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Exploring energy consciousness is about exploring the different forms and aspects of energy consciousness that we cannot do as a physical experience while in a body. In many ways, exploring energy consciousness in the world of our creative imagination  is the realm of mystics, shamans, medicine men/women and other individuals who have an ability to communicated with the spirits within nature and/or other realms of existence.

What needs to be understood is that energy and consciousness are different aspects of the same material of creation. Any portion of energy consciousness can be experienced as a separate creation and as an energy or as a consciousness and/or both. A portion of energy consciousness experienced only as energy will be experienced as a feeling or, in Physical Creation as some inanimate object or part of Creation. A portion of energy consciousness experienced only as consciousness will be experienced as an idea or perception of some disembodied spirit or nonphysical entity. A portion of energy consciousness experienced as energy and consciousness will be experienced as a another type and kind of physically manifested life form in which we can communicate or as a feeling which has a communication of which we are aware. To access the awareness which lies in feeling, a communication within a feeling, is the doorway to exploring energy consciousness in the world of our creative imagination .

When we enter the world of our creative imagination  with a feeling of which we are aware of a communication in that feeling or with some knowledge from the feeling our mind will being to characterize what we experience into some form. How our mind characterizes it is totally dependent on how and what we think and believe and the experiences we have had. Some have conversations with animals. Some communicate with spirit guides with or without a human form. Some see aliens. Some see strange and mystical creatures. Some see a variety of other forms. The question becomes, "Do we believe what we experience as real and/or do we believe the information we are given?" Some do and some donít. The way we believe and why we do or donít believe makes all the difference.

Many have come to believe our creativity and what we can create is limited by our bodies and/or there is a given way creation/Creation works based on what we have come to believe. It is true in part that our unlimited creativity is limited by being in a body. But it is not that we are unable to access any aspect of Creation while in a body. We do so through our creative imagination . We are just limited by the type and kind of experience we have with whatever we access.

We have failed to come to understand the truth of our being and to realize we all possess an unlimited creativity. We each have the ability to access the unseen realms of Creation and explore in ways our mind cannot often logically understand. We do so simply by how we choose to focus our attention and awareness and realize what we experience will be determined by the environment in which we find ourselves. That is, different environments will give us a different experience for the same focus of our attention and awareness. Sometimes we can create an actual physical experience or experience in a specific realm of Creation where as at other times all we can do it experience another aspect of Creation in our creative imagination . However, whatever we experience in our creative imagination is nonetheless a real experience. There is a real energy giving rise to whatever it is we experience. The key is to work with the energy whatever characterization our mind give it. To work with the energy is to work with the feeling and to discern the subtle difference as to how one energy feels in comparison to another.

As a human being, our creative life energy/creative spirit is only currently localized in Physical Creation. Most of our attention and awareness is directed toward, and into, our physical experience as a human being However, through the wave particle nature energy consciousness a part of our being continues to permeate the unseen realms of Creation. We can direct our awareness into any aspect of Creation and experience it as an individualized consciousness or entity. The question is whether or not we are open to what is communicated and how it is communicated.

Similarly, for any other individuated point of consciousness that which has a facet of its focus of its attention and awareness on, or in, being physical, we can experience as physical and within some type and kind of physical experience. In these cases a portion of its localized energy overlaps the localized energy of Physical Creation and we see something in common with it and perceive it as being real That which does not have a facet of being physical will be seen and experienced only in the non physical and characterized by our mind as something accessible and through our creative imagination . That is, if our mind has the previous experiences to understand what we experience. In these cases our mind will determine if what we experience is real or unreal and what the communication means if anything.

It needs to be understood it is not always our perception that determined how we will experience any give aspect of energy consciousness or any other independent point of consciousness. Creation is not done alone. It too has a say in how it experiences us. Any experience we have, whatever it looks like and however it is experienced, is the fulfillment of a desire on the part of all involved. In this regard, there are parts or aspects of Creation that are closed to us simply because they do not desire to experience us as we currently are as a result of how and what we think and believe. We can, of course, go into the depth of our being and ask, "What do I need to do, what do I need to become, how do I need to focus my attention and awareness so as to have an experience of ....(whatever we desire)?" Then, of course, we need to honoring the insight we receive.

