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The concept of ďthe occasion to bring outĒ reflects the fact that we have many past experience which lie in the nonconscious part of our mind that tend to reveal themselves when we experience an emotional situation similar to that stored in the memories. What needs to be noted here is that the experience which causes us to remember the past experience is not necessarily a situation similar to the past. Rather the emotions which arise within the individual causes the response. Although a situation similar to the situation which caused the original binding of our creative life energy will most probably cause a recall of the experience, it is the emotional content of the current experience which is the more important aspect.

Throughout our life we undertake creative endeavors often our efforts become thwarted for one reason or another. This is especially true early in life as we explore our world as a small child. These the emotion content of these experiences become stored in our memories. Often when we try and create our creative actions becomes the occasion for these memories of the past to return and haunt us with their pain. If we donít work the issue as they arise, they will keep our creative spirit bound and we will be unable to access the creative power/Creative Power we need to create what we desire. Quite simply, if we didnít need the energy bound in the past experiences, it would not have surfaced to be addressed. We can always access some creative power just in living life. However, without our creative spirit behind what we attempt to create, it will be much less than what is possible. It is essential that if these memories surface in our creative endeavors, we need to do what is necessary to process the bound energy in these memories.

In addition to our creative endeavors, individual can be the occasion to bring out a variety of experience we had with individuals. Often it is not the situation which is experienced with the individual that triggers a memory. Rather, it can simply be the individualís physical feature, their mannerisms, something they say, a tone of voice, a casual glance. It could be almost anything.

If the individual in whom the memories surface is unaware and not mindful, they will respond to the individual or situation they face as if the individual or situation are the cause of what arises. That is, they look to what is happening now as the cause of what they feel rather than the occasion to surface the past. The individual will not realize they are simply responding to a current situation based on a past hurt. In responding as they did in the past, the individual recreates the past in a new way and remains bound to the past.

However, if the individual is mindful and aware or willing to listen to what they are told, this can become a very powerful technique to surface nonconscious influencing memories. One can construct a ritual and/or metatheater around the situations one will face in a particular creative endeavor to see what memories of the past surface. If there are experiencee that would surface during the creative endeavor, they will most probably surface in the ritual or metatheater. When they surface the individual can address the issue in the context of the ritual or metatheater and render it harmless before the creative endeavor get started.

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