Nurturing Feminine Creative Energy


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The creative feminine energy is closely related to the feminine energy carried by females but it is not what people think is feminine energy as expressed by females. In essence, it is another form of energy. Creative feminine energy is distinctly different. The creative feminine energy is a shape shifter and it will shift its shape to give in the way the creative spirit needs to be nurtured. There is “no mind” or presence of the judgments of mind as to what needs to be done or how it is done. Female energy as normally accessed can be extremely nurturing. However, because of how mind influences the flow of energy within one’s being, female energy is most often too colored by the role of the female and what is means to be female both as an individual and within the female collectively. Nurturing feminine creative energy is the energy he needed for a creative spirit to unfold true to itself. It is not an energy colored or filtered by the expectations of mind - his mind or the mind of any other.

Feminine creative energy is in both males as females and can be access by either the male or the female. It is only because females are the feminine of the human species that they are better equipped to understand and use it. Most females access some form of it intuitively. However, being female does not guarantee any one individual can understand it let alone use it. A female, and the same is true for a male, cannot consciously access the feminine creative energy unless they have gained some balance with the masculine creative energy that also resides in both males and females.

The problem for the typical female is to have the space to develop her masculine creative energy. Then after her masculine can thrust out to create the space for her feminine to be free to unfold a new issue develops. She is reluctant to nurture any creative effort not totally hers or in which she is in control for fear of her nurturing energy being used and abused in some way as she experienced in her past. Yet, she fails to realize with a balanced creative masculine aspect present and available she will not succumb as in the past.

The problem for the male is two fold. One is because the male creative energy is a thrusting energy it competes with the mind and the ego mind constructs. Usually the masculine creative energy lose the battle with ego for the man is not conscious of how the masculine creative energy works, how you access it and effectively use it. The second problem for males is that because the creative masculine energy is a thrusting energy it has tremendous difficulty surrendering to what the feminine nurturing energy requires the individual to become and how it requires them to act. The key for both males and females is to learn to dance. It is to learn the dance between the creative feminine energy and the creative masculine energy within one’s being as described in the Dances of Creation/creation.

One of the problems the typical human faces is that they perceive the feminine creative energy they need for their creative spirit to grow and unfold as coming from their early care givers, usually one’s mother. Since so much of our physical needs are met by our care givers it is only natural to assume they will also provide the needed nurturing feminine creative energy. Most will learn to do anything to please their care givers or anyone or anything they perceive as providing this energy. In the end, they never come to understand who and what really provides the nurturing feminine creative energy they seek. The child is not mature enough and aware enough to really know who is providing what and exactly what is being provided.

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