the inherent creative power and ability available to our creative spirit is too much to be believed. People who are desperate have usually moved past what their mind can offer. Because they have moved past what mind has to offer, they are free to look at alternative and/or something beyond what they think and believe. Hence they are open to what is offered. However, once free of their desperation they have no interest in conscious creating. It is too much to believe and offers too much responsibility yet it is what takes them out of their desperation.

One goal was, and is, to find a way that individuals would become interested in what causes them to become desperate so they did not become desperate in the future. It is like preventive medicine or how safety is achieved. One looks to see what things in life cause our problems and then we live life in a way that helps to avoid the problems. One can learn from the mistakes of others and not have to repeat the mistakes they have made.

Much of author’s work has been about looking, watching and observing the mistakes we have individually and collectively made in the past to find a way such that others don’t have to make the same mistakes. That is one things which this work offers. That is, to do what we do safely from what we have learned from the mistakes and experiences of others.

All accidents have precursors. So do the events in our lives. Contrary to popular beliefs, things don’t just happen. There is a cause and event chain that allows events to occur, even the miracles. In regard to the mistakes we make relative to our creative power and creative abilities, sexuality almost always raises itself as an issue. It is the place were we seem to make our biggest mistakes and compromise our creativity whether or not we engages in sex. It is not because of the sex or sexuality but what is missing in our own hearts that so many look for the other to fill in their life. In looking outward rather than within, we end up denying our own power.

The author does not really wish to create an identity in helping desperate people for then, as a creator, at a subconscious level, he then needs to create desperate people to have that identity of helping people. The author has no interest no in creating desperation in his life or anyone else’s life.

The same is true for many identities. Someone who gets their identity as a healer needs to create sick people who need to be healed. Someone who gets their identity from being as intermediator with God such as a priest, minister, mullah, rabbi and the like needs to create individuals who need an intermediator because they can’t create their own awareness of the Creator. A therapist or counselor who gets their identity from their therapy or counseling needs to create people who need such therapy or counseling. However, a creator only needs someone who desires to create something different and which betters serves them. It doesn’t matter if the individual has a starting condition one would call illness or one of great health, one can still create with them in the same way. Nor does it matter what the individual wants to create. A creator will always create using the same process and principles.

The hope in providing this material free is that individuals will learn to create something new in their life long before they become desperate. Through our abilities like the internal compass, we can sense when what we experience is not longer serving us. In that awareness we can begin to recreate our world long before it turns into a desperation.

Some concepts need time to grow (Top)

The last reason is a very practical consideration. There are ideas and concepts which are needed to protect and nurture the creative spirit which are often too much to be believe. They lie too far outside one’s current mind set and way of thinking to readily accept and embrace. Such ideas and concepts must be ingested, contemplated, and then nurtured in the way they need to be nurtured. Then they must be allowed to germinate, grown and unfold within one’s mind before to bear fruit one can fully act on them. Often this growth process requires one to experiment and try all the other options their mind can dream up before they are willing to embrace the concepts and ideas that lie too far “out of the box.” Others spiral around such ideas returning to them again and again over time until at some point, they can fully embrace and act on the ideas and concepts.

However, it was observed that much of the work was not about helping the individual address what they needed to do and/or face to get on with their creative endeavor. Rather, it was about looking carefully at how they were responding to life and creating a way to help an individual find the correct perspective for the approach they needed to take. For example, an individual wants to go to the moon. But, all they know about and can conceive is to use an airplane. But an airplane will not work. The physics of the problem will not allow it. Before one can help the individual to create the correct vehicle, one must create a way to bring the individual to the realization that they need to have a rocket (the new necessary perspective) to go to the moon rather than an airplane. The problem is compounded when they have a fixation on using a airplane and don’t want to hear about other options.

Creating a way to bring the individual to the realization they need a rocked and then help them get the correct understanding about rockets is a completely different kind of task than building the rocket and getting to the moon (the creative endeavor). The individual has to both embrace the ideas which required a different perspective and then act on that new perspective. However, unless the individual or organization is desperate and had already realized their current perspective is not working, or they are very open minded, they would have to be convinced of the existence of an alternative way that differs from what they thought. This can take enormous time and effort.

The mind which created the problem mind wishes to solve is not the mind that will solve the problem. Yet the creativity that mind seeks, which will provide the desire solution, is held captive in a cage created by mind. Hence a significant portion of the journey to access the necessary creativity is about learning to unlock the cage which mind itself has created. That is, to get out of one’s current way of thinking and believing to see options that can better serve their creative needs.
It was found much time and effort were being diverted into the more mundane discussion as to the truth and bases of the principles and concepts necessary for the creativity perspective rather than getting the perspective and using it. Analogously, too much time was being spent not looking at the facts about flying to the moon. Rather than learning about rockets and building one to go to the moon, too much time was spent on discussing the virtues of a rocket as opposed to an airplane for escaping the pull of gravity. There was no consideration of the fact that once you leave the atmosphere, there is no air movement to support the airplane or its engines. Most of the discussions with these individuals centered on trying to get the individual to step out of the mind that created the problem and to rely on a clear intention and one’s intuition to lead them through the unknown to the solution.

