Symbolism of the Heart

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Throughout the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material the term heart is used. It is used to symbolize the flow of creative life energy that sustains our being and animates our life. In this regard, the heart also symbolizes our creative spirit for the flow of energy that sustains us and our creative spirit are different expressions of the same life sustaining force.

The flow of energy that sustains us arises from the intention for our life that caused us to come into physical existence. We look to the symbolism of the heart for this flow of energy lies at the source of our being and sustains us much the way the heart lied deep within our being and sustains our physical body through the flow of life giving and life nourishing blood.

Metaphorically the heart is used to represent four interconnected things. Or, maybe better said, the heart represent one thing which has four expressions or is perceived in four different ways when viewed from within Creation.

First, it is the resting place for the creative spirit. Second, it is the source of the flow of our creative life energy. Yet these two, the creative spirit and the flow of energy that sustains us are just different expressions of the same thing.

Third, it is the location for the intention for our life for aligning with the flow of energy aligns us with that intention. If we are to follow the flow of energy within our being back to the source we will access the intention for our life. The fourth is that represents the dream we wish to manifest. Aligning with the flow of energy carries us to what we desire to create and the experiences we desire to have that fulfill the intention fr us being here. Here again, the dream within our heart and the intention for our life are different forms of the same things. The dream within our heart and the intention for our life are like flip sides of a coin. They are usually perceived differently but they are one and the same. They just look different for they are a different focus. In one case the focus is on the intention we have for coming into life. The other is what we wish to create with the life we have. One looks to the past, the other looks to the future. Yet each is the same flow of energy.

The heart is the perfect symbol for the flow of our creative life energy. In anatomy, it is a hollow muscular structure that functions as the primary organ of the circulatory system of animals that maintains the circulation of the blood. The circulation of the blood in turn is essential for it carries the oxygen and nutrient to the various cells, organs and muscles to function and removes their waste produces. So the heart and the blood it pumps maintains and sustains our life.

So too the creative life energy and the creative spirit that animates our life and gives us the ability to make things happen. The creative spirit and the flow of our creative life energy is what nurtures and sustains us. In the way the flow of blood in the body can be felt, so too the free flow of our creative life energy. It is something that we can feel. We can know through feeling whether or not we are expanding or contracting our creative ability. We can feel what serves or doesn’t serve our being. But to do so, we must be open to feeling and face the reasons why we shut down our ability to feel.

In addition to it physiological function, the heart has been traditionally seen as the seat of the emotion, especially of love and affection. On this note the heart is seen as a the seat or place of tenderness and affection and having the capacity for kindness and sympathy. In reality, the emotions and what we love are actually determined by what we think and believe about what we feel which we label emotions. Similarly, it is mind which determines the choice we make for, or against, tenderness, kindness and sympathy. Nevertheless, these aspects have been traditionally identified with the heart as distinguished from the head. The head has been traditionally see as the center of intellect, logic and reason. As you can come to see, there is a deep profound wisdom within the flow of energy that sustains us that leads us to create life and sustain life. Something that mind cannot do even if it thinks it can.

The heart is also seen as that place where firmness of will or courage are seen to reside. In going to our heart we are seen going to our innermost thoughts or feelings. We are see as going to that vital, essential part or the essence of our being. To become intimate with oneself or another we are seen going to the heart for the heart is seen as the central or inner part of anything. In meeting a person in the heart we move to become intimate with them. Although there is spiritual, mental, emotional and physical intimacy that is possible with an individual, it is when we go to their heart and meet them in the heart at their essence are we able see and experience real intimacy at each level of being.

Finally the heart is traditionally seen as that place of enthusiasm and energy and what gives us passion. Here again, although we associate the passion and enthusiasm with the heart, passion and enthusiasm actually arise by the mind thinks and believes and what is does or does not allow to excite onself in enthusiasm or passion. We are always enthusiastic and passionate about life and creativity life. It is our mind which shuts down that passion and enthusiasm such at times we are more of a walking zombie than creative a life worth living.

Although most individuals do not talk about a creative spirit it is interesting to note how much of common language gives a different role to the mind and to the heart. Even without a knowledge of the creative spirit, we see there are two parts to our being. One that is best characterized by the mind and another be characterized by the heart. When you look at the role of the heart you can see it describes many of the characteristics and features of the creative spirit more so than the role given to mind. So even with a conscious lack of understanding about the creative spirit most of us know of its existence and that it reside close to our heart.

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