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Within each of us is what is best described as a creative spirit. It possesses a phenomenal creative life energy. and provides an incredible life force that rises from deep within each individual. It is the source of our creative power and creative ability. It has a passion to create and a passion to freely express itself. It is the source of what animates our life. If this creative spirit is unable to freely express itself to one degree or another, we will never find fulness of being and/or an inner satisfaction in life the never runs dry. The free expression of our creative spirit is key to creating a life worth living.

This creative spirit is conceptually similar but different that the spirit or soul discussed in traditional spirituality. For a variety of reasons discussed in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material, few have ever come face to face with the true depth and breadth of its creative ability and creative power. it. Yet it lives at the root of every experience we have. Our mind cannot fully comprehend this creative spirit. The reason for this is our creative spirit is what gives rise to the experiences which created our mind as we currently know and understand our mind. It is for this reason most never become aware of its existence let alone fully realizing what it is capable of for us.

Normally, this creative spirit is experienced as being called forth consciously or nonconsciously to come into the world by the challenges the world presents. The essential element for this creative spirit to fully come out and reveal itself is the need for it to feel it is truly wanted for who and what it is with no expectations as to how it should respond. This, of course, is something rarely experienced for our mind and the mind of others place too many expectations and judgements on everything they encounter including our creative spirit. Most of us have to be able to step out of mind and surrender to be totally in what we feel to experience this creative spirit. Being totally open to feeling to experience this creative spirit causes a problem for many of us for we will need to face the pain of the past which we all hold where the free expression of the creative spirit was previously thwarted by life in one way or another before we can fully experience this creative spirit

Those who have had more than a glimmer of this creative spirit radically change their life. They cannot continue to live as they did. Their old life simply falls away and they know they must live differently than before. They become ripe as a piece of fruit.

This creative spirit contains all that we seek in life in two ways. One way is that is the source of our creative ability and creative power to create what we desire. The other way is that it is the source of an inner satisfaction, an inner joy and happiness that never runs dry no matter what is happening in one’s external world. It provides an experience of heaven on earth when we are free to dance with this playful creative spirit. It provides hell when our mind restricts and limits the freedom of the dance. It will become dormant and inactive and seemingly die when it is not free to express itself.

Mentally, we can never experience the full depth and breadth of it for it keep calling us to move farther and farther beyond what we thinks and believes about ourselves and our world. However, there is an awareness in feeling and we can feel and know the depth and breadth of this creative spirit through what we feel.

For this creative spirit to be consciously active in our life, we need to learn there are two views to Creation and we need to be in a dance. It is a dance between mind and heart. A dance between what we think and what we feel. For most this means two things. One is to fight the addictive patterns of our mind as to what it thinks and believes and what it desires and wants versus what our creative spirit wants. The second is to spending time in separately in what we think and what we feel to be able to clearly discern the two views of Creation. Sometimes the tension of the dance becomes so great it feels like we are at war within ourselves. To access this spirit to be consciously active in our life, we must die - die before we die. It is to realize the creative spirit existed before mind as we know it and we must die to all of what they think and believe. To dance with this creative spirit, we must surrender to the dance and continually die to what the mind wants and thinks.

If we explore our creativity and/or seek to reenter the most creative state, we will begin to feel the creative life force flow into our being. We may even experience a rush, if not rushes, of energy similar to that described in the Kundalini process. As we move to become more creative we will become more playful. We will begin to see many aspects of our life change as we begin to see differently.

Often people feel, and even have been physically seen as, younger and more energetic. Many individuals experience others commenting how younger they appear. Whatever we experience, this creative spirit is life giving and can influence our health and our level of awareness of life to prevent accident, illness, disease and misfortune even if we are consciously unaware of it. Alternatively said, we simply respond to life in a more life giving, life enhancing and energetic way.

However, whatever we experience in consciously accessing this creative spirit, we will probably experience pain of some type, in one way or another, to some degree or another, as we work to regain the most creative state of being. The pain we experience is simply the pain of the past where the free expression of our creative spirit was thwarted by the experiences of life.

The question with which we are faced is, "How do we create the space for an individual, including ourselves, to see the addictive nature and pattern of our thinking and create a safe and secure space for the free expression of this creative spirit?" To do this, we need to become sufficiently aware and awake as to how we have focused our attention and awareness to change our thinking to something that better serves us and this creative spirit in the long run. The long run being across our entire life and on into eternity for this creative spirit can also be seen as an energy which never dies, only transforms.

We what seek in life if found within our own being for this creative spirit is the source of our creative ability and creative power and an unlimited creativity to create what we desire. What we seek is not found outside us but within our own being. We can consciously access it if can step out of mind and the pain and fears of the past long enough to allow ourselves to experience it. The key is learning to dance with the inner masculine power reflected in our mind and the inner feminine power reflected in what we feel which nurtures and sustains our being. The question is, "How does one make it safe for mind to destroy itself - to become that phoenix rising from its own ashes - to create an identity that allows this playful creative spirit within our being to dance?" This is what the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material will help you to achieve. For more on the creative spirit visit  “Our Creative Spirit” at creative-spirit.info

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