Exploring energy consciousness in the world of our creative imagination  is about creating and experiencing any aspect of Creation in true creative  freedom. The world of our creative imagination is a place where there are no limits and no boundaries. All is possible. We can experience any facet of energy consciousness as true as can be and that our mind can understand and comprehend. Otherwise, we will just be overwhelmed with deep feelings our mind is unable to characterize. But none the less we can learn to work and access information in the deep feeling even though our current mind cannot understand what we are experiencing and how we know what we come to know through the deep feeling.

The only constraints in our creative imagination  are those that we bring into that world and we impose on ourselves. If we cannot be totally and creatively free in the world of imagination, we will never find the freedom in any creation we create, nor in any experience, nor in any reality of Creation. As such, exploring energy consciousness within our creative imagination is a very powerful technique to use to see the attachments we have where we are unable to freely explore options and possibilities.

For example, some find it very difficult to visualize themselves as their enemy and view from the perspective of their deepest adversary. We believe we cannot understand their point of view. But we can if we open ourselves to seeing it and freely exploring it. We only need to realize if we thought and believed the way our enemy does for whatever reason they think and believe what they do and we had their experiences of life, we would find our selves doing the same thing. Similarly, most do not understand we could have a passionate love affair with our enemy, in fact, with anyone on the face of the earth. All that stands in our way is our own mind. It is a very simply test to see our attachments and beliefs by choosing any individual and ask, "Why canít I love them?" and pull the string as to why we receive the answer we do on any answer we get. Most are quite surprised at what they find.

The world of our creative imagination  is the place where we create the seeds we then plant in Physical Creation to manifest what we desire. Any experience we have in our creative imagination no matter how we view it like any memory. It become a seed that if planted in fertile ground, grows and reinforces the belief structure that created it. If we believe what we experience is unreal and totally imaginary we will be unable to effectively use, or severely curtail our ability to use creative imagination and related aspects of our being like our intuitive guidance, body wisdom and the like.

However, if we give ourselves permission to see what we experience in our creative imagination  as having a real aspect and a consciousness with which we can communicate, our world becomes suddenly and dramatically different. We being to realize we can communicate with any aspect of Creation. More importantly, we being to see how any other is like us and they arise from the same essence. We can begin to see how their experiences of life do or do not allow them to be creatively  free and allow for the free unfoldment of their creative spirit. We also begin to see they, as we, are only getting what they/we desire to experience at some level of their/our being. We an begin to see how we and they have placed our creativity in a cage of our own making by what we have come to believe by both our experiences and what we have been taught to believe. In knowing we can communicate with any aspect of Creation, we stand on the threshold of stepping into the depth and breadth of our unlimited creativity and an experience of the oneness of Creation.

In the world of our creative imagination, we can communicate with any facet of creation/Creation whether it is animate or inanimate in Physical Creation. We can become anything and see through the eyes of anything that is real or which we can imagine. The question is, "What do we experience in our creative imagination and what meaning, if any, does it have for our life and what does it tell us about what we really think and believe about life and Creation?.

To really benefit from exploring energy consciousness in the world of our creative imagination, we need to remember the essence of the creation process is that our consciousness creates a disturbance in the fabric of creation by what and how we believe. We bring our desires into an experience by directing our creative life energy into the manifestation of an experience by how we focus our attention and awareness. Reality molds itself to what we believe and it creates an observer making an observation, a creator and a creation, within a context of observation or within a particular environment. The three, the observer, observed and the environment of observation are interconnected and each one affects the others.

We need to realize we are accessing and creating what we experience in our creative imagination  by the beliefs and thoughts we hold going in. A different focus of our attention and awareness will create a different experience. What we experience in our creative imagination is not fixed. Hence it is very important to consider what we think and believe when we make our judgments about what we experience in our creative imagination and what is the value of what we experienced. A different perception of the same experience would result in different information.

We need to understand we are in a feedback loop that can become never ending and a cage of our own making. Part of what any consciousness believes in any one moment is determined by the environment in which it finds itself and the experience it has. What we experience is determined by what we believe and how we have focused our attention and awareness. This cyclic process has the potential to creating a never ending loop (like the proverbial wheel of karma) unless we choose to have a different type and kind of experience and/or to see and experience differently. Other than the change that occurs because we are a creation within a creation, we see and experience what we believe and what we see and experience determined what we believe. It is only the fact we are part of a larger creation that keeps from being totally confined in a cage of our own making.

