Metatheatric Performance

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Meta-theater is only a theatrical production with the intention of looking beyond the physicalness of what occurs as to what we believe about what is occurring. Meta-theater allows for the spontaneous response to a situation as if it were real and allows us to surface what they believe about the situation created by the meta-theater. The theory behind the use of metatheater is addressed in the topics, “Basic theory giving rise to using rituals, ceremony and metatheater” and the “Theory of metatheater to see the illusion of mind.”

Metatheater is a lot like rituals in that they can be used in three way. One way is to honor intuitive guidance. A second way is to create a memory to catalyze something we desire to create. The third way is to explore nonconscious response patterns to life. This third way is the most powerful way to use metatherater.

To use metatheater our ability to enter creative play especially in our creative imagination  becomes very important. Before we can really use metatheater it may be necessary to explore some of the reasons why we lost our ability to creatively play and be in a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike playof exploration and discovery of ourselves. Free exploration allows us to both get to the root of our issue and to find ways around obstacles that are otherwise not possible to overcome.

Meta-theater can be used to reveal any aspect of our being that we chose. Meta-theater can be most powerful where we have a pattern in our life and we don’t really know or understand how we have created that pattern. Thorough a series of well designed theatrical performances that approach the issue from a variety of angles and perspectives one can pin point exactly what type and kind of situation triggers the response or what angel of approach is most sensitive. We are then free to explore the cause behind that response.

For some, meta-theater performances are an enjoyable form of entertainment to see what one has buried deep within their being. Obviously the more the meta-theater can be done and allowing oneself to surrender to the role in the spontaneous innocence of childlike play the more enjoyable and revealing it can be.

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