Shutting down the creative spirit and our ability to feel

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Our creative life energy/creative spirit animates our life and gives us the ability to make things happen. The creative spirit and the flow of our creative life energy is what nurtures and sustains us. In the way the flow of blood in the body can be felt, so too the free flow of our creative life energy. It is something that we can feel. We can know through feeling whether or not we are expanding or contracting our creative ability and creative power. We can feel what serves or doesnít serve our being. But to do so, we must be open to feeling and face the reasons why we shut down our ability to feel.

When we enter life, we are naturally aligned with our creative passion. However, it is rare that anyone consciously accesses their creative passion before they have been enculturated socially. As an infant, our creative passion causes us to explore the world to define ourselves and come to some understanding of who and what we are.

However, very early in life we are faced with survival needs. We learn to satisfy our early care givers and align with how they see the world. We do not have the knowledge or physical strength or ability to live our creative passion. We must align with the world in which we find ourselves. This adaptation process is inevitable. It is a process we all follow. The only question is, "Do we get through the adaptation process and get to consciously experiencing our creative passion and be allowed to act on it in consciousness or do we mold ourselves to the reality in which we find ourselves before becoming consciously aware we have a creative passion never to express it?"

Our creative power comes from feeling. Our creative spirit is the flow of our creative life energy which we experience as lying in our heart and in our passion for life for our heart is what sustains our physical life with the flow of blood that it pumps. We feel the flow of our creative spirit and it empowers us to create. Most, if not all, lose their ability to be in the heart aligned with this flow in childhood because of the life experiences we have that caused us to retreat from freely living our heart and experiencing our creative passion and creative play.

When we are very young, our creative spirit readily, willingly and freely expresses itself. However, as it become thwarted for one reason or another in its free expression, it withdraws and becomes very reluctant to come out. Our creative spirit loses its freedom to both freely express itself externally and to explore options internally. More often than not, mind becomes focused on protecting our creative spirit and keeping it safe. It will develop response patterns to life and what it perceives as a threat. As a result, we respond to life protectively and seek to keep our creative spirit safe. In doing so, we lock our creative spirit in a cage of our own making.

Shutting down our creative spirit is about putting it in a cage of our own making by how and what we think and believe. Most often we put it in this cage without realizing we do so. Often we do it thinking we are protecting it.

In addition to shutting down the free flow of our creative spirit as a result of how it expression is thwarted early in life and the pain we experience, we also such it down in more subtle way through the programming we receive. Whether we realize it or not, what we believe can have very subtle ways of shutting down our creative sprit and it is ability to be free to explore options externally and, more importantly, internally.

Our creative imagination and our ability to explore options in our creative imagination is probably the greatest gift we have. It is in our creative imagination that we first birth the thoughts that allow us to become consciously creative in, and with our life. However what we believe has a great influence on both the thoughts we generate and what we allow ourselves to explore in our life.

A mind that thinks something in possible will look at a problem much differently than one that thinks something is impossible. The mind that thinks something is possible will look for options. It will look and be observant to find that insight that allows to make the possible probable. To the mind that thinks something is impossible, it will overlook the most obvious information. It will literally blind us to what stands before us.

Similarly, when exploring options in our creative imagination, in addition to not allowing particular types and kind of thought to raise, our beliefs do not allow us to explore what could be possible. It is here we need to hold our creativity sacred, otherwise we shutdown our creative spirit. Holding our creativity sacred allows us to explore all possibility and does not allow any particular belief to stand in the way of our exploration. A simple example is dreaming of a railroad. To believe one can only use roads, one will never see what is possible if their were rails carry freight and passengers in inclement weather.

Impacts of being shut down (Top)

The greatest impact on shutting down our creative spirit is two fold. One impact is shutting down what can be called the loss of "heart awareness" and loss of our ability to feel . Or, alternatively said, we rise the threshold on what we feel. This, in turn, causes us to lose the conscious connection with the unseen world and conscious awareness of the deep undercurrents of Creation both of which are only accessible through feeling. The other impact is the loss of our ability to creatively play to explore options. These two are related because our creative spirit and creative life energy are just different perceptions of the same life force within our being. It is just experienced in different ways.

As we grow older remnants persist unless we go back and deal with the reason why we shut down these abilities. We experience the remnants of what is not shutdown as our intuitive guidance. Yet many never really learn to trust, let alone use, their intuitive guidance which remains and the many forms that it takes.

To access the heart awareness and restore it fullness, we needs to move towards having a conscious experience of the state of being characterized as spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of the universe characterized by that play of a child before mind steps in. It is in the freedom of this spontaneous and innocent play that we can see how restricted and confined our creative spirit really is. How our mind developed its view of Creation and of itself determines how we lost this heart awareness and the ability to be in spontaneous and innocent childlike play. The conscious and nonconscious experiences we have that thwart our play and the response patterns we develop to protect ourselves in the future are what prevents us from returning to that state of play.

Determining how shut down we are (Top)

The easiest way to understand how shutdown our creative spirit is can be seen in how open to feeling we are and how much we seek to avoid pain and how free we are to explore options in our own creative imagination. Relative to pain, the issue is not about inducing pain Rather do we shy away from any and all pain or are we willing to realize we may face some pain in what attempt to create and are we willing to accept what arises to get what we desire.

It needs to be remembered, in any creative endeavor we face the unknown. We do not know what to expect. Anything we expect is a projection of our past. The more pain we have experienced, the more we project the possibility of pain, and those experiences are holding our creative spirit captive. It needs to be noted here we are not just talking about physical pain. We are also talk about the pain of rejection and the like by others when we do not act in the way they want us to act. In essence, there is a form of pain we experience every time the free flow of our creative spirit is thwarted. Knowing we may experience pain and putting in place compensatory measures is one thing. Believing we will experience pain and not acting is another.

This exploration to determine now shutdown we are starts by exploring how free we are to exploring options in our creative imagination and the bring into that exploration moving deeper and deeper into feeling and what we feel. In this exploration, pain in one form or another tends to stand at the doorway of the exploration. The question becomes, "Are we willing to face the pain and all the other reasons that cause us to be unable to allow the free flow and free expression of our creative spirit." Freeing our creative spirit requires us to visit and process the pain we experienced when the free expression of our creative spirit was originally thwarted.

Summary (Top)

To experience reality thought the eyes of the heart, that is, through what feelings and the awareness which lies in what we feel, we need to go back and recover our spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration and view reality thought those eyes. It is to be in that state of wonderment and "ah" at the universe.

If we donít go back and re-experience this form of play, we are fooling ourselves as to whether or not we know what an experience of the heart looks like and as to what Creation really is. If we have not experienced a conscious return to a state of being that can be described as a spontaneously and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration and/or a feeling of wonderment and "ah" at the Universe at some time in our life as an adult, we have not experienced the conscious awareness of the heart. Otherwise what we have experienced is only a creation of the mind no matter how blissful, joyful and fully the experience may be.

We are all born mystics fully in touch with that unseen  and seemingly mystical and magical part of creation and lose it growing up. We only need to regain what is already ours. When we do, we will find that we are aligning with the source/Source of our creative power.

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