The proverbial fool


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The proverbial fool is an adult with beginnersí mind. It is one who can freely become that young child in play innocently and spontaneously exploring themselves and the creation they experience. Experience for what they do has yet to leave a mark on them.

In the eyes of the world, they are either crazy or foolish. The fool is traditionally represented in the Tarot as an individual walking off a cliff or something equivalent. They are seen to be so enamored with Creation and what they experience that they are totally unaware of any hazards that may be present or they are facing. The freely take risks in the belief and faith that they will be supported and cared for in the way the need.

Yet, this fool is only what the creator/Creator would do. The fool is the creator/Creator play in the world they created as the creator/Creator would play. They would be learning from experience the good an bad of the creation/Creation they created.

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