Most individuals were comfortable with their mind and what they thought and believed as opposed to learning to step out of mind and learn use their intuition to guide them. So, it was found that it was much easier and more constructive to simply give the individual the basic information in as complete a fashion as possible. Then allow them to accept it, reject it, go off to explore the validity of the principles and concepts and/or, argue about the information as they felt, or thought, necessary. If, in the end, they were not willing to accept the principles and concepts necessary to change their perspective, there was little that could be done for them.

It became clear it was not about convincing them to change their perspective. It was about them convincing themselves in their own way. Some take longer than others and some are more stubborn than others. It was found that as long as there is someone or something to keep them focused, they would eventually have to confront their mind and step past their limiting beliefs. All that could be done was plant the seed and keep them focused. That is what this and related Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity supported web sites will do for you if you use them. This information on the web will plants the seed to evolve your thinking into something else. If you find this information freeing to your creative spirit then use that feeling of freedom to keep you focused and seek an expansion of that freedom. In time, you will find you can get what you need. Not necessarily what mind wants but what you need to create what you desire.

As stated on the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity home page, the intention and focus of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach is teach you how to fish (to create for any situation you face). Its goal is to honor the proverb, “Give a person a fish, they eat for a day. Teach them how to fish, and they eat for a lifetime.” If you get a creative solution, you solve a problem. If you get a creativity perspective, you have the understanding for solving any problem. The focus of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach has been to teach one to understand what they do and why..

What was discovered was the individual often needed to decide if they wanted a solution and to be just told what to do or whether or not they desired to learn to create. It was noted that the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material pulls the individual in the direction of learning how to create rather than just obtaining a solution. Many individuals are looking for that quick fix and as such, only desire to be given a fish. So whenever they were faced with learning how to fish there always was some reason to balk at what was being provided or they would find their lives were subconsciously orchestrated in such a way that they were called to go do something else. There was always some excuse that would be given but in the end it was only because they did not want to learn how to fish - all they wanted was a fish.

In working through these concepts with individuals, it was found it was unnecessary to be involved in the discussion and/or arguments about these principles and concepts. In reality, the individual was arguing with themselves and the author was only the external focus for their internal struggle. The individual was arguing within themselves whether or not the just wanted a fish or they wanted to learn how to fish. They had not made up their mind. The biggest problem most faced was that it is too much to believe that they could really learn how they create their reality and the experiences in that reality. For many it was too frightening if not terrifying.

When one is stuck in a particular belief pattern they cannot see their way out. More often than not, most were simply trying to justify the way they currently perceived the situation and had no real desire to change their thinking even though it was that very thinking that created the problem. They tended to believe that the author, the one who was trying to create the space for them to see differently, wanted to do things “his way” way as opposed to “their” way. They saw the author as somehow trying to control or manipulate them. In reality, the author was only trying to show them how their current perspective created their problem and how and what they would have to change to get to the root of their issues. They could not see it was their own mind and their addiction to their past way of thinking that was keeping them bound.

Alternatively said, the author would analyze their perspective about the situation and see how their thinking and beliefs caused their energy to become bound in the current situation. As discussed in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Approach, he looked to see how their energy is currently raveled, entwined and/or otherwise entangled in their life and world they currently experienced. The approach is then to find a way to release or untangle a sufficient amount of their creative power from their existing world to create the new experiences they desired. The approach is to proverbially “pull the string” as you would a string to unknit a knitted sweater. The goal is to undo the creative steps they had taken to create their existing experiences to free the energy and ability to create the desired experiences at the root cause level, or maybe better said, at the energetic level. In essence, most individuals were not sufficiently desperate to abandon the thinking and beliefs that gave rise to their problem or issue.

To save time, money, effort and a large amount of unnecessary discussion for all parties involved. It is easier to do two things. One is to just give the concepts and principles for the individual to read and digest and allow them to grow in the way they can grow within the individual’s being. In time, they will bear fruit. The second is to provide a way to just act without the need for understanding. The Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines were created for that purpose. Digesting and contemplating the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity information provided through the web and uses the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines with the individual or individuals of your choice, you will accelerate your unfoldment at a pace of your choosing.

If you agree with these ideas and concepts and/or they feel “right” to you, you can then choose to pursue their use whom ever you wish in your own way, through the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines or within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity programs and services. The door is open for any of those possibilities singly or in combination. There is no need to choose to work with the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity methodology to use this material.

Since the intention of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology is to help free a sufficient amount of your creative life energy to free your creative spirit to create what you desire, there is no desire to bind you in any way to the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach. The information is made available here in such a way that you can use it with whomever you choose. You do not need to request any type and kind of support from the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity programs and services. You are free to choose what you wish. However, you should look to your intuition to guide you rather than your mind.

In any case, the understanding about creating an intimate relationship with you creative spirit and holding your creativity sacred, are too important to protecting your creative spirit to discard. If you do nothing else, it is recommend you at least contemplate your creative spirit and see what it really looks like and what it desires to create and what is needed to nurture and protect it.

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