The recommendation made here is to dance between choosing to become a detached witness for any experience we have yet fully savor the experience without attachment. It is to become like the wind, coming with no attachments and leaving with no attachment to allow the energy giving rise to the experience to be fully dissipated in the experience.

When we choose to see and experience differently all of Creation opens to us. By choosing to vary our internal and external environment we can access and explore any aspect of energy consciousness within our creative imagination . We only need to recognize what we think and believe will materializes as an experience exactly into a form determined by the environment in which we manifest our energy. Each environment will allow for an exact representation of who and what we are as can be supported by that environment. Some environment will be unable to support some characteristics or attributes of an aspect of energy consciousness . Some environments will amply others. Yet all the characteristics are still present. Those that cannot be expressed will remain hidden. Buy varying our internal and external environment we can reveal those hidden aspects through our creative imagination. We only need to look at what is experienced in our creative imagination and how our judged what we experience to understand what and how we believe.

Some techniques

Ground our exploration: The first thing we need to remember about exploring energy consciousness in the world of our creative imagination  is that what is real is what we feel. We can become lost in what we can find and access in our creative imagination. We can even be seduced by some of the feelings we experience and what we find. At other times we can become completely terrified. But we must remember any fear we have is only of the past for we cannot fear the unknown. There may be real hazards we need to face, but the fear is of the past. The recommendation is to become very clear on our intention for exploring our creative imagination and why and exactly what feeling we desire to have for entering the exploration. Then use that feeling we desire to experience to ground our exploration and form an internal compass so we move through the real aspects of our creative imagination to the experience that will enable us to create and manifest our intention.

Imagining: Our imagination is the key to creation.  It is the most powerful transforming agent we have. If we can imagine it, we have the possibility of creating it. Relative to explore energy consciousness, our imagination is only limited by the experiences we have had and what we think and believe. To explore energy consciousness it is extremely important to seek new and different experiences. Otherwise our creativity and what we can create will remain in the cage of our own making limited only by our beliefs.

Imagining allows us to work with energy of creation and its origins as it flows from the Source into an experience desired by our mind. However, to work with the energy of Creation, we need to be certain of our own truth. It is here were imagining can be most useful. That is, to use it to first explore our truth and to know what is true for us.

Visioning: Visualization is a from of imagining with the added aspects of having the intention to manifest that on which we imagine and hold as a single point focus. Visioning is about creating a particular focus of our attention and awareness with the intention of manifest some type and kind of experience of that focus. Relative to manifesting what we envision, visualization is only part of that process. We then need to ask ourselves, "What do I need to become, what do I need to do so as to manifest what I desire?" We then need to honor the insights and/or information which arises.

Guided meditation: There are commercial guided meditations that can be used to explore different aspects of energy consciousness within the realms of established traditions. Some are very powerful and can be quite enlightening. The real issue is what do you wish to explore and why do you wish to explore it. When we have specific things we wish to explore, nothing can really replace a script uniquely written by us to address what we desire to explore. The real point here is that if a commercial or established guided meditation is used, we need to ensure it effectively addresses the issue we are trying to address.

Any guided meditation we create need not be completely created from scratch. It can be based on the products of others. We can use the wisdom found in established guided meditation or as used within a specific traditions, but nevertheless, we should create our own process if we use the script of another. Additionally, in pre-taping the script such that we hear the script in our own voice acting as the guide can be very effective.

Whatever is found and/or accessed, we need to honor what surfaces. We need to remember whatever surfaces arises from a real flow of energy and our mind's characterization may be inaccurate. We need to both look at what is presented as possibly metaphoric and as needed to be explored for improved accuracy.

To look at the accuracy we may want pursue using some type and kind of triangulation method. That is to use three different approaches to the issue each providing a different perspective on what we seek to explore. For example, we can use three significantly different types of guided meditation each looking at the same issue but with a different view, perspective or assumption about which we are looking. The three views can be considered the three sides of a triangle in the triangulation method and the answer we seek likes in the middle of the triangle. It is quite surprising how effective the technique can be.

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